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Who Doesn’t Need To Budget Web Hosting?

Budget Web HostingHowdy readers! Thanks for jumping over! Are you looking to budget web hosting? I bet you are. The costs of starting and running a website add up fast and there’s no need to spend extra cash when it isn’t necessary. Join me as I delve into the current premium hosting providers that won’t leave you rolling change for top ramen!

Finding Premium Hosting That Falls Within Your Budget Range

Ahhh I said it! I brought up the famous budget range. Unfurrow your eyebrows because premium hosting can be affordable for all budget ranges. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh startup on a tight budget or a web developer with a large expense account. You’re after a hosting plan that conforms to your needs, performs to your expectations, and charges an amount that doesn’t make you cringe.

The Key Is To Budget Web Hosting Without Skimping On Performance

Budget Web HostingOne last word before I provide my opinion on the best (and cheapest) providers. Are you ready because this is important? Don’t skimp on your hosting because junky hosting will kill your site. It’s a well established fact that hosting plays a major role in website speed and studies have also shown that visitors don’t like to spend more than 4 seconds waiting for a website to load.

The logical conclusion is that poor hosting leads to slow (or completely unavailable) websites. Slow websites in turn lose most of their visitors without even being able to present their content. What did I say? You get the picture I’m sure!

Hosting Options And Average Price Ranges

In order to budget web hosting you’ll need to know exactly the kind of hosting you’re after. For those unversed in the variations of hosting I give a basic explanation in my Dreamhost review. Once you’ve determined your hosting needs you’ll know where to start looking, and a list of hosting options and their average prices will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Budget Web HostingShared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common and least expensive form of hosting but the quality of service can vary tremendously between shared hosting providers.

  • Price Range: Quality shared hosting should cost anywhere from $3.95-$9.95/month depending on the company and quality of features.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

More mature websites that receive higher amounts of traffic move to VPS hosting so look for a plan that starts small and lets you scale up as your demand requires.

  • Price Range: Premium VPS hosting should cost anywhere from $29.99/month up to $120.00/month depending on the quality and scale of the plan required.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Servers solely dedicated to sites with the utmost amounts of incoming visitors. Typically used by large corporations or sites that want to provide their own hosting.

  • Price Range: Effective dedicated server hosting will range from $99.00/month all the way up to $379.00/month depending on the quality and scale of service required.

*Note: Scale is a term I use to describe the amount of RAM, storage capacity (GB), number of cores, and type of server in a chosen plan. Hosting providers typically offer scaled options within VPS and dedicated hosting plans which enables websites to strengthen their hosting along with increased demand.

What This Info Means To You

Budget Web HostingIf you’re a small startup website shared hosting will be your best bet. You won’t need anything more to begin. The price range may be thin here, but it’s the quality that’s going to be most important. Companies using the newest and highest quality servers will get the results you want. I recommend you avoid the rest, even if it is to save a few monthly dollars.
VPS and dedicated hosting are found at their lowest price in their least powerful plans. Startup websites with a consistent growth in traffic need not wait long before exploring VPS and/or dedicated hosting. Talk with customer support before buying to see what package they recommend for your needs. They can match a plan to your current website statistics.

My Top 5 Premium Yet Cost Friendly Hosting Providers

Keep in mind there are cheaper hosting services available and while I may be reviewing them in the near future, I won’t suggest them here. Without further ado, I present my top 5 providers to help you budget web hosting!


1. Namecheap

Budget Web Hosting

Namecheap offers quality hosting for as little as $9.88 for the first year. Renewal goes up to $38.88 after the first year. Namecheap is well known for its service as a domain name registry and hosting provider. They offer several scaled packages within their shared hosting platform.

See Full Details


2. Bluehost

Budget Web Hosting

For $5.95 $3.95 a month, Bluehost offers the cheapest shared hosting I’d recommend for your startup site. They give you 50 GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free registered domain name.

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3. Hostgator

Budget Web Hosting

For $3.95 a month and a 45 day money back guarantee you’ll get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. Hostgator does charge for domain name and registration.

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4. Inmotion Hosting

Budget Web Hosting

Inmotion has a starting rate of $5.99 a month with a 90 day full money back guarantee. You’ll get premium shared hosting using top industry SSD drives. They throw in the free domain name, and offer a few features like 1 click installation that the other’s do not.

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5. Dreamhost

Budget Web Hosting

Shared hosting at Dreamhost will run you $7.95 a month and comes with a 97 day full money back guarantee. Dreamhost does give you the domain name without an extra charge. Dreamhost offers top of the line solid state drive servers and has an uptime guarantee. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to host as many websites as you want under your shared hosting account, all for the same price.

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Another Option For Those Looking To Budget Web Hosting

Finding a mixture of services to build a successful website is your clear goal. Securing the desired price without sacrificing quality is the difficult part. I’ve covered the complete gamut of services required to build a website here and in my other recent posts. I did this for a number of different reasons in the hopes of providing assistance to the largest amount of readers.Budget Web Hosting

I covered themes, hosting, domain names, and training to give separate options for those in need of only one or two of the above and I also wanted to give you an idea of how much these services can cost. This enables you to make a better decision on how to budget for all the expenses your website will incur. Read below for my number one suggestion on how to budget all your web finances.

Wealthy Affiliate Can Help Budget Web Hosting And Everything Else!

The training alone at Wealthy Affiliate would cost more than your hosting, theme, and domain if you got it anywhere else. Here’s the thing though. Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need. Yes you heard me right. Wealthy Affiliate gives you premium hosting, training, a choice between hundreds of wordpress themes, top support, and an engaged community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Tying Up The Budget

Budget Web HostingThere’s so many variables when it comes to hosting, not to even mention any other web based service. I’ve endeavored to present you with a picture of all the options before you. Shopping around and putting together an incredible site with your own choice of theme, hosting, and training is a rewarding and lucrative path.

Others like myself prefer to keep it all under one house. Wealthy Affiliate is the all in one platform that can make it possible. They didn’t skimp on the quality of their service in order to make more money off their customers. I’ll be sticking with them. Please comment on your opinion and/or experience. Leave me a social like and share below. I truly appreciate it. Thanks a million.



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