Free Domain Name Registration Only

Is It Possible To Find Free Domain Name Registration Only?

Free Domain Name Registration OnlyPutting all the pieces of a new website together can become costly. You have to consider your budget, but you’re right in wanting the best service you can get for your money! You’re wondering if that perfect domain for your blog is available. Thoughts about how much that domain might cost naturally cross your mind. For all reliable purposes, free domain name registration only comes with paid hosting or as a subdomain.

I did read about sites that offer a free domain name in exchange for their ad placement on your site. I don’t believe this practice works for those starting a blog, or really any kind of website. It is possible to purchase and register a domain name without getting the hosting, but you’ll frequently find that they’re bundled together. You’re disappointed that I can’t recommend free domain registration only I know, but keep your head up! There’s some positives I’ll reveal just ahead.

Best General Knowledge About Domain Names

Free Domain Name Registration OnlyI never thought there was much to a domain name until I started working and writing online. My understanding was that a domain name is a website’s internet address, and I was right about that. More specifically, a domain name is the registered address of any source of online information.

A close up inspection of domain names reveals a whole system of identification. Domain names have hierarchies to properly designate their exact place in what’s called the DNS (Domain Name System). The needs of a strong website don’t require you know all the little details about domain names, but there are some very important factors to consider when it’s time to choose your own.

Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

Free Domain Name Registration OnlyHere’s a few helpful points to consider before you register your new domain name.

  • Use A Brandable Domain Name – Look for a name that corresponds with the subject matter on your website. Come up with a domain name you could create a logo around and leave an impression in reader’s minds.
  • Get Private Registration – The benefit of private registration is keeping your personal information private. Be sure the registrar you sign up with offers private registration or your personal email and other information will be placed on the “who is” public list.
  • Select The Auto Renew Option – Domain names are registered on an annual basis. If for some reason you let your domain name expire, it would be up for grabs to anyone who might be interested in buying it.
  • The Best Extension Is Still .Com – There are certainly exceptions to this rule, but it holds true for most small businesses.

What You Can Expect To Find When You Look For Free Domain Name Registration Only

Free Domain Name Registration OnlyI mentioned at the start that free domain name registration only comes as a subdomain or as a promotion that goes along with paid hosting. These options are worth exploring because they do offer free domain name registration. Keep searching online and this is what you’re likely to find.

Watch Out For Scams

There isn’t much that’s truly free of charge on the internet. Information may be the one free thing, but even that is often given only in exchange for information such as an email or subscription. I say this as a warning because the companies that claim they provide free domain name registration only will steal your personal information and never deliver on their promise.

Free Domain Names Offered As A Subdomain

Subdomains are another option you’ll run into while browsing for free domain name registration only. This practice is offered by websites that let you use their domain name with a sub extension that identifies you as the owner.

Free Domain Name Registration Only
You Might Feel Stuck!

The problem with this method is that you’re only the owner of that domain name within their website. You can’t have it hosted elsewhere because it belongs to the site that gave you the sub extension. This means you’re dependent on their hosting, their ranking authority, their reputation, their very existence to get the results you want out of your website.

The limitations of having a subdomain with another website are clear, but there is one exception to this rule. Building a website under another company’s domain name using a subdomain can be awesome for startups if the company lets you move to your own domain name. Top rated sites like Wealthy Affiliate help startups grow by offering just such a solution.

Free Domain Name Registration With Paid Hosting

Getting a free domain name from a promotion with paid hosting is the best bet for startup blogs and businesses. Hosting companies frequently offer free domain name registration to stay competitive. You’ll need hosting to have a live website anyway which makes this an easier route to take. It can’t hurt to check theme providers for free domain names since you’ll need a theme as well.

If you decide to take advantage of a free domain name that comes along with hosting, do be careful! It’s important to be sure that you can move that domain name to better hosting in the future. Most hosting providers that give a free domain name won’t let you transfer it out of their registry. is a good example of a hosting provider that does allow its customers to move their free domain name.

Free Domain Name Registration Only

Paid Domain Name Registration Without HostingFree Domain Name Registration Only

I realize the article isn’t about paid domain name registration, but .88 cents is pretty close to free. NameCheap offers just such deals and is one of the most reliable and trusted domain name registries. NameCheap makes it possible to purchase domain names and store them for future reference.

Whether you trade in domain names, you’re a website developer, or simply want to store that perfect name for future use, no site will give better service than NameCheap. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this video testimonial and see what you think.


Final Thoughts On Free Domain Name Registration Only – Without The Hosting

You might not have found the answer you desired, but my hope is that you did find some helpful information. In summary, I strongly advise staying away from any site that claims free domain name registration only. They almost certainly have a scam or gimmick going.

The recommendations I’ve provided are by no means the only able sites toFree Domain Name Registration Only provide your desired domain name. There may be better deals or promotions going on, but I do guarantee the quality of the service both provide.

Jump right over to BlueHost or NameCheap to get started by clicking on their respective banners provided here in the article. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate University review for another incredible option altogether. If you found my words helpful please do me the justice of using that like social icon. If you know someone who could benefit from this information, by all means share it! Leave any comment in the box provided, and I’ll be in touch with you.

Thanks for your time!


8 Replies to “Free Domain Name Registration Only – Without The Hosting!”

  1. Hello Geoff,
    Great information indeed, I will say I personally agree with you that any company that claims to offer a free domain name registration alone is questionable and like you advised, it will be better to stay far off from such offer.

    And I agree with you that most hosting platforms may not allow you to move your website from their platform to another, should in case you want to move your domain.

    Thanks a lot for letting me know that Blue Host and namecheap are the best hosting platform, actually I have head about Blue Host Before, only that I didn’t know just how their platform works, but know I do know them and I can even recommend them to others.
    As for Wealthy Affiliate I know them as one of the best platforms out there that one can host his more her website domain.
    I want to say think you a lot for this very informative article

    1. Hello Stephan and thanks for the comment. If you like bluehost, you might also check out Dreamhost. They’re just a bit more pricy, but offer an better service. Slow sites are the killer. Geoff. 

  2. Hi Geoff,

    What is your opinion about the exact match domain names vs brandable domain names?

    I have heard before many people to argue for the best option. I go for brandable names only when I do not find available any version of my main keyword.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.

    1. Thats a very good question Ilias, thanks for asking. I think a site can become successful either way. The direct match name seems to help with seo rankings but I still see them get beat by brandable names. I think it also depends on what you want to do with your site. For example, I also own a fishing site. It has a brandable name, I didn’t want to be stuck writing about spinning reels with a name like spinningreels in my domain. A direct match. Then later I ended up doing some writing for I did notice that many of their posts not about spinning reels ranked very well. The website has a lot of authority. So when it comes down to it, the content defines the ranking more than the domain name. Just my thoughts and experience. Hope it helps. Geoff. 

  3. I love how you break this apart into sections and cover them thuroughly. I agree that not much is fee and when it comes to domains I’ve never seen a legit free domain. Just like anything, websites start out as spend money to make money. I also totally agree that .com builds legitimacy in your business or blog.

    1. Hi Rob. I appreciate the feedback. There’s always a question in online business about legitimacy. Wealthy Affiliate used NameCheap when I started, though it has its own domaine registrar now. That’s how I learned about their service. After doing several Hosting Company reviews of my own, I have to agree with Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate. NameCheap is one of the top domain providers. Geoff.

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