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The Complete 2016 Elegant Themes Review

When you set out to build a wordpress website, one of your first tasks willElegant Themes be to decide upon a theme. Because your theme is the foundation of your website, you can’t really do much without one! The necessity of theme determination also requires that we inspect the different online companies offering themes as a service. I’ll begin this journey with my complete Elegant Themes review.

Product: Elegant Themes, 87 WordPress themes and plugins.

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100.

Price: Elegant Themes has three packages, each at their own price point.

$69.00 Per Year – The “Personal” Package Is The Starter Package!

$89.00 Per Year – The “Developer” Package Adds Complete Access To All Plugins & Layered Photoshop Files For Complete Website Customization.

$249.00 One Time – The “Lifetime Access” Package Does Exactly That. Full Privileges To All Site Features And Products For Life!

*Note: All Packages Include A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Owner: Nick Roach.

Website: Elegantthemes.com

Introduction To Elegant Themes

The origins of Elegant Themes is a story close to my heart. It’s about theElegant Themes underdog! The one man startup facing all the odds of being a small fish in a big sea. Current owner Nick Roach started Elegant Themes as a 1 man operation within the confines of his college dorm room. Today it has grown into a respectable company in its own right.

After 8 years running, Elegant Themes has shown considerable growth. It now employs 33 team members from around the world. They have provided service to 341,592 customers. The team at Elegant Themes develops high quality WordPress Themes. They currently boast 87 beautiful yet individualized themes for its customers to work with. Finally, they offer 6 fully developed WordPress Plugins.

Elegant Themes offers a 30 day money back guarantee with a motto onElegant Themes their website saying “We honor all refund requests. If you are not happy then it’s our fault, plain and simple”. The integrity of the company is sound, which is always the question I strive to answer first. Let’s cut the strings and take a closer look inside Elegant Themes!

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Pros And Cons Of Elegant Themes

It’s plain to see that Elegant Themes is a successful and legitimate business. Any pros and cons must therefore fall within the categories of price, product, and satisfaction of service. I’ll reveal my findings here.


Trust And Experience

Elegant Themes has been running 8 years and counting. Add to that their 341,592 customers and it’s clear that they have developed a sense of trust among their potential customer base.

Elegant ThemesHigh Quality WordPress Themes

The team of web designers employed at Elegant Themes has poured their skill and knowledge directly into each of its 87 WordPress themes. The resulting product provides its customers with some of the most responsive and attractive website themes on the internet today.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This can be seen as a free trial. 30 days is a long enough period to get the full experience of Elegant Themes.

First Class Support

Their technical support is as they call it, “unparalleled…regardless of your experience level”. I counted and came up with a team of 21 tech support members. That’s roughly 64% of their entire company staff dedicated to working directly with customers.

Access To All 87 Premium WordPress Themes

Membership means youElegant Themes can use any one of them, or all of them!

Instant Access To All Theme Additions And Theme Updates 

Elegant Themes is always working to improve existing themes as well as creating new ones. Get instant access to all upgrades and any new theme releases with membership.

Unlimited Website Use

This means you can use all 87 themes as many times as you want. You don’t have to repurchase anything to repeatedly use these themes on new websites.

Access To All Plugins With The Developer And Lifetime Plan

I’ll be discussing these plugins in detail. They are exclusive only to the Developer and Lifetime Packages.

Layered Photoshop Files With The Developer And Lifetime Plan

Allows the more experienced site developer to customize the website imagery using photoshop.

Lifetime Plan With A One Time FeeElegant Themes

This might seem extreme to some, but to the full time website developer it’s got incredible value.


To put it in perspective, here’s the pricing of a couple similar sites that provide high quality WordPress themes.

  • StudioPress – Studiopress offers one package if you want access to all their themes. It runs $499.95 and has an annual subscription fee of $95.99 every year thereafter. Single themes are available for purchase at Studiopress for as much as $60.00.
  • ZigzagPress – Much like Elegant Themes, this business offers a lifetime plan with full benefits for $349.00. They do offer an annual plan at $149.00, and you can also buy annual single themes for $49.00.

StudioPress and ZigzagPress along with Elegant Themes make up three of the highest quality WordPress theme businesses online today. As you can see, Elegant Themes is able to offer a top level service at a discounted rate.

Elegant Themes


Any service as specialized as Elegant Themes will have drawbacks just by its very nature. With 8 years running and the vast number of customers they’ve served, customer feedback is sure to contain some negative remarks as well.

Beginning Website BuildersElegant Themes 

The array of themes and plugins offered could easily overwhelm a starting website developer. Using a platform that offers themes, hosting, and training might be a better option.

Poor Customer Ratings

I’ve been through a number of these. Despite the fact that customer service is listed at a self proclaimed “unparalleled” level, a good amount of customer feedback says otherwise.

Switching Themes

I had to put this here because I found a complaint that once you use the Divi theme, it’s a nightmare to change to another theme. The thing is that anytime you switch from one theme to another you risk potential incompatibility issues at worst, and usually a lot of work at best.

While it’s disappointing to read the comments about poor customer service, I try to keep it in perspective. Elegant Themes is a growing company that offers a quality product at an amazing price. With as many customers as they serve, there’s bound to be disagreements and time lapses.

Who Is Elegant Themes Geared For?

Elegant Themes is most definitely tailored for the full time websiteElegant Themes developer. However, anyone who’s considering building websites under contract for clients or developing a couple of websites to flip and sell should take a closer look.

Perhaps you’re interested in building
your first website but Elegant Themes is just too much for you. Top ranked platforms like Wealthy Affiliate can provide the tools and training you need to get your site up and running at a fraction of the cost!

Is Something Missing From My Elegant Themes Review? I’ve Provided A Comment Box Below And Ask That You Please Let Me Know. I’ll Get Right Back To You!

Elegant Themes Review –
A Look At Training And Tools

Elegant ThemesIf you’ve noticed that I haven’t made any mention of training in this Elegant Themes review, it’s because they don’t have website development training. Their support team will surely get you past any hurdles you might encounter during website creation, but they don’t offer any training about what direction you should take your website for best results.

Another thing missing from my Elegant
Themes review so far is a detailed description of the themes and plugins they provide. The real tools that come with Elegant Themes are found inside the plugins and themes themselves. Important information to cover for sure, so let’s get to it!

87 Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes has been creating high quality WordPress themes from the very beginning. Their current selection of 87 themes provides a wide spectrum of choices. Elegant Themes understands that websites have very different needs.

Featured at the top of their list of premium themes is Divi! ElegantElegant Themes Themes claims (and many of their customers agree) that the Divi theme may very well be the only theme you’ll ever need! Divi is a multi purpose, adaptable theme that can be used for almost any website structure.  Divi comes equipped with the Divi Builder plugin. Among other
features, the Divi Builder plugin has a drop and drag function. Website creation couldn’t be any easier!

Elegant Themes is proud to feature a second premium theme built specifically for bloggers and publication style websites. They call this theme Extra! Extra is also built with the power of the Divi Builder plugin. The Extra and Divi themes are a great way to take advantage of the Divi Builder plugin, especially for the Personal package members who don’t have access to all 6 plugins.

The remaining 85 themes are all displayed in the Elegant Themes Gallery on their website. All 87 themes have live demos where you can see an example of what your site might look like. Elegant Themes has done an impressive job of showing off their goods.

6 Premium WordPress Plugins

Every website developer knows the importance of plugins. Plugins add helpful, sometimes necessary functions to your website. Plugins can be bought separately, but theme compatibility is often an issue. Although Elegant Themes hasn’t built out an extensive line of plugins, they do offer some of the more
necessary ones. You’ll can also take comfort that they’ll be theme tested for compatibility.Elegant Themes

  • The Divi Builder – Already mentioned to be built into the Divi and Extra themes. The Divi builder is a drop and drag page builder plugin that can be used on any WordPress theme.
  • Bloom Email Opt-Ins – A subscription plugin that enables you to design your own opt-in field and place it anywhere on site.
  • Monarch Social Media Sharing – Monarch offers attractive, fully customizable social media engagement icons. It also enables timed pop up features that can be designated to appear during specific phases of the site visitors journey.
  • Handheld Mobile Plugin – This fancy tool allows you create a separate, mobile friendly layout for your website. Instead of trying to please both worlds, you can have a desktop layout and a separate mobile layout.
  • Elegant Shortcodes – Elegant Themes has taken all their custom short codes and placed them in this plugin. This way they can be easily applied to any WordPress theme, even ones outside of Elegant Themes.
  • Maintenance Mode Plugin – This one creates a page letting visitors know your site is being worked on. It also enables you to offer them alternate forms of contact through either email or social media.

All six are powerful WordPress plugins that can often be used with WordPress themes outside of the ones created at Elegant Themes. The plugin page on the Elegant Themes website offers you an in depth look at all 6 of their plugins.

Customer Support

Elegant ThemesMy Elegant Themes Review has brought up contradictions in the value of their customer support. I must ask that any current customers reading this review leave a comment about this. If you decide to give Elegant Themes a shot, please come back and share your customer service experience. I sometimes wonder about the reason a person writes a negative comment. If it’s truly spot on, or perhaps in frustration of some fault that lies on their own shoulders.

Elegant Themes is available to contact by anyone through an email form on their website. Customers are provided with a separate support forum where they can look up or ask any question they like. They also offer customers a documentation form for complaints.

PriceElegant Themes

Elegant Themes has 3 price points:

  • $69.00 Personal Plan
  • $89.00 Developer Plan
  • $249.00 Lifetime Plan

I’ve gone over this information and given a couple of peer company price comparisons. Let me put it all together in reiteration here. The price of Elegant Themes is anywhere from $80.00 to $250.00 cheaper than their closest competitors. It makes it easy to decide if you’re set on this kind of service.

Final Opinion

Elegant Themes Overall Ranking – 93 out of 100 customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Elegant Themes is first and foremost a legitimate and honest company.
Their 30 day money back guarantee and cutting edge industry value make them a must investigate company for any web developer or aspiring online entrepreneur. Customer service and support has brought up some questions I’d like to have clarified, but they are certainly to be expected with so many clients.

The selection and quality of themes and plugins is second to none for the asking price, and I encourage any interested reader to get over to Elegant Themes and take a closer look.

Sincerely, Geoff@ThePocketFeeder.com


6 Replies to “Elegant Themes Review 2016 – The Complete Overview”

  1. These are some very good and well written reviews you have here. Thank you for all of the good info. Have you gotten a chance to look at Traffic Authority yet? I was just wondering about your opinion on that platform? I have heard some good and some bad. What do you think?

    1. Hello Albert, and thanks for commenting! To answer your question I have not yet come across Traffic Authority. I do appreciate the heads up and will take a look at it for a potential review. 🙂 Geoff.

  2. Great review, Geoff! I tried the personal plan earlier in the year and found your review spot on. The Divi theme is outstanding with its wide variety of options. The challenges I faced was due to the lack of training material that could get me past a couple of design issues. I compounded the mistakes by switching themes. To their credit, they responded quickly to my refund request.

    1. Thanks for your words Glen. That’s too bad it didn’t work out for you. Your feedback here is invaluable to any one taking a look at this review. We all appreciate it. Thanks so much. Geoff.

  3. Hey Geoff, came across elegant themes a while back and signed up to the developer option, some may think $89 for a theme is expensive but when you get access to a further (now 88 in total) themes plus 7 plugins you are getting value for money.

    I have tried a couple of their themes, Lucid and InReview before settling on Divi. It was an earlier version but it had the Divi builder already there and it opened up the options to design my posts with more freedom than I had before. I was hooked.

    I know guys who had tried it and found some of the CSS changes they needed to get their desired effect awkward but I was patient and found the forum and support team excellent at finding me workarounds.

    The benefit is you only need to add the CSS code into the theme option designer and its good to go, updating to a new theme level doesn’t effect the code in there. No coding required.

    The option to save post templates into a library for later use is also great. Come up with a good design just save it for later and reuse. I’m currently trying to build a review template to standardize how my readers see my review posts.

    The problem with DIVI is you have so many options to change items in your post page website and you can get carried away and spend an uber amount of time rather than writing. 🙂 However that’s a problem I’m happy to have.

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for leaving such a detailed comment. It’s feedback from experienced users like yourself that adds tremendous value to theme shoppers reading this post. The Divi theme has also had excellent feedback on Facebook with their 30 day Divi countdown.

      There’s a couple of points you make that I missed on my review. The template saving option for example is one of them. What a good idea to create a template library that makes it easy to store landing pages for quick reuse at a later time.

      I’m sure others that shy away from coding like myself will be glad to hear about saving CSS into an option designer, then not having to worry about it anymore. Another point I missed.

      I do remember reading another customer review that alluded to spending too much time playing around with the Divi Features. I look at it as a testimony to the absolute ease of design creation that it offers.

      Finally, I have to agree with you that you’re getting huge value out of the price. Especially when you are allowed to use each theme more than once. Use Divi for all your sites if you want to, or pick any of the other themes if they are more appealing to you.

      Thanks again Mark. Off to do more writing. Sincerely, Geoff.

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