Genesis Wordpress Review

The Genesis WordPress Review – An Inside Look At StudioPress And The Genesis Framework

StudioPress shouts multiple themes all built on an easy to use, yet versatile WordPress foundation. Does the Genesis framework lay a solid foundation for WordPress websites, and is the price worth the product? Find out now in the Genesis WordPress review.

Product: Genesis WordPress ReviewStudioPress Genesis framework and child themes.

Overall Ranking: 83 out of 100.

Price: StudioPress offers three basic price points.

Genesis Framework – Purchase only the Genesis framework for a one time fee of $59.95.

StudioPress Premium Themes – StudioPress themes run $99.95. The purchase of any theme includes the Genesis framework. Additional themes run $40.00.

The Pro Plus All Theme Package – Get instant access to the Genesis framework, all premium StudioPress child themes, plus third party themes all for $499.95. A recurring annual payment of $99.95 comes due 365 days after purchase to continue your Pro Plus service.

*Note: All purchases come with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Owner: Rainmaker Digital, LLC (formerly Copyblogger Media).


Genesis Framework for WordPress

Introduction To StudioPress Themes And The Genesis Framework

The story of StudioPress starts back in 2007 with a man named Brian Gardner who at the time was studying PHP and CSS code. WordPress was free back then and wasn’t yet regarded as an authentic website engine. Brian Gardner changed all that when he released his paid premium WordPress theme which he called Revolution. Revolution changed the presentation of WordPress themes and opened the door to the massive attention WordPress now enjoys.Genesis WordPress Review

Brian continued to add premium themes to his website over the next couple years, and
Revolution 2 was released soon thereafter. Brian’s collection of themes became known as StudioPress and a business was born. StudioPress merged into Copyblogger in 2012 which led to the removal of the old themes and the creation of the Genesis framework. Copyblogger is now known as Rainmaker Digital, LLC and is powered by the Rainmaker Platform.

Genesis WordPress Review Pros And Cons

Every company has pros and cons no matter how big or small the size. Like my other reviews, the Genesis WordPress review will cover the major benefits and drawbacks you might encounter when buying from StudioPress.


Genesis WordPress ReviewThe initial price of StudioPress themes appears high during an initial inspection. The amount seems much more reasonable once you learn it’s a one time fee. Complete access to StudioPress does come with an annual dues, but any theme you buy is then yours forever. The unanswered question about the quality of Genesis backed themes still remains. A list of some of the benefits will help with that.

  • One Time Fee For Themes – No annual dues on themes you buy, only on the Pro Plus package.
  • Built For Search Engine Optimization – The Genesis framework was designed and coded specifically with SEO in mind.
  • HTML5 Theme Design – StudioPress themes use HTML5 which is the most advanced HTML code available.
  • Unlimited Services – Once you own the Genesis framework you have lifetime access to StudioPress support. You can use Genesis to build as many websites as you want which adds a strong incentive for developers.
  • Custom Code That Doesn’t Sacrifice Speed – Genesis makes it easy to customize your website, but has gone to great lengths to ensure that custom code won’t slow your site’s loading time.
  • Widget Layout Options – Genesis allows you to customize your widgets for each individual page and post on your website.


Writing about the negative aspects of a company or their product is always a pleasure and a chore. Every established company is going to have an upset customer, and I have learned to look past those rare occurrences to bring you the facts that are relevant to your buying decision. Here’s what I found out about StudioPress and their Genesis framework.

  • Price:Genesis WordPress Review Although the price may be fair in light of a one time purchase, what if the 30 day money back period goes by and you find you don’t like StudioPress or the Genesis framework? You’re stuck with it! Genesis is required as an initial purchase and drives the cost up, while other providers sell premium WordPress themes for half this price.
  • Eggs In One Basket – You better really like the Genesis framework. Genesis is the only WordPress framework you’ll be using unless you splurge and buy a theme from another provider.
  • Built In SEO – Genesis doesn’t use an SEO plugin because it’s already built in to the framework. While Genesis SEO is acceptable, many view the Yoast SEO plugin as a much more effective program.

Any one of these factors could be deal breakers for theme shoppers considering StudioPress. It’s good to know that StudioPress is a legitimate company, and there’s not a lot of negative feedback apart from the concerns I listed.

Who Will Make Best Use Of StudioPress And The Genesis Framework?

Genesis WordPress ReviewStudioPress with its Genesis framework would be useful to beginners and developers alike. Chances are that website developers would find StudioPress a bit limiting. On the other hand, the unlimited website use could be very helpful for projects that include building multiple sites.

Perhaps the main attractor to StudioPress is the ability to easily change your website theme without hassle or compatibility issues. Theme changes can be very labor intensive, but not so with Genesis! The themes created by StudioPress are known as child themes. These child themes can completely alter the look of your website once they are applied to the Genesis framework.

The Genesis WordPress Review – Training And Tools

The training and tools provided by a company like StudioPress can be just as important as the product they offer. It doesn’t do any good to buy a theme, then find you can’t get any help with it at the first sign of trouble. Nor does it make sense to get a theme if the provider doesn’t offer the tools you need to make it successful. The Genesis WordPress review gives its outlook on both of these important subjects.

TrainingGenesis WordPress Review

StudioPress offers WordPress and Genesis tutorials to paid members. Membership comes with the purchase of any StudioPress product, and also gives access to their large community forum. Every purchased theme also comes with its own set up instructions.


Does Genesis have the right tools to build the website you want? Let’s take a look and see.

  • Widget Layout Option – Use widgets for the usual things like adding sidebars, opt-in menus, and ad space. The layout option gives you control of your widgets on every page and post.
  • Theme Dropdown Menu – Genesis WordPress ReviewChange the configuration of your website, try a new color scheme, and more by opening up the theme drop down box.
  • Integrated Comment Section – The Genesis comment section includes gravatar, and has a threaded comment feature.
  • Theme Finder – Use the theme filter and narrow down the child theme that works best for your needs. Easily add your new child theme to your Genesis framework and completely change the look of your site.

There’s three options when it comes to using StudioPress as a theme provider.

  1. Buy only the Genesis Framework – This works fine to start a website and you can choose a child theme later.
  2. Buy a child theme – When you buy your first StudioPress child theme Genesis will come with it. Any future child themes you purchase will not include the initial price of the Genesis framework.
  3. Purchase the Pro Plus package – This really is a tool for website developers. There’s a child theme for just about any client you might gain, and Pro Plus gives you access to all of them. Pro Plus also gives you every future child theme that StudioPress develops.

Outsourced Customized Design

Genesis WordPress Review

The days of StudioPress creating custom designed Genesis websites for clients has passed. You can however get your Genesis framework, then consult with one of the StudioPress trusted designers and have your site custom built. Visit the list of trusted developers if you’re interested in this service.

StudioPress Child Themes

Genesis WordPress Review

The final tools or features as you will that need mentioning in my Genesis WordPress review are the StudioPress child themes themselves. Child themes give your website the look and structure that you want, making the experience right for your site visitors. I counted 40 different StudioPress child themes and an additional 15 third party themes to choose from. StudioPress also offers an extensive showcase displaying site after site built with different child themes.


See All 40 StudioPress Child Themes + 15 Third Party Themes

Customer Support

Genesis WordPress ReviewStudioPress gives different options to members looking for help. There is of course the ever famous FAQ section. Getting involved with the StudioPress member community is another valuable resource. Learn tricks specific to a certain child theme by browsing the forum. Ask a question if you’re unsure how to use a certain Genesis feature.

At times your needs may require more specific and immediate attention. Contact StudioPress Support directly anytime by opening a ticket and get a response well within a day.


As previously stated in my Genesis WordPress review, the price of StudioPress is fair when compared with other theme providers. You may pay a bit more at first to get the Genesis framework along with a child theme, but the price of additional themes is actually cheaper than most providers. The three different pricing packages once again go as follows.

  • The Genesis Framework: A one time payment of $59.95.
  • The Genesis Framework + 1 Child Theme: A one time payment of $99.95.
  • The Pro Plus Package: A one time payment of $499.95 and a recurring annual payment of $99.95.

The Genesis WordPress Review – Final Shakedown

Overall Ranking: 83 out of 100.

I gave Studiopress a score of 83 in this Genesis WordPress review. Of course my scores can always change as does my opinion when I gather more information. I’m always on the hunt for your opinion or personal experience. Hit me with a comment, I’ll hit you back.

Genesis WordPress Review

I’m honestly impressed with StudioPress as a theme provider except for one thing. I’m very partial to Yoast SEO and don’t like the idea of having to use the Genesis built in SEO. This may or may not be a point of concern for you.

Unless you’re really partial to the Genesis framework and a certain child theme, the price just doesn’t work for 1 website customers. Providers like Elegant Themes and ThemeForest offer powerful WordPress themes at a better price. If you plan on building more than one site, I’d give StudioPress some serious attention. For first time website builders, I recommend going the course I took. Get started by reading my Wealthy Affiliate University Review.




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