How To Convert Traffic To Sales

How to Convert Traffic to Sales – an In Depth Look at Blueconic

While I was browsing the web yesterday looking for a worthwhile company to review, I came across Blueconic. They claim to help convert traffic through engagement. Learning how to convert traffic to sales is an ongoing process for every entrepreneur. This is why Blueconic caught my eye. Let’s see if they are able to help, and how they would do it.

How to Convert Traffic to Sales

Product: Blueconic Customer Data Platform.

Overall Ranking: Will be determined after my 1 month trial membership.

Price: Free Trial. $500/mo Basic Package.

Owners: L.M.H. Brouwers.


Introduction to Blueconic

The questions we need answered here is what can blueiconic do for our business, and does it work? “BlueConic can help you build an audience, engage your users, and improve retention by connecting your existing marketing tools.”

That answers our first question. Now, does it work? I can start by letting you know that I entered Blueconic’s website into It came up with the safest rating a site can get. A pretty good indication that Blueconic is for real. Here’s some of the preorder info Blueconic provides…

How to Convert Traffic to Sales

  • Case Studies: Blueconic offers several case studies of companies they’ve already helped.
  • Infographics: Follow these graphics to learn more about Blueconic’s services.
  • Tutorials: 18 video tutorials explaining exactly what Blueconic offers and how you’ll use it.
  • Webinars: View archives to learn more about Blueconics strategies.
  • Whitepapers: More info on how it works.

How to Convert Traffic to Sales Pros and Cons of Blueconic

  • Simplification of Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention: Blueconic watches over and aids the whole cycle of individual sign up, purchase, and return sale.
  • Collects Individual Data: Collects data on every visitor and creates a personal profile for each one.
  • Shares Data with Third Party Partners: Let’s your affiliates know about visitor behavior to enable better targeting techniques across the board.
  • Decrease Bounce Rates: Blueconic allows you to change the landing page of your visitor based on all sorts of info. Demographics, age, gender, and geographics are examples.
  • Increase Visitor Time on Site: Personalized engagement leads the visitor to relevant articles and areas of your site, increasing engagement, behavioral information collection, and ultimately sales.
  • Adapts to Visitor Preferences Using a CRM System: The big word CRM means, Customer Relationship Management. This system stores all individual visitor data in one place. It will recognize a returning visitor, and tailor the experience on your site to their previous behavior.
  • Reduce Wasted Advertising Dollars: The data Blueconic collects can be used to retarget the right group of visitors. It can cut out retargeting of visitors who’s behavior suggests a no sale interest.
  • Connects Across Platforms: Blueconic supports individual data collection across such platforms as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Double Click, Sales Force, and Microsoft Dynamics to name a few. You may suggest a platform they don’t have as well.
Cons:How to Convert Traffic to Sales
  • Price: $500.00 per month is huge. This suggests that Blueconic is targeting larger companies with good traffic, and a consistent revenue stream.
  • No Negative Reviews: Why is this a con? I scoured the web, and couldn’t find one. I find it more than disconcerting. I can see that if only larger corporations use Blueconic, they might not be willing to share results, positive or negative.

Who is Best Suited to use Blueconic?

As I’ve alluded to already, Blueconic is best for pre developed companies. Their large traffic streams are able to put Blueconic to good use. They also have a marketing allowance that enables them to afford $500 a month for a minimum package. Many pay more!

Training/Tools Overview

Blueconic has a knowledge base link at the bottom of their landing page. Once there, you can see all tools available to a paid customer, and the trainings that come along with them. You just can’t access them until your a member. The tools appear to have a learning curve, though nothing too serious. Pretty user friendly.


Customer support appears to be spot on at Blueconic, and at $500/month it better be. Again a lack of real quality reviews gives us no information here, which is too bad. I have been approved for a 1 month trial membership.  I’ll see for myself how it works, and report back to you.

PriceHow to Convert Traffic to Sales

  • Free Demo: Apply for a 1 month free trial.
  • Chameleon: $500/month. Offers 300k engaged profiles.
  • Phoenix: $1500/month. Offers 2.5 million engaged profiles.
  • Pegasus: $3000/month. Offers 10 million engaged profiles.
  • Hydra: Packages over 10 million engaged profiles are specific and require Blueconic contact.

Final Opinion

My final opinion of Blueconic will be reserved until after I complete the trial. Lack of any real organic reviews is concerning to me. I will report back to you ASAP with my findings. It’s definitely not for the little guy. If you’re looking for an honest, affordable online business opportunity, I encourage you to read my Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

I’d like to thank you for your time here, and I encourage you to browse my other reviews or articles. They are all intended to help you start and develop your online business. Please leave a comment below, or drop me a line.





8 Replies to “How to Convert Traffic to Sales – Blueconic”

  1. This was an interesting review. How long has this program been around? I was just wondering because sometimes that is the reason why there aren’t that many reviews regarding a particular product. However, I do have to agree that it may also be because it is for big established companies not us little bloggers and they don’t leave reviews.

    1. Thanks Kristena. Blueconic has just passed 8 years as a domain, so they’re not brand new. That was a very good question though. I check all that info at scamadvisor. It’s free to use, and tells a lot. Geoff.

  2. Wow Geoff !
    Blueconic sounds like a pretty big fish to fry. I’m sure even large companies with large advertising budgets still need to justify an investment of this size. Or do they ? With companies willing to spend 5 million for a 30 second spot on the super bowl maybe this is just a small drop in a very large bucket . I would be very interested in how the trial works out for you. I suppose if they can produce $1500 or more in income you didn’t have before it would be a very worthwhile investment.
    Pretty sure I’d have to see that return in the free trial stage to go ahead with the program. Please let me know if the trial works out that well. I may want to get in.
    Also could be more prudent to look at the Wealthy Affiliate program. That seems like it might be a better investment ?

    1. Thanks Mike. I appreciate the comment. I will be updating the Blueconic review just as soon as the month is over. I’ll give details on many different aspects. For start up websites, Wealthy Affiliate is likely THE best option out there. Geoff.

      1. There are many ways and programs out there in which you can make money online. You can do surveys, microtasks, build websites for clients, write articles…ect. But let me ask you this. Why would you want to do work for someone else?

        The very fact that someone else is willing to pay you for these services means that they are likely making money off the work you did for them. Wouldn’t it be better to put in some hard work and make the money for your self? YES! Thats what I thought as well.

        1. Hey there. I missed your name (I assume it’s not Work From Home Jobs) but I want to thank you for your comment. You make a very good point to anyone that might be skeptical about trying to earn some money online.

          If people are willing to pay others to do these menial online jobs, that would definitely suggest the existence of an entire online industry.

          If you poke around Google for a while and browse through any number of the hundreds of thousands of websites displayed, you’ll have your proof! There’s definitely an industry involved.

          The thing is it’s multi faceted and like you said there are many things you can do to earn money. You can work for someone else, or you can work for yourself.

          Or you can do both. The opportunity that exists along with the proper learning is one that a person can do as a second job. It may take some extra effort but it can be done.

          There does exist a light at the end of the tunnel that means doing away with your day job. Or you can keep working for someone else. That is each person’s choice I suppose. But it is a choice that we make every day, and that can be changed at any time.

          Thanks again for commenting. Sincerely, Geoff.

  3. Well it did sound like quite an interesting force online until I noticed the monthly bill I would get – $500 a month manages to knock all prespective amateurs right out of the game!
    Being a relatively new company doesn’t really help it either – $500 doesn’t part easily. How’s your membership going at this moment in the month?

    1. Hi Chris. Let me start by thanking you for your time and your thoughts. Blueconic really is tailored to fully established business that wants to step up their onsite engagement.

      I was given a 1 month access pass to their services. From what I saw the platform was not user friendly. It takes some training and time to implement Blueconic into your site.

      All that being said, I must confess that I was pulled away to deal with other projects part way through and never really got into it. I believe a paid contract would be much different, especially with support. Perhaps one day I’ll come back to Blueconic and update this review.

      Thanks again. Geoff.

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