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Can TemplateMonster Claim The Best Website Templates?

*Note: Since writing this review, several users have left coments complaining about both the themes and service. Be sure to scroll down and read these before making any purchases!

Find out what I uncovered about TemplateMonster website templates. Learn the difference between a website template and a theme. Get the full scope of TemplateMonster product section by section. Discover the pros and cons of doing business with TemplateMonster and find out if they really have the best website templates.Best Website Templates

Product: TemplateMonster website themes and templates.

Overall Ranking: 58 out of 100.

Price: TemplateMonster offers themes and templates separated by category. They each have a separate price. The range goes from 1 page templates as low as $14.00 to premium themes up to $139.00.

TemplateMonster offers additional services such as installation and customization upon checkout. Prices and services depend on the specific product.

Owner: David Braun.


Best Website Templates

Introduction To TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster officially opened its Internet doors on May 24, 2002. They are an established business with over 14 years helping people build websites. The original vision was simple and it’s the same to this day. Make website design easy for developers by offering pre-constructed templates at an affordable price.


TemplateMonster currently holds the largest online library of themes, templates, and more. They have over 26,000 templates to choose from and add 450 – 500 new designs each month. TemplateMonster definitely gives customers enough templates to choose from, but do they provide the best website templates available?

Theme Vs. Template – What’s The Difference?

Best Website TemplatesI’ll clear up the topic of theme Vs. template before going any further. A template is a coded file and a theme is made up of several templates. A theme usually uses the same template multiple times, although some themes do come with different template options. While the theme gives your website the look and feel you desire, the templates used are the real foundation of the theme.

Some website engines like Drupal use the term template instead of theme which adds to the confusion. If you read or hear someone talking about the best website templates, it’s not a bad idea to clarify which interpretation is being used. For the purpose of this article we’ll be using the definition I provided.

Pros And Cons Of TemplateMonster

The best website templates must surely pass the test of pros and cons. This will give you a better idea whether or not TemplateMonster truly has them. It’ll show the services offered by TemplateMonster as well as any negative feedback about them.


Best Website TemplatesTemplateMonster holds an edge over its competitors by having the largest assortment of themes and templates. Having the best website templates doesn’t mean having the most, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Having trouble finding a certain theme or the right look for a landing page? TemplateMonster has you covered. Here’s all the benefits and what they have to offer.

  • A Known Company – TemplateMonster is a well known provider of premium themes and templates. With over 1,500,000 customers served, you won’t have to worry about reliability.
  • Pricing – The cost of product is right in line with all competitors.
  • Themes And Templates For A Variety Of CMS Types – Many people prefer to work with WordPress but not all do. TemplateMonster offers a ton of themes and templates for those who prefer Joomla, Moto CMS 3, and Drupal to name just a few.
  • Templates For A Variety Of Purposes – Perhaps you’re looking for a mobile responsive template. Maybe your needs fall more along the line of a photoshop design template. TemplateMonster has them all.
  • E-Commerce Templates – TemplateMonster has templates with all the major E-Commerce providers. PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify are a few of your choices.
  • Themes And Templates By Category – Easily find themes and templates within your specific niche.
  • Packaged Features – Each theme and template comes with a package of built in features.
  • Free Stock Photos – Each product includes 7-15 relevant stock photos.
  • Sample Templates – TemplateMonster provides several free templates for interested buyers to play with. Get the feel of the product before you make a final decision.


I say it in every review I write. Every company has cons. Any company that’s been around for more than a year or two will have complaints. The very nature of a company can be a drawback to some customers. If a company is young they have no experience. If a company is big, you’re just another number to them. See what I mean? Let’s take a look at those cons that concern TemplateMonster.Best Website Templates

  • Refund Policy – In all fairness to TemplateMonster it’s hard to have an open refund policy when you’re dealing with digital information. Once you’ve bought and downloaded a theme or template, it can’t really be taken back. Refunds from TemplateMonster must be more along the lines of broken product or product misrepresentation. You have 7 days to make a claim from the time of any purchase.
  • Customer Complaints – They mostly concern dealing with customer service after getting a faulty template. This kind of thing is unfortunate but almost predictable with 1,500,000 customers. Since writing this review, users continue to complain about the out of date WordPress coding and terrible customer service. Read the comments below.
  • Pricing Of Services – Installation, customization, and other services seem very pricey to me.

In the rare occasion that you do purchase a faulty template or theme, the refund policy appears to be a huge process. Those are the main cons I was able to come up with and I do encourage any feedback you readers might have in this regard.

Who Are TemplateMonster Themes And Templates Built For?

Best Website TemplatesWeb design specialists save precious amounts of time each year buying from TemplateMonster. They could code the templates themselves, but it’s far more efficient to buy one pre-made.

For those of us who don’t know code (yes like me), TemplateMonster provides the tools we need to look like we do.

TemplateMonster Training And Tools


Best Website TemplatesThe themes and templates at TemplateMonster come with documentation which includes installation instructions. The help center offers tutorials on a wide range of subjects from WordPress to Joomla. Find available tutorials listed in a sidebar or use the search box to look up a particular task. The best website templates come equipped with more than just instructions at TemplateMonster.


There are two forms of tools available at TemplateMonster. The first comes along with the product. It includes the documentation with instructions on installation. After that you’ll be using whatever tools come with the particular theme or template you’ve selected.Best Website Templates

The second set of tools comes in the form of the TemplateMonster service center. Here you can pay to have your site built for you completely, or hire for smaller website tasks. Have a look at what they offer along with prices for each.

  • Template Installation – Have your template or theme professionally installed within 3 hours. The cost is $49.00 $24.00.
  • Logo Placement – Hire TemplateMonster to add your logo with proper site placement and appearance. This service runs $49.00 $24.00 and takes up to 12 hours.
  • Must Have Plugins For WordPress – Get a package of the 7 most highly recommended plugins for your WordPress site. The asking price for this service is $79.00 $39.00 and is completed within 3 hours.
  • Google Analytics For WordPress – Have analytics integrated into your website within three hours for the cost of $19.00 $9.00.
  • Joomla Extensions Bundle – Get the recommended Joomla components. The price for this service runs $67.00 $33.00.
  • Complete Change In Color Scheme – You pick the colors you want and TemplateMonster will make the changes for you. Pay $99.00 $49.00 to go with this service.

Navigating TemplateMonster To Find The Best Website Templates

Best Website TemplatesAt some point in the growth of the company they must have realized the need to organize the many templates and themes being added. Organizing over 26,000 themes and templates is no small feat and TemplateMonster has done well with it. Here’s a breakdown of the menu which shows what TemplateMonster has to offer.

CMS Templates

Templates are divided by which Content Management System they were made to be used with. Here’s the current list of what TemplateMonster offers.

  • WordPress Themes – Over 1150 WordPress themes can be found.
  • Drupal Themes – Over 450 Drupal themes are available to browse.
  • Joomla Templates – Search through over 1000 Joomla templates.
  • Moto CMS 3 Templates – Featuring over 300 of these.
  • Moto CMS HTML Templates – A great collection of nearly 1700 templates.Best Website Templates
  • Turnkey Websites – Over 160 drag and drop administration templates.
  • Flash CMS Templates – Built with spectacular image design in mind. Find over 750 templates.

Don’t be confused here. These are all Content Management Systems which means for the purpose of this article they are themes. Each one gives you the structure to build an entire website instead of just one file.

Web Templates

TemplateMonster arranges themes and templates by their purpose. You’ll find them according to what they would be used for just like this:

  • Responsive Templates – Over 7500 themes and templates that are fully adaptive to tablet and mobile use.Best Website Templates
  • Landing Page Templates – Choose between 189 different landing page designs and direct your visitors to that content.
  • Bootstrap Themes – For those who prefer HTML5 and CSS3 framework. Pick from over 1170 bootstrap themes.
  • HTML5 Site Templates – Over 4200 HTML5 themes to for your selection including Intense, the #1 bestseller.
  • PSD (Photoshop Design) Templates – A variety of 3,000 plus themes with graphic source files.
  • Facebook Themes – Close to 1400 themes and templates specially designed for Facebook presentation.

Other specialized templates are also available like Unbounce, Photo Gallery, Newsletter, and Muse. They even have a few templates to sharpen the look of your admin pages.

E-Commerce Templates

TemplateMonster supports the building of E-commerce sites and pages in many different forms. Here’s a look at what you’ll find.

  • Magento Themes – Nearly 350 themes and templates for those who prefer a Magento estore.Best Website Templates
  • VirtueMart Templates – Designed specifically to work with Joomla. Pick from over 500 VirtueMart templates.
  • ZenCart Templates – Create bigger web stores with more merchandising features. Browse over 400 templates in this category.
  • PrestaShop Themes – Its easy set up and manageability make PrestaShop a consumer favorite. Choose from over 1100 themes and templates.
  • OpenCart Templates – TemplateMonster offers over 650 OpenCart themes and templates. Make use of their free OpenCart template and become familiar with this style of site building.
  • Shopify Themes – Known for their responsive designs. A selection of 250 Shopify themes will give you plenty to look at.
  • WooCommerce Themes – One of the most popular engines for running an electronic store. TemplateMonster has a current selection of over 300 WooCommerce themes and templates.
  • osCommerce Templates – Known as the most specialized in configuration and design, osCommerce templates are for stores with enormous needs. TemplateMonster has a healthy selection of over 350 to choose from.

Those interested can also find a small selection of JigoShop and Moto CMS themes.

The Best Website Templates Organized By Category

The category menu lets visitors to TemplateMonster view themes and templates according to their area of expertise. There are 17 categories to help define your search parameters. They range from Sports, Outdoors, and Travel to Medical and Health Care.

Best Website Templates

I like how TemplateMonster has organized their main menu. It allows you to select the category that applies to your website and then search all the other styles of themes and templates under only that category.

Plugins And Assets

This menu section is relatively new. TemplateMonster is starting to add WordPress plugins and extensions for Magento and PrestaShop. They’ve added After Effects templates which are video templates. Lastly, you’ll find a selection of over 400 Power Point templates in this new section.


View All Themes, Templates, Prices, And Details

Customer Support

Help is a click away from any page on the TemplateMonster site via the live chat option. The support team is more than willing to guide you through the many products to the template or theme that works best for your needs. Chat is the quickest method to get in touch with a real person.Best Website Templates

Feel free to submit a ticket via email when you don’t have the time to spend on chat but still want to get the ball rolling. Phone numbers for billing, marketing, and legal are also provided onsite. TemplateMonster collected and sorted the many questions they’ve answered over their 14 years in business. These articles are archived and may contain the answer you need or you might find it in the FAQ section.


Best Website TemplatesThe selection and the quality of themes and templates qualifies TemplateMonster as having the best website templates. It does in my opinion. I will divulge that they aren’t the cheapest in town. Most templates start at $14.00 and go up from there. Themes start at $45.00 on the low end and increase according to ability.

I did see themes as cheap as $10.00 elsewhere, though they had nothing near the selection of TemplateMonster. I also saw one offer pushing 10 themes for $10.00 with even less of a selection. The point is that there are deals out there but be sure to investigate the seller first. TemplateMonster does run special sales as well so be on the lookout for those.

Final Opinion

Overall Ranking: 58 out of 100.

I’m a big fan of the huge selection at TemplateMonster because an important part of finding the right template is having enough to look at and choose from. I do think you pay a little more for the brand name and for the security of dealing with an established business. Still, the quality of themes and templates along with the volume of product leaves no doubt in my mind that TemplateMonster does indeed carry the best website templates.

Best Website Templates

That ends the TemplateMonster review and my attempt to divulge the best website templates. I encourage people to do their due diligence when theme and template shopping. TemplateMonster offers some good solutions, though I still like Elegant Themes and the StudioPress Genesis Framework.

Lastly and as always, I highly encourage anyone starting a website or blog to read my Wealthy Affiliate University Review. No other existing platform offers the price, services, training, community, and level of support as Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for joining me this time. Please remember to hit like if you liked it and share if you believe in it.



6 Replies to “Best Website Templates – 2016 TemplateMonster Review”

  1. 93/100 YOu guys must have paid for this review.

    Cause I could get a better experience buying guns in Somalia!

    Worst Company to deal with!

    I bought a monster 2 template and these guys drove me up the pole.

    Their documentation is incorrect and the download link was also incorrect. On chat they explained that they woudl give me a different download link for the template. To make matters worse, they gave me a configuration for the php.ini file that did not allow their own template to be uploaded. After several changes via the hosting partner bluehost (also suggested by template monster as a partner) funny they take 5 hours to answer a ticket!!!

    I finally used the web to figure out how to upload the template directly onto my new hosting service. the new template was extracted and lo and behold it need plugins that just dont seem to get installed!

    When I contacted the chat channel on template monster Ivy informs me that I shoudl try re-uploading the template manually and that the issue needs time. Oops! it is their policy to frustrate you for 36 hours so you can buy their installation package where they would not misguide themselves on the mess they create.,

    When I asked for my money back they said they would arrange a call back in 3 hours!!! Its 1:20 a.m. in India and he/she expects me to be awake to listen to their garbage about how pathetic their service can get and can get worse.

    1. Hello Pawan. Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Did you end up getting your money back? Which theme did you buy again? You said Monster 2, did you mean the Monstroid theme? If so I had a similar experience. Not with the support, but with the theme. First of all it matches it’s name Monstroid. It’s absolutely enormous. I think there were like 13,000 files to download. And then the plugins. That’s about the time I said forget it. If I had to rate that specific theme it would get a 65/100. I know people and businesses use and like Monstroid, but what a headache to set up. Keep in mind that my score of 93/100 was for everything they offer. I may lower that now in light of your experience. Thanks for the feedback. Geoff.

  2. I recently bought Monstroid2 from Monster Template. I was emailed a link to download “cherry-theme-wizard” instead of Monstriod2 itself. I dialed into the webpage and I was able to get someone on the online chat relatively quickly. She help me install the theme quickly but for some reason when I tried installing the skins, my whole webpage stopped working, it gave a 500 (Internal Server) Error. Monster Template told me to contact my hosting service to resolve the server error before Monster Template can proceed. I called my hosting service and they said all their service to my domain and hosting all good. A simple test of me being able to connect using FTP client (like FileZilla) proved that the hosting server was all good. After 3 days of webpage being down as the hosting service team said that it was Monster Template theme fault and Monster Template saying it was my hosting service fault, the hosting service managed to bring my web page live again. The problem was due to the scripting error in the php from the Monstroid2 theme from Monster Template. The hosting service team had to disable all my plugins from Monstroid2 theme. I am able to get access to the wp-admin tool now, but I cannot bring the Monstroid2 default template up. My paid ($75) Monstroid2 theme webpage looks like one of the free WordPress free theme. I am unable to apply all the bells and whistle that the Monstroid2 theme featured in the Monster Template webpage even after I enable the plugins; like video, slide image, etc. Its been 5 days now since the 500 (Internal Sever) Error had been resolved by my hosting service. And not one Monster Template tech support engineer is able to help me get to a standard and simple Monstroid2 theme default webpage look and feel. I keep getting bumped to different tech support engineers every 10 to 15 minutes. Not too sure why they do that. Maybe Monster Template as a company and answer that. One of the tech support engineer even told me that I could pay Monster Template US$69 to install the theme for me or pay US$49/hr to get help installing the theme bought in Monster Template. I am not too sure where those charges came about, and I have never been fore told about those charges when I bought Monstroid2 theme. I think I have spoken to 90%-95% of the tech support staff at Monster Template while trying to get this Monstroid2 theme working for me. I really, really hate to mention this but there was one tech support engineer who was very rude… Dakota. I am simply asking for help. Don’t get me wrong, this is not my first rodeo, I have bought 2 themes from Monster Template in the past and they all worked fine. Just this Monstroid2 theme. Monster Template has a great selection of themes. I really hope Monster Template get their acts together as there are other webpage template companys who have a matured and professional approach to customer request for support.
    Regrettably, only 1 STAR.

    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to this sooner. I had a similar experience and didn’t even take it as far down the rabbit hole as you did. I can’t refute anything you say here. Publishing your well-written response to the event as it happened to you. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. One star would be too generous. I bought their “Writer” theme 52949 for $75. I should have known this would be a nightmare when they started spamming me -and a few days later offered the same theme for $53!!

    TM advertises the theme as no skills needed. I probably have better skills than most, having installed and used several other wordpress themes over the years. But I could not figure out how to customize the home page. When I uploaded a photo to replace the chatty looking young man in the demo, it did not work. The photo showed up as being uploaded in the header, but the chatty young man remained.

    Also, there was some text advertising their wedding templates embedded in the footer with no clear way to remove it (I was told later that this would involve re-coding). It wasn’t even there in a logical place.

    The Moto editor was not user friendly, and I could not figure out how to make what should have been minor tweaks to the home page design. So I called TM and asked if they had a service to fix the picture issue, replace the blue and purple background in the news section, and add one box to the ‘books section’. First they said they had a $149 package, but when I looked at the details it did not include formatting. When I pointed that out, they quoted nearly $400 for what should have required no skills.

    So I checked with a local wordpress design firm to make the changes, and once they looked into it more closely they told me that the theme had not been updated to anywhere near the most recent wordpress specs, and was built on an obsolete, unsupported version of bootstrap. That was the final straw. I requested a refund and got NO reply.

    A couple weeks later, I tried again through chat. The agent said he would transfer me to tech support and sent me into limbo. I then filed a support ticket. This time they did reply and said they would help fix it. I said no, it was too late and it was unfixable because the framework was obsolete.

    They called and offered a credit with additional support for another template. By this time I have NO interest in any products from these clowns, and again asked for a refund. They said it was their policy not to refund after 14 days. Well, it took longer than that to learn the full extent of the problems. Probably what they count on.

    They continue to insist that there are no problems with the theme.

    I just filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and discovered several other similar experiences. I am filing a refund request through my credit card.

    I wish wish wish I had done a search on TemplateMonster complaints before buying this. PLEASE warn your readers about them.

    1. Hello Michele and thanks for leaving such a detailed review of TemplateMonster themes. I’m sorry to hear it ended up being such a huge waste of time and money. My host provider at Wealthy Affiliate won’t even allow several of the needed plugins to run Monstroid, so I bailed out immediately. There is already one comment lambasting their service and now yours is published too. I’ll make sure to add a warning at the beginning of the post and direct readers to these comments. Thanks again for helping to spread the word. Geoff.

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