Environmentally Responsible, Affordable, And Effective Hosting – The GreenGeeks Hosting Review

The consumption of energy by web servers across the world is at an all time high and growing daily. It’s becoming a trend out of necessity to reduce the use of fossil fuels which most hosting providers depend upon. Choosing green hosting shows environmental responsibility, but we hope not to sacrifice quality for these efforts. My GreenGeeks hosting review will show how they do it while maintaining a high level hosting service.

Product: GreenGeeks web hosting services.

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100 for shared hosting. 65 out of 100 for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Price: Prices start as low as $3.95/month. Detailed prices included in plan description below.

Owner: Trey Gardner. Founder and CEO.

Website: GreenGeeks.com.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Intro To GreenGeeks

Founded in 2008 by CEO Trey Gardner, GreenGeeks is home to over 300,000 websites and more than 35,000 hosting customers. This review will cover every feature provided by GreenGeeks and all their hosting plans in detail. GreenGeeks claims to replace three times the amount of energy your site consumes by using wind credits. We’ll also discover exactly what this means and how it’s done.

The GreenGeeks Hosting Review Pros And Cons

What works and what doesn’t over at GreenGeeks? What have customers been saying about GreenGeeks whether good or bad, positive or negative? The pros and cons list is a good place to start looking for answers to these kinds of questions.


  • A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – GreenGeeks allows new clients to experience their hosting and support services for a full month risk free.greengeeks1
  • Full Range Of Hosting Services – Choose from Web Hosting (shared), WordPress Hosting (shared but isolated), Reseller Hosting, VPS, or your own Dedicated Server. GreenGeeks has it all.
  • 99.9% Uptime – GreenGeeks uses Solid State Raid 10 Drives which are top of the line. They monitor all sites every 10 seconds which has lead to many months of 100% uptime.
  • 1, 2, Or 3 Year Plans With No Price Change – Secure the same rate whether you choose a 1, 2, or 3 year contract.
  • Unlimited Domains – Even the basic package gives hosting for as many websites as you like. Very few hosting providers offer this at the base level.
  • Free Domain For Life – Never pay for your domain name as long as you host with GreenGeeks.
  • Free Domain Transfer – Moving existing websites over to GreenGeeks doesn’t cost a dime.
  • Green Hosting – We’ll get to more about that later.
  • Incredible 8 Year Track Record – During the 8 years GreenGeeks has been in business they’ve catered to every kind of customer and are proud to display pages of positive testimonials.


  • GreenGeeks Hosting ReviewNo Month To Month Shared Or WordPress Hosting – Customers who use VPS or Dedicated Servers do have the option to pay month to month. Those who want shared or wordpress hosting will have to enter into a minimum 1 year contract.
  • Domain Name Lock Down – It’s nice that GreenGeeks pays for your domain name until you decide to switch hosting providers. They might not be so willing to let the name go and they might not legally have to either.
  • 30 Day Guarantee Minus Costs – GreenGeeks does provide this information though you have to go to the guarantee page and scroll all the way to the bottom. Any startup fees + the cost of your domain name (which would have been free) will not be refunded.
  • Poor Scaling Options – Going from shared hosting to VPS or a Dedicated Server at GreenGeeks can be expensive. You’ll lose the good startup price as an already existing member.

What Kind Of Customer Does GreenGeeks Cater To?

One benefit or success as you might call it over at GreenGeeks has been their level of consistent hosting across the board. GreenGeeks strives to keep the same level of hosting and customer service whether you’re an individual or a large corporation.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Training And Tools


road-sign-798175_640Every hosting company is an expert these days on how to start a blog or an estore. CEO Trey Gardner offers several resource articles which offer an in depth look at questions such as “How To Make A Website”. The articles offered by Trey are actually quite in depth and are labeled as follows:

  • “How To Create A Website”
  • “How To Transfer A Website”
  • “… Start A Web Hosting Business”
  • “… To Start A Blog”

Further training at GreenGeeks is available in the form of video tutorials though that page of their website was down for construction at the time of this review. I’ll update later when it becomes available. GreenGeeks also follows the practice of offering a search ready database of common questions and previously answered help topics.


GreenGeeks stays in line with other popular hosting providers by offering a set of tools intended to make the customer experience user friendly. Every tool available at GreenGeeks is accessed by logging into their secure cPanel. You’ll find many tools here divided into their proper headings and the control panel itself is easy to use. Some of the tools do require advanced knowledge or further training. Here’s an overview of the tools provided on the cPanel with screenshots for visual imagery as well.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Plans And Features

Hosting Plans With Prices At GreenGeeksgreengeeks3

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plan is always the basic package though most hosting companies have different priced tiers. GreenGeeks does not. They have one shared hosting package that is currently on sale for $3.95/month with a minimum 1 year contract. Regular price goes up to $9.95/month and this sale price can be secured for up to 3 years. After that it will go up to $9.95 or maybe more if they decided to raise prices.

Despite the fact that GreenGeeks offers only one level of shared hosting they put a very effective plan together. Rather than rattle on about the many details of the shared hosting package I’ll provide full screenshot imagery.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting is the shared hosting package. It includes the same contracts and goes for the same sale price of $3.95/month. This is GreenGeeks way of telling you that their shared hosting is fully optimized for WordPress themes. Here’s a snapshot featuring some of the benefits of WordPress hosting at GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Reseller Hosting

For those websites that would like to provide hosting to their clients or for those interested in starting their own hosting business GreenGeeks provides Reseller Hosting. Customers can start with the basic “Seed” plan for $19.95/month and scale up to the power “Forest” plan for $99.95/month as their business gains traction. There are 5 plans in total and you can check out their details below.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Moving up to VPS hosting at GreenGeeks brings with it a large price increase compared to other hosting companies. Prices start at $39.95/month for 1GB RAM with 4 other scaled up options to 8GB RAM for $159.95/month. Bluehost VPS plans start way under this price range while InMotion VPS plans start a bit higher but still fall below GreenGeeks prices. Take a look for yourself at the features included with VPS hosting at GreenGeeks to see if it’s worth it.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Dedicated Server Hosting

GreenGeeks offers corporations and very talented individuals who own the busiest of websites their own little corner of web servers. Once again, getting Dedicated Servers for your websites isn’t cheap at GreenGeeks. Starting costs for the smallest package run $169.00/month with 4 options up to $439.00/month. Those prices, just like VPS plans, are higher than main competitors’. Here’s a glimpse of  GreenGeeks Dedicated Server plan details.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Main Features

As I said earlier every web host provider seems to have their own set of features. It’s kind of funny because theme providers do the same thing. If you want training and features that will help you succeed online I still believe it’s best to start at Wealthy Affiliate. There you will get your domain name, hosting, theme, plus the best training programs anywhere online all at one low monthly rate. You could even do Wealthy Affiliate for free, though it would be tougher without the training.

Here’s a rundown of the main features provided by GreenGeeks with a few thoughts about the value they provide.

  • GreenGeeks Hosting ReviewRVSiteBuilder – This is the in house website builder offered by GreenGeeks. It consists of a drag and drop tool onto a preset template. The RVSiteBuilder is an easy way for small business owners to put up a quick 1 or two page website without having to secure a WordPress theme or other content management system. It doesn’t work well for designing and running your own website or blog.
  • Spectaculous 1 Click Installer – Utilize the well known Spectaculous software that makes installation of themes and apps a breeze. Be forewarned that themes and apps over 50MB will have to be installed manually by accessing the FTP files.
  • Multiple Data Centers – GreenGeeks employs the practice of using strategically placed data centers. This ensures your website is not slowed due to distance from any place users might access it.
  • Service Guarantee – GreenGeeks packs a lot into their guarantee and the 30 day money back stamp is just part of it. They proclaim and maintain a level of customer service above most providers I’ve seen which is part of the GreenGeeks service guarantee.
  • Consistent Hosting At A Low Price – Get a solid shared hosting package that can be secured for 3 years at a price of $3.95/month. Although there’s only one shared hosting package it is a quality plan and is the best value web hosting at GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review Main Feature – Green Hosting

With all the mention of everything that comes along with web hosting over at GreenGeeks we can’t forget the biggest feature of all. Green hosting! It’s obvious that green hosting has to do with being responsible about the energy we use and how it impacts our natural environment. How exactly does GreenGeeks do this?

GreenGeeks is a proud partner of the U.S. EPA Green Power Program. A proportion of all of GreenGeeks earnings goes into the purchase of wind credits. Wind credits put power back into the grid by financing the development and maintenance of both solar and wind energy sources.

The amount of natural non-fossil energy that GreenGeeks puts back into the grid each year is estimated to be 3 times the amount of energy their servers consume. GreenGeeks has also done their part to ensure that their facilities and equipment is up to the highest standards in ecological safety and energy saving practices.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Get the green badge of environmental responsibility. GreenGeeks provides several badges for your website in the form of short HTML code snippets. Simply choose the badge you like best, copy the code, and paste it anywhere on your site you want it to display.


See Full Details On All Plans & Features

Customer Support

greengeeks10The ability to handle all sorts of customer questions, concerns, and issues is an essential part of any hosting business and GreenGeeks does it right. They offer the full detail of communication methods with live support, phone support, or 24/7 email support.

I used the live chat support option in the writing of this review and found the gentleman on the other end to be fast, intelligent, knowledgeable, and precise in his answers to my questions. Aside from going directly to support, customers have the option of accessing the GreenGeeks database where much of the troubleshooting has already been done.


It’s my own opinion that the price of shared hosting for $3.95/month at GreenGeeks is well worth the expense when considering the value of the package they provide. I do feel that you the readers could find better value for VPS and Dedicated Servers by visiting providers like Dreamhost.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Final Opinion

GreenGeeks Hosting ReviewOverall Ranking: I decided to give GreenGeeks two different rankings. I’m very impressed with their shared hosting package and give it a score of 93 out 100. The price increase for upper hosting VPS and Dedicated Server plans really hurts my estimation of GreenGeeks and so gets a separate score of 65 out of 100.

It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind that comes along with environmentally responsible hosting. It might be worth paying a little extra to ensure a green business. At least the trade off for higher rates includes the best support around and top quality hosting.

Did you enjoy this GreenGeeks Hosting Review? Please let me know by leaving a comment or sharing socially. Thank you for reading and best of fortune on your online endeavors. Geoff.









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