Welcome readers! Thanks for joining my search for the best web hosting for small business! There’s good news ahead because as a small business because it doesn’t take much money to get started with hosting. This article will reveal what you should be looking for and the many pitfalls you should be aware of. Let’s jump right in cause there’s no time to waste. You have a website that needs to go live, right?

What Kind Of Hosting Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business?

Best Web Hosting For Small BusinessThe most important fact to get to straight out of the gate is that web hosting for small business doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be if you want it to be, but there is absolutely no reason for it. Let me explain.

Any decent hosting service that offers shared hosting in the $5.00/month range should be able to handle 10 – 20 thousand visitors a day! That should be more than enough of a threshold for the majority of startups or small businesses.

Consider for a second your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online business only, or a website that represents your physical business. If you’re getting over 10 thousand visitors a day, you should be turning an online profit. Some of that profit should now be put into more powerful hosting.

A Quick Word Of Caution

Now you might be wondering (and rightly so) why you should even spend $5.00/month on hosting if you’re not getting anywhere near 10 thousand daily visitors to your site. You can find hosting in the $2.00 range and it might be appropriate for a startup site, but here’s where you have to be careful!Best Web Hosting For Small Business

*Do your research and make sure you go with a steady provider. Companies like Namecheap offer an incredible package for first year hosting, and they have a proven track record. Failed hosting can be enough to upset customers whether it’s 10 a day or 10 thousand.

*Make absolutely sure the hosting provider will allow you to leave and bring your domain name with you! This is where the free and very cheap hosting sites will get you. They’ll offer a free website with domain name and hosting! But you can never leave (sound familiar?) and their hosting services won’t upgrade to your increased traffic!

Another Option For Securing The Best Web Hosting For Small Business

If you own a small business and all your time goes into that business, you need a web developer and this is not for you. However, if you have a partner or spouse that has the time to develop a website or if you are thinking of creating an online business or blog, there is one option way above all the rest!

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

For startup websites this platform is a dream come true. Instead of paying separately for your theme, hosting, training, keyword research tool, and site engagement (another big one with google), why not look into getting it all in one place at one low monthly rate? Website developers could also make use of the free wordpress themes and 25 hosted sites this service offers.

It’s well worth 5 or 10 of your minutes to read my review, and I invite you to click over right now!

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Strategies For Finding The Best Web Hosting For Small Business

At this point a few things about hosting should be clear to you the reader.

  1. Best Web Hosting For Small BusinessBad hosting no matter how little it costs does you no good.
  2. Shared hosting like all kinds of hosting comes in different quality levels depending on the service provider.
  3. You can often save money by paying for an annual hosting plan, but don’t get locked into any plan that won’t allow you to move your domain and change hosting providers.
  4. It’s ok to start small and scale your hosting upwards as your website traffic demands. In fact, this is what I highly encourage!

If you’ve read my suggested suggested review and you know about Wealthy Affiliate, I can assure you that they offer quite possibly the best shared hosting available on the internet today. The owners have spared no expense in putting back into their business! One such expense has been an upgrade to newest, fastest, and most technologically advanced servers known today. You can also move your domain and hosting to any other provider at any time.

Prefer To Do It Separately?

Best Web Hosting For Small BusinessPerhaps you have a degree in web design and marketing, or you prefer to keep the cost down by learning from free courses online. Finding the best web hosting for small business is what you need. No problem, I completely understand. There’s a couple different scenarios for matching hosting to the needs of small business that I want to mention.

Brand New Startups

If you are starting from scratch or nearly so you already know you won’t have to worry about overwhelming amounts of traffic for a little while. You’ve got some work ahead, but you still want your website live as you build it out. I mentioned them before and I’ll repeat Namecheap.com as a trusted source for just such a situation.

At Namecheap you can secure both your domain name and hosting for a full year at an incredibly low rate. On top of this you have the security of going with a business that’s been dependable for years!

Established Small Businesses That Expect Immediate Traffic To Their New Website

Let’s say you have a thriving small business. Maybe you have a free Facebook page which is gaining followers all the time. You’re ready to give them a full experience by offering your services on a business website. Chances are that you’ll still fall within the range of daily visitors that shared hosting can sustain.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

If you’re in this situation or some other instance that makes you believe your traffic will increase steadily, you should consider hosting services such as Dreamhost. Dreamhost and other similar providers offer plans that allow you to scale the needs of your hosting in 1 click of your mouse. Once you start getting traffic to your site it can jump quickly, and it’s always good to be prepared. Do not let those customers down!

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Final Thoughts About The Best Web Hosting For Small Business

The final analysis of my article delivers clearly good tidings to anyone looking for the best web hosting for small business. The best of shared hosting out there can be found for around $10.00 per month. Anything more and they’re selling you gimmicks!Best Web Hosting For Small Business

I’ve also demonstrated that for very new businesses and startups, an amount closer to 2 or 3 dollars/month could work just fine, if using a trusted provider.

The scalability of your hosting is also important. Consider choosing a provider like Dreamhost if you feel you need the option to scale quickly! For less expensive plans, make very sure you can get your domain name and hosting away from them if and when the time comes.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

I want to reiterate to the startup or would be blog owner to get over and read my Wealthy Affiliate University Review. The seasoned web entrepreneur will also find value from this platform built by two web geniuses over 10 years ago. Nowhere else on the web offers anything close to the service they provide to the startup!

Whatever the case may be and the online direction you take I wish you the best of fortune. May your domain rank well and your hosting be fast and cheap! Leave a comment. Don’t be a stranger. Thanks for reading.



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