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Cafepress T Shirts – Swag Review

Cafepress T Shirts is an idea I came across for one of my websites. It’s a printing service that offers hundreds of products with thousands of different logos. You can also design or add your own logo using a simple tool. I research any product before I decide to use it and I’ll report my findings here.

  • Product: Personalized swag.
  • Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100.
  • Price: $0.00 (read intro below).
  • Owners: Fred Durham (CEO & Co-Founder), and Maheesh Jain (CMO & Co-Founder).
  • Website:

Introduction to CafepressCafepress T Shirts

Cafepress is an online personalized print shop. Customers can either select pre designed products or create their own design on products. Available products include all kinds of memorabilia including t shirts, coffee cups, and key chains just to name a few.

Here’s where things get interesting. For a start up business Cafepress can come in really handy. I’ll be using Cafepress on two fronts for my business. Each of these strategies can be absolutely free of charge!

  1. I will be personalizing t shirts with a company logo and themed images. I can display the shirts on my website and monetize them. Cafepress doesn’t require payment until the order is placed. I have a small markup and turn a small profit for every shirt sold.
  2. Cafepress also gives you the option of selling the shirts you design from their website with a 15% profit through their affiliate program. Lastly, Cafepress offers affiliate banners for your website.

Pros/Cons of Cafepress


    • Price: Free! While you can spend money on
      Cafepress t shirts and other swag, it isn’t necessary for your business approach.
    • Multiple Platforms: Offer products from your own website, or from Cafepress.
    • Affiliate Program: Applications take 24-72 hours. After successful enrollment (free of charge), add Banners to your own Website. Get paid for sales from traffic you drive to Cafepress.
    • Create Brand: Get those company logos and images to your targeted audience.

Cafepress T Shirts


  • Product Cost: The main drawback with Cafepress is the beginning price. Ordering one t shirt is not very cost effective for your customer. Cafepress offers better prices on bulk purchases. Still, this might not help start up business clientele.

Who are Cafepress T Shirts and Swag Best Suited for?

Cafepress T ShirtsCafepress is well suited for anyone looking for swag, or wanting to design personalized product for any number of reasons.

For business purposes, Cafepress tops the bill. Any company looking for branding would benefit using Cafepress swag. For website owners, their affiliate program offers an opportunity to create another income stream.

Training/Tools Overview

Cafepress offers easy to use design tools. This isn’t graphic design. Their simple design tool offers numerous fonts for lettering, and an image upload feature.

Cafepress T Shirts

Customer Support

Cafepress also offers top customer support via support ticket creation, order tracking, and a browsable help page.


Products at Cafepress come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Bulk orders can also help reduce cost.

The biggest advantage Cafepress offers is their free business opportunity!

Final Opinion

Scam Alert: legit

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100.

My initial research of Cafepress reveals a solid and useful company. I’m waiting to hear back about my application to their affiliate program, and will update the result asap. I’m also waiting for a logo design I’m having done. Once my logo is complete, I’ll be creating my Cafepress t shirts. Stay tuned for updates to this post on all these developments.

To see other reviews by click here! thanks you for your time and attention. Feedback is paramount to website success. If you would please take a moment to ask your question, or leave a comment that would be…

Cafepress T Shirts


4 Replies to “Cafepress T Shirts Review – The T Shirt Design Tool”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    Yes, I’ve been a Cafe Press shop owner for a very long time, and yes, you can make money especially if you work your shops! Although there are some downsides, the set-up is free, as you have pointed out. So, there’s really no “out of pocket” expenses to get started. But, before your readers put any money into advertising, I will tell you that CP does have effective marketing in place. They re-target the ads to visitors in Facebook feeds and other platforms. So, unless the shop owner is well versed in SEO and marketing themselves, their likely sales will be from the CP marketplace – which means lower profits. But, overall, yes, it’s a great place to get started, get designing, and get sales!

    1. Thanks Toni. That’s some huge feedback about your experience with Cafepress. You bring up a good point about being versed in SEO and marketing. This is yet another reason why I suggest Wealthy Affiliate. There is just so much more you can do with your website with the proper training. Cafepress is only one (of many) of the affiliate programs I’m interested in working with. Neither am I bound by their selling platform. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Geoff.

  2. Hey Geoff, great page. I hope to come back to look when your t-shirts are ready!
    I was very impressed with the presentation of your review and the way this page looks. I even caught myself dreaming about what my t-shirts would look like. I will keep Cafepress in mind! Thanks.

    1. Hey Tim. That’s pretty funny and pretty cool too. Once you’ve got some extra coin, you can have a graphic designer create a catchy logo. Of course you can do it yourself if you’re a graphic designer, but I’m sure not. Thanks for the feedback. Geoff.

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