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This page is dedicated to the many ways we can find online help, and the various forms that help can come in. Finding online assistance shouldn’t be a hassle! Here’s some simple methods to get help when you need it.

What Are The Benefits Of Finding Online Assistance?

  • Get solutions to problems – The internet boasts a wealth of information. Just about anything we need to know can be found there.Finding Online Assistance
  • Get desired services – The internet has become much more service friendly. Anything you need in life or business can be found there.
  • Online assistance saves time and money – The only driving
    here is your computer’s hard drive!
  • Technology fails – Online support forums, and virtual assistant can both be life savers when technology goes awry!
  • Support and well being – We all need a hand sometimes, and it feels good to find help.

Where Should You Look For Online Assistance?

Online assistance can be found in many forms, all over the internet. Some good examples of online assistance are…

  • Online tutorials – There are so many available. Universities and Colleges can be found here. Trade school is another common online course available.
  • Computer troubleshooting and repair – Companies such as Geek Squad will make house calls if you’re computer is not responding.
  • Live chat – Look out for this feature if you’re stuck trying to navigate a website.
  • Google support – Since google runs the big search show, it can also be a very helpful source of information.
  • Tax Support – Yes you can do your taxes, and file them online. Finding Online Assistance Websites run programs that lead you through the process step by step. You just plug in the info, print and mail or e-file immediately.
  • Wikipedia – The encyclopedia of the internet.
  • Creative commons – A visual online library. Find or place copyright free images here.
  • The Small Business Administration – For the beginning entrepreneur! A valuable guide to starting and maintaining small businesses.


While it may seem trivial or silly, finding online assistance is critical to successful use of the internet. Knowing where to look helps us get started on our journey to success.

What’s your best experience getting computer or internet assistance?  Looking forward to hearing your story! Please leave a comment.




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