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You’ve made the decision and you want to build a website for your start up company or existing small business. You are already aware that websites need web hosting to be live and actionable. The question before you now seems to have a simple answer. Why pay for web hosting when the best free unlimited web hosting proves easy to find and work with? Unfortunately, the best free unlimited web hosting rarely provides value in the long run and often ends up causing extreme online trouble. This article explains that truth and also describes situations where free web hosting provides positive results.

Best Free Unlimited Web Hosting Or Paid Hosting?

Best Free Unlimited Web HostingVisit a free web hosting site such as Wix or InfinityFree and they’ll provide everything needed to build a website including free hosting. It all sounds so fantastic and when you visit these websites they make sure the free deal looks incredible for sure. Most of these free web hosting providers actually follow through on what they promise and some build solid websites. So what’s the problem? Some facts seem to have been left out. Facts that could seriously endanger your business down the line. A few points below to consider:

  1. Do you want your website to be dependent on another website?
  2. Will your website grow in visitor count forcing a move to better hosting?
  3. Do you want your website to be restricted by the policies of another website?
  4. Do you want your website’s search engine rankings to be dependent on another website?

If you answered no to any of these questions I highly recommend you do not go for free web hosting. The manner in which most free web hosting providers offer their service involves the use of subdomains. Let’s take a closer look at subdomains so we know exactly what they entail.


Best Free Unlimited Web HostingWhat is a subdomain? A basic explanation shows them to be an extension of a web address and I’ll show you what I mean. You are reading an article on my website that has a web address (domain) of Now let’s say I was going to let you have free hosting and create a free website. I’d need to have a hosting provider that allowed it (which I don’t) but I’d do it by providing you a subdomain off my main domain name.

You’d get to choose your name as long as it wasn’t already being used. Let’s say your name is Jan and you want to start a blog named Jansblog. Getting your free hosting from me would give you a subdomain that read and it would be a completely separate website from my own. Subdomains can be used beneficially for all sorts of reasons but I cringe when people employ them for their online business.

Reasons To Avoid Subdomains For Starting A Business Website

I mentioned most of them in my questions up above and I’ll break them down here.

Dependence On Another Website

When you buy into (not literally) a best free unlimited web hosting plan you are at the mercy of the website that provides it. That translates into many concerns but several immediate questions arise. What if the provider goes bust? What if the provider’s hosting fails? Say you come to disagree with their business practices? None of these circumstances are favorable because you cannot move your site to another web hosting provider.

Website Growth

Best Free Unlimited Web HostingI can’t imagine the frustration of business owners who’ve spent time developing their business but hosted their website under another site’s domain. Once they realise that they have no options to move to better hosting they’re forced to do it under a different business name and start all over.

Website Ranking

Host your website with a subdomain and get free hosting but know that search engines rank your site according to the authority and optimization of your parent site. Even if the free hosting provider practices solid seo and has search engine authority things can change and you’ll be stuck.

Better Options Than A Best Free Unlimited Web Hosting Plan

Free hosting sounds good and may be hard to let go but paid hosting gives better results for business websites. Be careful anytime free domains come along with hosting. Make sure the provider allows site migration which leaves you with an exit plan. Paid hosting needn’t be expensive either and a good lead helps secure cheap yet responsive service.

I must place my web host provider top of the list for website creation. My provider also offers a haven for entrepreneurs that might be struggling with their online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides not only hosting for my websites but an incredible array of tools, training, and support. I highly recommend reading my review.

Hypothetically speaking I’d choose NameCheap to get a site up and running. NameCheap not only guarantees their services but also provides genuinely solid hosting. They’ve developed trust through customer satisfaction that takes hard work to create. And they’re cheap just like the name says.Best Free Unlimited Web Hosting

Best Free Unlimited Web Hosting

Check NameCheap Plans & Pricing

Examples Of Using A Best Free Unlimited Web Hosting Service To Your Advantage

Best Free Unlimited Web HostingI get everything I need to run my online business at Wealthy Affiliate for less than $50.00/month. I do understand limited resources and I’ve been there before. Wealthy Affiliate actually offers two free websites upon free registration. The free websites give users the perfect opportunity to try Wealthy Affiliate without committing for 7 days. Those that decide not to pursue the program get to keep the 2 websites which remain hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. If funds hold you back get 2 free websites and a free week of training. Why not? I do admit that WA falls short of meeting the unlimited quality and you’d likely have to visit InfinityFree for that (but you wouldn’t get the training).

Using a free unlimited web hosting service could be valuable for running short campaigns. If you know the site won’t be needed for long you could get away with free hosting. Web developers might also use free hosting to build websites and drive visitors to their main paid hosting business site. Sounds like a lot of work but having other sites blogging about a main site can build business.

Final Thoughts

It’s plain to see that I wrote this article as a warning to future website owners. Don’t let your online business get caught in a trap. Be sure to browse my site and read reviews about hosting and theme providers and check out Wealthy Affiliate. These are my honest thoughts and the best direction I’m aware of that’ll guide you to success in your online endeavors. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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