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Delivering With The Proper Business Letter Format

When your business needs require professional communication,Business Letter Format the well crafted business letter leaves an instant impact! Though imparting the message contained within your words is the main goal, the result driven business letter makes a statement before the reading begins. Leveraging the proper business letter format can make the difference between an effective communique, or a toss into the trash bin.

General Applications Of The Business Letter

In the world of multiple communication platforms, we most often turn to email or text messages to conduct our business. The business letter should not be forsaken as it remains an important business tool! Here’s a few of the reasons businesses use the business letter:Business Letter Format

  • Convey Important Information To Employees – Policy Changes, benefit information, financial reports, and bonus awards are a few of the examples that fall under this category.
  • Deliver High Impact Letters To Customers – Sales pitches, new product notifications, and changes in services can all be expressed more professionally using a business letter format.
  • Developing Valuable Relationships With Other Businesses – Whether it’s a letter of introduction, a sales letter, or a communication between partners, the business letter can help.
  • Respecting The Privacy Of The Recipient – Physical receipt of a sealed letter is still the most private and personal form of communication.

Presentation And First Impressions

The format of the business letter is important to follow, but it’s not theBusiness Letter Format first thing the reader will see. The letterhead used should be designed with company header and/or logo for sure. Consider the appearance of every detail down to the stamp on the envelope. These little extras may seem small and tedious, but together they have the power to make an incredible first impression.

A Look Inside The Business Letter Format

The proper business letter follows a strict format, and does so for a good reason. The information contained within the format is designed to both inform the recipient, and allow (or encourage) them to take action. Here’s the format broken down with a description of each section:

The Date

Begin with the date. Business Letter FormatPreferably the mailed on date. Having the date at the top lets the reader know that the letter is current. It also gives the impression that time is an important resource, and is a good form of documentation. ex.

July 4, 2016

Sender’s Address  

The second section down the column. This should appear as it does when addressing an envelope. This reaffirms you as the sender, and gives the recipient response information. ex.
2156 Four Pockets Lane
Greenville, CA, 99999

Inside Address

This next block should include the recipient’s name and address. It’s ok here to use a first and last name. A title such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., etc. adds professionalism. ex.

Mr. Mark Twain
1212 Huckleberry Way
Frog Pond, MS, 51545


“Dear” is the most accepted term to address your reader in Business Letter Formatthe salutation. I advise using a name title and last name. I recommend avoiding the use of first names in a business letter if you don’t the person well. Be sure to avoid the comma at the end. Business letters use the colon. ex.

Dear Mr. Twain:

Text Body

This is the meat and potatoes of your letter. It’s the whole reason for everything around it, so make it count. Some quick tips are to keep it clear and precise. It’s easier to keep the reader’s attention if it’s not too lengthy. Separating different ideas into paragraphs also makes it easier to read. ex.

This letter is in advance of our !!!ENORMOUS ANNUAL SALE!!! Because of your firm loyalty and valuable business over the past few years, we're giving you "first shot" at all our sale items. 

Be advised that the savings on these select products are so drastic that "supplies will evaporate" once it's open to the public.

Etc., etc., etc.,.....

Closing Statements

This would be your call to action assuming the purpose of the letter is motivational. Let your reader know what steps you’d like them to take. Include any time sensitive info, email addresses, phone numbers, or other material your reader might need to complete the action. Always add a closing even to informational business letters. ex.

Go to our website,, anytime July 15-16 to take advantage of these incredible prices! Remember, this is an exclusive offer.....

(or when no action is needed)

This letter is to inform you of these changes that will be taking place effective July 15th. No action on your part is necessary to take full....

Signature Block

The signature begins with a respectful sign off. ThisBusiness Letter Format time you should use the comma. “Sincerely” works quite well. A blank area of 3 spaces will do the trick to leave plenty of room for your elegant signature. Use black or blue pen folks! Your printed signature should be found directly under your signed autograph. ex.


Blog Freelance


This should be a list of any separate sheets or parcels sent along with the letter. ex.

Enclosures: Your detailed sales information with complete item descriptions and price reductions.

Free Sample Business Letter Format For Your Social Share!

Business Letter Format

I don’t care much for email campaigns popping up when I’m trying to read an article. I’ve removed them from my website. Instead, if you’ve found this helpful I simply ask for your share on social media. Go ahead and feel free to copy, paste, change and use the following business letter format for any needs you might have. Remember to share 🙂 You’re on the honor system!

*Note: Using the block format, every line should begin with full left alignment. Letterhead should be common 8.5″ x 11″ paper with 1 inch margins on all sides.

July 4, 2016
2156 Four Pockets Lane
Greenville, CA, 99999


Mr. Mark Twain
1212 Huckleberry Way
Frog Pond, MS, 51545


Dear Mr. Twain:


This letter is in advance of our !!!ENORMOUS ANNUAL SALE!!! Because of your firm loyalty and valuable business over the past few years, we’re giving you “first shot” at all our sale items.


Be advised that the savings on these select products are so drastic that “supplies will evaporate” once it’s open to the public.


Etc., etc., etc.,…..


Go to our website,, anytime July 15-16 to take advantage of these incredible prices! Remember, this is an exclusive offer…..




Blog Freelance


Enclosures: Your detailed sales information with complete item descriptions and price reductions.

20 Reasons You Should Use The Business Letter Format Instead Of An E-mail Or Memo

1. RelationShip Building & Development

Reach out to a business neighbor or similar company you’d like to partner with. Introduce yourself in a friendly manner which will let them know you wish them well.

2. To Be Used For Record KeepingBusiness Letter Format

Carbon copies work well for this purpose. Business letters can be used as a form of record keeping. Whether it’s for documentation or just to serve as your own reminder they always leave a paper trail.

3. Make A Lasting Impression

Assuming your business letter doesn’t get the immediate shred, it’ll likely sit around for a while. Every time the business letter is seen the viewer will think about it’s message (assuming it’s been read).

4. Reach A Specific Audience

Perhaps you’ve called and tried e-mail already but that company executive you need to reach is unavailable. A business letter with his or her name on it stands an excellent chance of getting through.

5. For Legal PurposesBusiness Letter Format 

I mentioned documentation above. The business letter is quite often accepted as irrefutable proof in a court of law.

6. As A Sales Letter

Email lists get all the hype when it comes to marketing these days. Physical address leads are still an effective tool if you use the business letter format.

7. To Keep Strong Business Relations

Perhaps your usual business with another company or individual has fallen off. Let them know you haven’t forgotten about them with a business letter.

8. Notice Of Any Business ChangeBusiness Letter Format

There’s a wide number of reasons that could land under this category. Letters could be sent to customers, employees, or business partners. Company change of any kind that requires notice can be communicated and documented with a business letter.

9. In Request Of Payment

Use a professional and documented method to ask clients with past due balances to make payment.

10. As A Formal Apology

Perhaps your business has lost its good standing with a customer or partner. A business letter can effectively communicate your remorse and contain an explanation of what you intend to do to rectify the situation.

11. As An Order FormBusiness Letter Format

A business letter can be sent to suppliers which will let them know such information as what you need, the model #’s, when you need it, your billing acct. number, etc.

12. To Request Information

This is the time when you need an answer or there’s something you don’t understand! Compose a formal request for the info you need using the business letter format.

13. As A Follow Up

Maybe you’ve made a sale and you’re looking for some feedback from the customer. Or perhaps you sent a business letter already, and haven’t received any correspondence. Send a follow up asking for the desired action to be taken.

14. To Say Thank YouBusiness Letter Format

You’ve acquired a new business account and you want to thank them for coming over. A long time customer deserves a coupon with a personally signed letter which is always a nice way to say thank you.

15. As A Letter Of Resignation

It’s time for bigger and better opportunities and you have to let your company know you’ll be leaving. A business letter does it with class and also serves as documentation for any number of different reasons.

16. File A Formal Complaint

The business letter format works as a documented complaint for any reason imaginable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or personal when used for this purpose.

17. As A News BlastBusiness Letter Format

You’re two weeks away from opening the doors to a new restaurant. Or maybe you’ve added a website to your home carpentry business. The business letter can let your audience know before hand which can help ensure a successful launch.

18. As A Resume Cover Letter

A cover letter has the tone of professionalism when delivered in the business letter format. Be sure this works for your specific need. Resumes and cover letters have their own set of rules which are important to follow.

19. As A Letter Of Refusal

Unfortunately several applicants were cut from the job pool. You need to let them know in a professional (and documented) way. The format and a neutral tone will have a delicate touch when it’s time to say no.

20. For The Letter Of RecommendationBusiness Letter Format

Last but not least! An old employee has asked to use you as reference. They also need a letter of recommendation. The business letter format is the perfect tool of choice for this task. It can be a necessity if you have to lay hard working employees off.

While the list may be a bit dramatic it definitely gets the point across. Business letters are very useful. They can be almost mandatory if you need legitimate documentation. The list goes on and on when it comes to what purposes the business letter can be used for.

Final Thoughts On The Business Letter Format

Writing and executing a business letter that gets results remains to this day a valuable business tool. Successful leaders know that using a business letter format simplifies the process, and reduces error. It also helps ensure all the pertinent information is included. Have a lot of experience writing business letters? Need a business idea? I’d enjoy reading your feedback in the comment box below, and please remember to share…. Sincerely,




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