How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword That Hits Page One & Drives Traffic To Your Website

Main Keyword

Post Update: This article took the last position on Google page 1 the same night of publication.

Hello readers. As I was sitting here trying to decide the best way to present this article to you, I started analyzing the headline above. It has a main statement, “How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword”. The statement lets you know what I’ll be writing about and it is my keyword! Now that you know my keyword, you can begin to see how I’ve already used it. It appears in my title and then again on my first headline. I also managed to use the keyword once in this paragraph as I’ve been describing it to you.

Secondary KeywordsHow To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Back to the main headline. My main statement (my keyword) has two conditions that follow which help define the specifics of this article. You have “Hits Page One” and “Drives Traffic To Your Website”. Are these also keywords? They are. Even though I didn’t specifically target them, they can still be ranked by Google. They also have direct meaning to you because they represent the results we all want to see from our websites.

A Case Study

I’ll cover the two conditions that follow the main statement in detail but we need to start at the beginning. We need to find keywords that have high potential to reach Google page one. We can’t do that if we don’t have the means of finding a keyword’s competition. So let’s start there. I’ll take you through and show you how I found the keyword for this article. Will I hit page one? Maybe, but maybe not. I’ll clear that up with a little insight as we continue.

First Things First – How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

We don’t need to worry about hitting page one or driving traffic to our website until we’ve found the right keyword to use. I already established the keyword I used,”How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword”. Let’s go about exactly how I found it and what techniques I used.

I used two different free keyword tools to help find my term, and they also informed me the keyword had low competition. I’m going to show you those tools but first I needed to come up with an initial keyword idea. You can do this by using the Google search bar with a method known as the alphabet soup search.

How To Use The Alphabet Soup Search Method

Here’s where the action starts and things get interesting. Feel free to open a new tab and follow along on your own computer. I find doing it myself helps me to learn. Start by opening the Google search menu. I typed in the root term “keyword” and google drops down some suggestions. Make sure you’re signed out of  your Google account or it will cater suggestions and not give full web results.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Using The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Google gives results based on popularity but I chose the second term “keyword tool”. This term best matched the topic I wanted to discuss. Experience tells me that the term goes too broad and has a huge amount of competition, but let me show you how I know that for your knowledge. I use the free keyword tool that comes with my subscription to Wealthy Affiliate first. I will also be using Jaaxy which offers 30 free searches. No credit card required if you want to sign up and continue following with a keyword tool. Check the results after I plug it in.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

You can see the term keyword tool gets 3119 monthly searches. The traffic column gives a result of 531 which means an article on the top of Google page one could expect that many monthly visitors. That looks pretty good until I click on view result under the competition column. Here’s the result.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Using The Alphabet Soup Search Method To Find Low Competition Keywords

How To Find A Google Ranking KeywordWow. Look at that competition. That’s 340 pages of Google results to overcome in order to get to the top. Each page has 10 results not including the paid ads so we have to beat around 3,395 listings to show up on the top of Google search results. No thanks.

Now you might have noticed that my keyword tool dropped down some other results. This list actually went down the page quite a ways and could be used to gather better keywords. Instead I wanted to refine my search one more time using the alphabet soup search technique.

This time I enter the two words, “Keyword Ranking” into Google, but I put the letter “a” before keyword with no space. I chose the word ranking this time trying to get more precise results for the subject I wanted to write about. Here’s what showed up.

How To Find Google Ranking Keywords

None of the results match my topic so I start using the alphabet soup method and here’s the beauty of it. I replace the “a” in front of “keyword” with “b” and I start running through the alphabet. With each new letter I enter, Google shows new drop down results. I continue until I get to “g” and see this.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Back To The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

I take an immediate interest in the first term, “Google Keyword Ranking”. Notice the words need rearranging but that’s ok to begin a search. I plug it into my Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and get these terms.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

I ran down the list of keywords until I found the check marked term with very low competition.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

You can tell I’m getting much lower in competition by refining my search. Still, the keyword I choose absolutely must make sense to a reader and I’m not quite there yet. I have however come much closer to the right keyword, and it’s time to use a more powerful tool called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy – The Ultimate Tool For Determining Keyword Competition

I’m using the free version of Jaaxy, but each search costs me credits (which can be replaced by signing others up to the free version. Hint. Hint.) No big deal there but I don’t want to waste them. That’s why I use the other methods to refine my search before turning to Jaaxy. For $19/month you can erase that issue. I get these results when I give Jaaxy the term “Check Google Keyword Ranking”.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Victory! There it is, almost. I have one last step because it’s still not a term that would make sense to readers. I know I want to write an article explaining how to get good results out of keywords, so I naturally fill in the beginning. By adding “How To Find” and “A Google Ranking Keyword”, I get my keyword and then I double check it. This last part must not be skipped. I go to Jaaxy and I get this back.

How To Find Google Ranking Keywords

I have verified now that my keyword makes sense and does get entered into search engines (not just Google). Look at the QSR (Quoted Search Results) for my keyword which tells you my competition. It’s three. Remember that means three pages or 30 results in front of me for the top spot. I also stand to rank for the other keywords you see with check marks. Not too shabby.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword That Makes Page One

Anyone can learn how to find a Google ranking keyword. People want to know how to get that keyword on page one. Now we’ve reached a more difficult hill to climb, but it’s ok either way. I’ll explain. Just because my competition sits at 3 doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to make page 1.

Google takes many factors into account when ranking websites and keywords are only one of them. Other sites might not even have the keyword in the title and still rank better. Google sees them as an authority on the subject and 99% of the time Google provides accurate results.

Have You Heard The Good News? It Doesn’t Matter

Have you found this information educational? Did you learn something new? If you answered yes to either of those questions, chances are Google thinks so too. What does that mean? It means that when you write a helpful article, you write hundreds of keywords that Google can rank. And they do.

This also doesn’t mean that your article won’t move up to page one with some work. The more articles you write about a subject, the more Google sees you as an authority. Continue writing and your rankings will improve.

Using SEO To Boost KeywordsHow To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

Now that you know how to find Google Ranking Keywords you will want to learn SEO practices. SEO or Search Engine Optimization usually begins with program installed on your website called a plugin. An SEO plugin guides you while writing on your website. It shows you what Google (and other search engines) prefer to see. My personal opinion holds the free Yoast SEO plugin in high regard. Other websites that I’ve composed articles for use Yoast as well.

How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword That Brings Visitors To Your Site

We come to the reason we do all this. To reach more people with our website. How do we do this when Google really wants to see people coming and staying on our websites? The more people who come and the longer they stay on your website leads to better rankings. Do this by using the techniques I described above. Create better website designs that look more appealing to our visitors. Learn to interlink to your own website and to link out to other websites. We also learn to employ the use of social media.

Can Social Media Help With Ranking Keywords On Google?How To Find A Google Ranking Keyword

You bet it can. Google takes the action on social media into account when ranking keywords on a website. Get those social media icons on your website and use them every time you write an article. Spending time on social media developing your accounts helps too. Just be sure not to get caught up with it. This is why.

The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Website? Keep On Writing!

I’m going to finish with these thoughts. Once Google and other search engines view your website as an authority on a subject, it’s easy to rank on page 1. The thing is, you have put out a lot of content for this to happen. Should this be a discouragement? Quite the opposite. The more you publish on your website, the better experience your visitors will have. The best way to reach more people (and get them talking) manifests when we offer them help and give them a solution. I do hope this article did exactly that for you.

Thanks again for visiting. Let me know if I can help.



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