How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website

Not so long ago I became interested in affiliate marketing and so started to search the internet. The idea of working from home attracted my attention but the lack of dealing with physical product sold me. Problem was I had no idea how to get started, how much it cost, or the kind of work involved. After digging a bit I realized I needed to learn how to make an affiliate marketing website. I dedicate this article to those of you looking for the same info I once was in the hopes of building an affiliate website.

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website And Get Results

Initial Research

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsiteBesides having to figure out how to make an affiliate marketing website I picked up two other important facts. I would either have to go it alone or I could join a platform that would provide the tools and training necessary. I didn’t like the idea of joining a platform because I’m well aware of internet scams. On the other hand I didn’t like the prospect of having to continually search for the knowledge I needed. Don’t get me wrong, online assistance helps immensely but I wasn’t keen on using it to learn every little thing.

Affiliate Platform Vs. Solo Enterprise

My first major decision stood before me and I wasn’t sure what to do, though I found myself leaning towards a platform. I also harbored doubts whether or not I could afford a platform, but I started my search regardless. Right off the bat I came across Wealthy Affiliate which doesn’t surprise me now that I’ve been with them for quite some time.

Ladies and gentlemen I have to tell you how much I lucked out. I don’t feel I did my due diligence to make sure Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t a scam. As it turned out I joined the most prestigious platform available despite its low cost. I later learned that the same services bought outside of Wealthy Affiliate cost much more.

I’ll spend the majority of this article explaining how to make an affiliate marketing website but I wanted to introduce you to my platform before I did that. Perhaps my decision to join a platform wasn’t too hasty because WA gives newcomers a 7 day trial. I especially liked the no credit card commitment. I had a free 7 days to explore the platform and start building my website. The power of the platform became quickly apparent and the wealth of resources quite amazing.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free

Watch this short video created by my mentor and co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate. In his process he describes how to make an affiliate marketing website in 30 seconds. The video holds the proof because it does sound unbelievable.


How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website Whether You Use A Platform Or Not

The WA platform brings all the necessary tools together in one place. I don’t have to worry if each one performs or keep up with a bunch of different monthly payments. Whether you go with a platform or not these tools will be needed and it’s important certain things are done in proper order. Here are the steps required to build an affiliate website.How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website

#1 Choose A Domain Name And Web Hosting

Domain names and hosting usually come together. It is possible to buy a domain name only though this isn’t the norm. This step also requires some important decision making which comes in the form of choosing a niche. Narrowing down your passion will help choose that name whether it’s brandable or product specific. Let’s say for example that you love socks. You might choose a brandable domain name like or a product specific one such as

Web hosting comes next and starts by selecting or transferring an existing domain name. When choosing a domain name for your affiliate website have a few versions ready in case your favorite name is already taken. The next step in the process involves selecting a WordPress theme which becomes important to web hosting selection. Other articles suggest cheap shared hosting with providers like Bluehost. I’ll tell you as an affiliate marketer to get something better.

Managed WordPress hosting should be your aim and expect to pay somewhere around $20 – $30 per month for such a service. Wealthy Affiliate provides managed WordPress hosting as a tool on their platform. Go for cheaper hosting and chances are your website won’t be found on search engine results. A great source for such hosting outside of WA can be found at WP Engine.

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website

Check WP Engine Details

#2 Choose A WordPress Theme That Suits Your Niche

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsiteWordPress offers the best CMS (Content Management System) available for affiliate websites and they work best with managed WordPress hosting. WordPress themes are sold by companies all over the internet though a solid free theme works fine to get going. Wealthy Affiliate offers a library of free WordPress themes to choose from or simply search and download online. StudioPress, TemplateMonster, and Elegant Themes offer some of the better premium WordPress theme options available.

#3 Install Your WordPress Theme

Most hosting companies make theme installation an easy process by providing a 1 click installer. Premium theme installation can prove to be more challenging. Some web host providers even charge for it. A five minute training found on Wealthy Affiliate had my premium theme installed and I kept the money doing it myself.

#4 Install And Activate Plugins – How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website SEO Ready

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsitePlugins add special features to your WordPress website and they can be extremely valuable but they can slow your site. Choose your plugins wisely but know that a couple initial plugins come highly suggested. You’ll want an anti-spam plug in for sure though not necessary any longer at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll definitely want an SEO plugin such as Yoast or All In One. These plugins guide the writer on proper seo practices and provide digital information to search engines. Getting articles to rank in search engines and produce website visitors requires an SEO plugin.

#5 Write Out And Publish Your About Me, Privacy Policy, And Home Page

The next step when learning how to make an affiliate marketing website involves creating your first 3 pages.

  • About Me Page – The About Me or Us page should start with a personal or company image and provide an explanation of who you are.
  • Privacy Policy Page – This page contains legal jargon explaining how personal information is used. Wealthy Affiliate provides a template to copy and paste though an internet search should provide you with something similar.
  • Home Page – Your homepage! The first description of your services. might place images of various sock styles and a detailed description of how your website can help sock searching adventurers. Make the landing page to the best of your ability but don’t worry about it too much. Your home page will evolve over time.


#6 Locate And Apply To Affiliate Programs Or Networks Like Amazon

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsiteIn order to start earning commissions on products you’ll need to join affiliate programs or networks. A program refers to one company while a network gathers many companies and products to apply for. Most programs won’t allow membership without a website and some want to see well built websites before they accept affiliation. Amazon makes joining easy and offers millions of products to choose from. If a program declines your application you can work on your site then reapply.

#7 Select A Keyword Research Tool

One of the biggest aspects of learning how to make an affiliate marketing website comes down to keyword research. Search engines give results based on keywords people enter but you can’t go up against big websites. This makes a keyword tool paramount in finding terms that aren’t highly competitive which will bring traffic to your website. I suggest a thorough inspection of Jaaxy, the most powerful keyword research tool for affiliate marketing.

#8 Develop A Strategy And Get To Writing

The best way to start entails writing 3 directional pages which other articles will be based upon. Going back to our hypothetical SockItToYou website we might choose pages about work socks, socks for comfort, and socks for warmth. Imagine the possibilities in products which fall under those three categories alone.

I do suggest a proactive approach when finding products to write about. Remember to use your keyword research tool. That tool gives everything you write the potential to rank high in search engines. Plan ahead by finding several keywords to write about. Don’t leave yourself bereft of good writing ideas.

Social Media

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsiteAffiliate marketing and social media tie together perfectly but be forewarned not to spend too much time with it. The main bulk of an affiliate marketer’s time should be spent writing on their website. Allowing oneself to get caught up in social media can take away from that main purpose and hurt you in the long run.

Social media plugins activated on your website link directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of your other favorite social sites. Developing a social following goes along with affiliate marketing and can do wonders for your business. Keeping the right balance between publishing on your website and posting to social media mixes up the recipe for success.

Final Thoughts On How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website

Affiliate marketing attracts many would be internet superstars who start out strong, don’t see immediate results, then crash and burn. Before you invest precious time and money be sure you know what it takes. Learning how to make an affiliate marketing website offers incredible rewards but it takes hard work and dedication.

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing WebsiteI couldn’t have built an affiliate website (for the first time at least) without the help of Wealthy Affiliate, a mentor, or some other guide. Building an affiliate marketing website falls far from the realm of rocket science but it does take attention to detail. Successful affiliates put their head down, write all the time, and don’t worry about rankings at first. They almost all use WordPress and they don’t skimp on web hosting.

After a while and a good amount of work, dedicated affiliate marketers start to see results in all directions. Your social media following starts to spring as more and more people gain interest. Website pages and posts move to the top of search engine results and bring even more people as your website grows. People already looking for the services you offer!

This has been my experience and that wraps up the article. I hope you found this information educational and I welcome any feedback that comes as a result of taking my advice. See you in the search engine rankings. Until then.


6 Replies to “How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website – 8 Steps To Success”

  1. Excellent post on how to make an affiliate market website. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to get all the training you need on how to build a website and earn money through affiliate marketing. The fact that WA now offers hosting as well for domains just makes it that much better. I now have 2 websites at WA and they are well on their way to earning money through affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for your assessment of Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds right in line with my own. I think you meant that WA now offers a domain name registry. They used to suggest Namecheap for domain names then you’d have to point your DNS (Domain Name Server) to WA. Not too hard to do but with the upcoming free SSL Certificates, there’s no reason to get a domain name anywhere else. Thanks again. Geoff.

  2. Hi Geoff, being a Wealthy Affiliate member, I can only say that opening an account with them was the best decision I could possibly make. As you said above, the Wealthy Affiliate platform has everything that one needs for building a very own online business. I was a complete newbie and upon joining the Wealthy Affiliate I have learned so much about WordPress, internet marketing, and marketing in general.

    The best deal is that you have a free week upon signing up to explore and decide whether you want to go for it or not. I upgraded in the first week and used my discount and I have been a premium member for a year and a half now.

    Only after 10 months of being around, I upgraded all the way to annual and committed to work.
    In just 4 months upon starting my affiliate website, I earned my first commission and got my first income on the January 1st. To be more precise for your readers, I got paid $141. My actual income was about $170 but I spent some cash credits on the comment section not knowing I could cash them out (I was very new at that moment so I didn’t pick up everything right away lol )

    I wish you best of luck and much success.
    And to get to Las Vegas next year!!!


    1. Hey Sunny. Good to have you over on my site. Sunny actually taught me that Wealthy Affiliate members can use their credits to get website comments. Because website comments help with search engine rankings, this is a big deal.

      Credits can be purchased (which I was unaware of too) or obtained by bringing guests over to Wealthy Affiliate who want to explore the free trial.

      Before I read Sunny’s article on, I was under the assumption that comments could only be received through the trading system.

      Comment trading on Wealthy Affiliate does work well, but it takes time and effort too. It’s good to know I can grab some comments on the fly when I don’t have the time to use the trading system.

      Thanks again Sunny. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from you soon. Geoff.

  3. Hi Geoff. I can agree that wealthy affiliate truly is one of the best places you can go to to learn all about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I have been around this place for over a year and I love how easy everything was made for me. Done for you coded websites, the ability to interact with professional affiliate marketers, and many more features make this place the go-to platform of affiliate marketing.

    1. Hey Jacob. Wealthy Affiliate sure does make it easy (and cheap) for anyone to build a WordPress website. Thanks for your support and testimony! 🙂

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