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As much talk as there is about SEO and improving website rankings, it surprises me not to hear more on the subject of adding website comments. After all, search engines place website engagement as one of their highest ranking factors. They measure website engagement by click through rate and how long visitors spend on site, but website comments play an equally important role.

You might be wondering how you’re going to make people comment on your website. Well we can’t make anyone leave comments, but we can take some actions that will increase the amount we get. Once we get comments we must follow through on them for maximum benefit. Proceed slowly and catch all the valuable info ahead.

The SEO Priority Of Adding Website Comments – Best Tool, Techniques, and ProceduresAdding Website Comments

Techniques For Adding Website Comments Naturally

Alright, first things first here like checking to make sure the light is plugged in before changing the bulb. Make certain to set your comment box to on. This is real easy to do from your WordPress administration menu. You’ll want to open your dropdown menu and select settings, then click discussion as seen in the image.

Settings is highlighted in blue which opens a smaller dropdown menu revealing the choice for discussion. Selecting discussion brings you to a new page with a whole set of additional options. We’ll find what we’re looking for 3 lines from the top of the page, as shown in the image below.

Adding Website Comments

Adding Website CommentsDown at the bottom in parenthesis you get a notice that comments can be toggled on and off from the post itself. Let’s run through this real quick. Open up the post option on your WordPress dropdown menu, select all posts, find any desired post and click edit. This brings you to the visual and text post editor. You’ll want to open screen options at the very top right and make sure the discussion box is checked.

Adding Website Comments

Note: Make sure to check screen options first or you won’t find the box to allow comments.

Request That Your Website Audience Leave You A Comment

Getting website comments naturally can be very difficult without a strategy. One way of thinking says to stir up controversy and I can tell you it works. A better method in my opinion comes by providing helpful information, then simply asking people nicely to leave a comment. You’d be surprised at how many more comments show up when you ask for them as compared to saying nothing at all.

The #1 Tool For Adding Website Comments – Increase Authority, Content, & Ranking

I study affiliate marketing on the internet’s top platform and the owners created an ingenious method of adding website comments. Wealthy Affiliate offers a comment trade system to all premium members, and I do take advantage of it. It requires that you leave 2 comments on other member’s websites, which gives you credit enough for 1 comment.

Comments you receive in turn come from other Wealthy Affiliate members and they can be denied for poor quality. Wealthy Affiliate provides information about your comment progress including how many credits you have, comment history, and your comment approval rating. We want to leave quality comments so our privileges don’t get denied. You can see all this below.

Adding Website Comments

Adding Website CommentsNotice that I’m all out of credits? I’ve used them all up and I need to write a couple comments to get another credit. I do this by using the system which takes me to a page where I can visit another member’s website and then leave a comment. I can choose to visit the first website that comes up, or I can decide it’s not for me and pass on to more suitable websites. The system allows me to find a familiar subject which enables me to leave a good comment.

Adding Website CommentsEarning Or Buying Comment Credits At Wealthy Affiliate

Every member is an affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate and encouraging others to take the free 7 day tour will earn you credits. Credits that can be exchanged for comments. Wealthy Affiliate also allows members to purchase credits for faster results. Those who can afford it receive 20 credits for $10.00 and it takes 1 cash credit to request a comment.

Adding Website Comments To Increase Authority

Website comments add a huge quality of authority in the eyes of your viewers. Increasing authority in the eyes of search engines takes a ton of content but Google would much rather see a website bustling with engagement.

Adding Website Comments Adds … Well … Content

I just said the only thing that increases website authority in the eyes of search engines is lots of content. Comments add content. They don’t create new content per se, but they do add new content to pre existing posts. Comments have keywords that can and do get ranked by search engines. They also suggest to search engines that content remains fresh and pertinent.

Adding Website Comments Helps Increase Rankings

The best way to increase rankings comes as no big secret. Continuous writing and posting articles relevant to the subject of your website always does the trick. In the world of digital competition any edge helps and comments show activity, authority, and they refresh old posts by adding quality content. I take it from my mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, but that sure sounds like an edge to me.

Follow Up & Check Out Wealthy Affiliate

After The Comment – Follow Up Procedures For Maximum Comment Benefit

Adding Website CommentsFollowing a few simple procedures after you receive a comment can add enormous benefit to your website. Never leave a comment unanswered. Always have the last word. Comments provide you an opportunity to add even more content and keywords. You show respect to the person who provided the comment and it shows others that you are responsive. This helps to encourage more comments.

Comments can be linked internally to any part of your own website. You can add any kind of links you want to website comments. Reach out to another website with an external link if you like, but whatever you do take advantage of this feature. Use it to guide visitors to more helpful information and it becomes another source for adding website authority.

Final Thoughts On Adding Website Comments

You know what? I’m going to leave the final thoughts to all you treasured readers. I’m pooped from writing all day and this last one blew the wind right out of my sails. Be sure to leave a comment. The box should be somewhere just below… long as I plugged the light into the socket.


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    1. Hey Rags. You must of been reading a different one of my articles because this one is about getting website comments. I do appreciate the heads up and believe I’ve seen that tool. Since you brought up the subject, I use Jaaxy. It does all the keyword research and also tells you where your website posts are ranking. No need for anything else. Thanks, Geoff.

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