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How To Learn Affiliate MarketingYou’re here because you already bought your theme, hosting, and a domain name. You’re here because your website is all set up and ready to publish mind blowing articles about the newest sensations, right? Probably not! It’s more likely you’re here because you intend on building the website, but you’re well aware that finding out how to learn affiliate marketing is priority number one.

Is Training For Affiliate Marketing Really Necessary?

I suppose it is only my humble opinion but YES! Anyone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing ought to have some training. People go to accredited universities to learn the ins and outs of marketing. Many come out with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The good news is that while school is an option, there’s also plenty of other learning organizations that can help you succeed.

Learning The Lessons – The Types Of Affiliate Marketing Training That Are AvailableHow To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Attending a four year university and walking away with a marketing degree looks good on anyone’s resume! It does not however guarantee success by any means. Neither is it the best option for everyone. Making sure not to leave anything out, I’ll start with online universities then explore other options. Knowing the whole spectrum of training available will enable you to decide for yourself how to learn affiliate marketing.

Accredited Universities

On Campus Universities

How To Learn Affiliate MarketingWe all know about these. Perhaps one day they’ll be more affordable. Having the luxury of graduating from high school and attending college is one way to learn affiliate marketing. Getting a school grant or putting yourself through college later in life can be an option as well.

I’ll refrain from naming any in particular. They range from junior colleges to full state universities. The price ranges can be quite different depending on several factors. Loans, grants, and scholarships are available to those who qualify.

Online Universities

Get your cup of joe, pull open your laptop, and you’re ready to study! There’s pros and cons to attending an online university for sure. I for one have grown to prefer working from the comfort of my own home. The best in online marketing degree courses will be offered through well known accredited universities. These courses should count for college credit! It’s smart to inquire before you make any commitments.

Online Certification CoursesHow To Learn Affiliate Marketing

These will typically be shorter courses. They can come with a tuition, though many websites offer their own free versions. Most of these will not count toward college credit.

Free Certification Courses

You can find these by number if you search online. Such websites may have side offers like ebooks they’d like you to buy, and they at least get your email address by making you subscribe. Many free certification websites also earn money from pay per view ads placed in front of you.

I could design a badge for you download, and there you go. You’re certified! That’s the problem with free certification courses. Of course the reason for taking a course is to learn, and some free courses have plenty How To Learn Affiliate Marketingof value to teach you. The worry here is that as a beginner, some free courses might be showing you how to learn affiliate marketing the wrong way!

There is an in between paid and free training that I found. You might have already seen them as you were browsing the net. Their name is Udemy. is a bit different from the traditional school approach. It’s a platform where experts can provide either free or paid courses. Students can browse the available courses and decide which ones they want access to. You can take the free ones or buy the paid courses as you like.

Start learning on Udemy today!

Paid Certification Courses

They’ll trick you by taking your money. What I mean is just because an affiliate marketing training course costs money doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. Prudence and thorough investigation will reveal better programs like Shaw Academy. Although you won’t get college credits, you will get a valuable education and certification from a respected source.


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Step By Step And Build Your Website As You Go

Four year universities and online paid or free training are certainly worthwhile pursuits. If you’re more of a hands on learner like myself, another kind of learning opportunity might be the right choice for you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches what I call the step and build process. Both text and video guide you as you build your website along the way!

Wealthy Affiliate offers two extensive and separate marketing courses. The courses are designed to leave you with a deep understanding of affiliate marketing, and a blooming website by the last lesson. Here’s the real kicker! Besides the training, Wealthy Affiliate provides 25 websites, 100’s of WordPress themes to choose from, top of the line hosting (to get your site online), a free keyword research tool, and a community of thousands of members who support each other. I’ve said enough here. Please read my Wealthy Affiliate University review.

The Wrap Up

You came here wanting to know how to learn affiliate marketing, and you have your options before you. I spent a couple years in college but was sidetracked with life and didn’t get that marketing degree. I would always suggest the college path if it’s feasible. You could build a website on your own and get either paid or free training. You could get hands on like myself. Learn and build your website at the same time.

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