How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles – For You or For Them?

A friend of mine recently saw myHow to Make Money Online Writing Articles  website and commented on how much he liked it. Joe is a writer and as such his comment was especially meaningful to me. I joked that I was alright but no where near the novelist of his caliber. His reply epitomizes the purpose of this post. He said, “You don’t have to be a novelist to write about something you’re interested in.” Bear with me and I’ll explain why this relates to my topic, how to make money online writing articles.

How Difficult is It to Make Money Online Writing Articles? describes it as an indusry with huge demand, but one that can take strenuous effort to succeed in.


Ryan Chang on reiterates this same view stating that “you’ll need to bring your A-game to get published on many of these sites.

Kelly James-Enger writes on that it isHow to Make Money Online Writing Articles possible. It comes down to knowing the right companies, and how to pitch them. Developing relationships and building long term clients is also a must. Possible maybe, but not easy. 

These three examples came directly from google search. They were the first three listings when I entered “how to make money online writing articles.” The first three listings all say it’s possible, but not easy.

What Compensation Can You Expect?

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles Once you’ve burdened all the work, mastered the learning curve, and broken through to some reputable companies, the pay can be decent. Many companies are paying up to $300 dollars per blog post. It helps to be a native English writer, and have an area of expertise. 

This sounds pretty good if you can do the work, develop your writing, and land some jobs. You could actually make a living doing this, and the truth is many people do. I still have one big problem with this whole proposition. I’d still be working for someone or something else. 

Are there Any Other Good Options?

As a matter of fact there is! I belong to an online organization that has trained me, and given me the tools to create my own niche blog website. They (Kyle and Carson) have created an online community of like minded individuals. Working together to build our websites, one person gains the power of hundreds.

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles

The best part? It’s all about writing. Writing about something you enjoy, and know about! We welcome all new members, and offer our assistance right off the bat.


Ok Already! What is it Called?

You may have already heard of it. If you haven’t you are invited to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles

There is simply too much good information in my Wealthy Affiliate University Review to go on about it here.

I personally am delighted with my choice of Joining Wealthy Affiliate. I like the freedom, self fulfillment, and possibility that comes along with owning my own business.

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles

Writing for top companies has its benefits as well. I’ve seen that many pay really well if you’re willing to work hard to get there. And let’s face it! It takes hard work to become successful no matter what we do. If writing for other companies appeals to you, by all means get started. Of course, you could always do that through Wealthy Affiliate as well.

It’s been my pleasure writing for you. I hope you have found something you were looking for here. Please leave me a comment, and let me know. Thank you until next time.




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  1. There are many, many sites out there offering you a solution to the how to get rich quick question. Of course there is no such thing. But with some time and effort you can make your financial goals a reality. I know and trust the people at WA and can also attest to the benefits of signing up with them. The sense of community and the online help that is available 24/7 really makes WA stand out from the pack. Now I just need to learn to love to write. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for commenting Ben. The writing can come slow at first, but it picks up. Especially if you’re writing about something you love. Geoff

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