Bplans Sample Business Plans

Bplans Sample Business Plans – The Complete Review

Thepocketfeeder.com offers the latest on business solutions. We take a closer look here at Bplans sample business plans, with a thorough review.

Product: Bplans sample business plans.

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100.

Price: $0 business plan download.

Owners: Palo Alto Software.

Website: http://www.bplans.com/

Intro to Bplans sample business plans

Bplans offers business owners a free business plan. Let’s see exactly what their product entails.

  • Free site registration: Quick, easy sign up. I was asked if I was looking for financial assistance. I assumed this would lead to advertising, and opted out.
  • Free download: Again quick, and easy. This is a pdf file, not an install. A glimpse at what they have…
  • Editing tool: The file has a built in editing tool. You can modify the plan to fit your needs.
  • Upgrade available: There is a paid upgrade available.

Pros/Cons of Bplans sample business plans

  • It’s free: No required upgrades. Bplans has an upgrade available
  • Pdf file: No messy installation.
  • Sample plans: Over 500 sample business plans to view, peruse, and assist you in developing your own plan.
  • Free start up check list: An aid for business owners just starting.
  • Free e-books: 4 free e-books authored by leading business owners/developers.
  • Brand checklist: Another free download. Assistance with developing your brand.
  • Blogs and Articles: Frequent posts by seasoned business builders.

In my research I found only 1 negative comment about Bplans. It claimed there wasn’t a tool to create orgazational charts. While this may be true, I saw tons of charts on the download. The download comes with the editing tool.

Who is Bplans for?

Bplans fits most nicely with anyone starting a business. Live Plan is Bplans upgrade. Something to consider as your business becomes more fully developed.

Bplans Sample Business Plans

Bplans training and tools
  • Blogs and Articles: Bplans offers numerous posts guiding the new business plan developer.
  • E-books: Free e-books on developing your personalized plan.
  • Example plans: Over 500 sample business plans to review. Get ideas to implement in your own plan.
  • Newsletter: Get updates weekly through the Bplans newsletter.
Bplans support
  • Advice Forum: Query Bplans’ online advice forum. Also included in the free package.
  • Contact us: Support is also available under Bplans Contact Us page. An online question box appears. Phone #’s are also listed for immediate assistance.
  • Free package:Bplans Sample Business Plans 100% free of charge. No credit cards ever needed.
  • Monthly package: $9.95 1st month/
    $19.95 thereafter.
  • Annual package:Bplans Sample Business Plans $139.92 or $11.66/month.
  • Guarantee: 60 full money back guarantee.
Final verdict

Scam alert: Legit

95 out of 100 people approve of Bplans sample business plans. I would highly recommend using Bplans to implement a strong game plan into your business development.

I hope you have found this review helpful, and wish you luck in your business endeavors. Please leave a comment telling us what you think. Visit my personal profile at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks,




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