InMotion Web Hosting All Features Review

With the spotlight on InMotion I’ll fix your attention by answering the one mandatory question. Is InMotion web hosting right for your website? I’ll answer this question by providing every bit of InMotion detail needed to make an informed buying decision.

Presenting The “BoldGrid Website Builder” And “Max Speed Zones”

InMotion Web HostingInmotion offers its own website builder and faster loading times in certain geographical locations. Two big features that set InMotion apart from its competitors. Do they make a difference to you? Look for a full explanation later in my review.

Product: InMotion Web Hosting.

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100. Read my explanation at the end.


Business Hosting – Starts as low as $5.99 per month.

VPS Hosting – Starts at $29.99 per month with a 50% first month discount.

Dedicated Server Hosting – The starter plan runs $189.99 per month. There is again a first month discount of 36% which gets you going for $119.99.

WordPress Hosting – Hosting for WordPress sites starts as low as $7.99 per month with a current promotion putting it at $5.99 per month.

Managed Hosting – Managed hosting is paid for in addition to your hosting plan. InMotion offers different options and price points for this service which I’ll discuss separately in the article.

Owner: Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson.

Website: InMotionhosting.com.

Introduction To InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion was established in February of 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson. The grand opening included hubs in both Virginia Beach, VA and Los Angeles, CA. With bases on both eastern and western ends of the United States, InMotion was able to claim much faster hosting speeds. This was an immediate and obvious allure to InMotion’s first clients.

InMotion Web HostingToday InMotion web hosting serves over 300,000 domains. They maintain a 99.99% uptime and pride themselves in top industry customer care. Their 90 day full refund policy is also among the best in the hosting field. The additional features offered at InMotion along with their full spread of hosting services helps them stand out from other hosting companies. Let’s make sure the inside of InMotion web hosting works as well as the outside looks.

Pros And Cons Of InMotion Web Hosting

I’ve already hinted at a couple nice extras that InMotion has to offer and I’ll list them with the Pros. Of course the Cons are there as they always are with any established business. I’ll reveal the hangups I came across about InMotion to you in this section.


  • Experience – InMotion has been in business for over 15 years and serves over 300,000 domains. The management staff at InMotion has an average of over 10 years in the web hosting field.
  • InMotion Web HostingUptime – Not the only hosting company to hold a 99.99% uptime, but reliability is always a big factor when choosing hosting.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – InMotion’s refund policy runs up to 90 days.
  • Support – The support team at InMotion offers 1st class and timely help.
  • Technology – Only pre tested name brand servers and hardware is used at InMotion web hosting.
  • Max Speed Zones – 
    Choose the east or west coast data center to host your site making for faster site speed.
  • BoldGrid Site Builder – Powered by WordPress, InMotion offers customers the BoldGrid drag and drop website builder.
  • Certifications – InMotion web hosting has an A+ rating by the BBB and has been CNET certified for 13 years running.
  • Website Design Service – Have your website built by the experts at InMotion with immediate hosting upon launch. Not to mention free hosting for the first year which is included in the plan.


  • Price – If you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting InMotion can’t help. They lie roughly in the middle of the web host company pricing standard.InMotion Web Hosting
  • User Friendliness – The panels and tools work well but multiple logins are required to access the account panel, site cpanel, and again for the site builder. This can get a bit frustrating.
  • Website Limitations – If your needs require hosting for more than 6 websites you’d have to go with InMotion’s top plan. This means you’ll have to pay more money. Other companies such as Bluehost offer unlimited websites at the mid level plan and a lot less coin.

I’ll end on a note about another review claiming Cons included a lack of MySQL databases on the starter package. It also claimed the 90 day guarantee is only good for the starter package leaving all other packages at a 30 day guarantee. I don’t know if these claims were true at some point in the past but they aren’t anymore.

Who Does InMotion Web Hosting Work Best For?

Small businesses that don’t have more than 6 websites to host should closely consider InMotion web hosting. It will cost a little more dough, but the shared hosting has been tracked faster than almost all other competitors. Businesses or persons that want a site designed, built, and hosted could also benefit from the InMotion website design team.

InMotion Training And Tools


InMotion makes learning available in most of the forms a person could desire. They have learning channels which are like courses that start at the basic level and advance by step up to an expert class.InMotion Web Hosting

Search archives of over 3000 articles to find the information you desire or query an online community for answers.


The tools at InMotion are accessed by first your account panel and from there your cpanel. InMotion supports the major CMS software like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal for your website preference.

InMotion offers E-Commerce in the form of free OpenCart with shared hosting, or you have the option to go with PrestaShop.InMotion Web Hosting

Choose your prefered tool then find the Softaculous 1 click installer on the cpanel. The simple script will allow you to easily install whichever software you desire.

InMotion Web Hosting Plans And Features

InMotion Web Hosting Plans

Shared Business Plans

All Shared Hosting Plans Use Solid State Drives And Offer Unlimited Disk Space.Inmotion Web Hosting

Launch – The most basic plan used for hosting a maximum of 2 websites. This plan runs $7.99 $5.99/month with a two year contract. A 1 year contract runs $8.99 $6.99/month. Launch hosting is powered by 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Power – InMotion’s most popular plan. The middle package runs $9.99 $7.99/month on a two year deal. Optionally, go with a 1 year deal for $10.99 $8.99/month. The Power plan is hosted on 50 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and allows a maximum of 6 websites.

Pro – The top shared hosting plan. It runs $15.99 $13.99/month for a 1 year contract, $16.99 $14.99/month for a 6 month agreement. You can go month to month with Pro for $19.99 $17.99/month and a $40.00 setup fee. There are no limitations to databases or number of websites with the Pro plan.

VPS Hosting Plans

VPS-1000HA-S InMotion Web Hosting
This basic virtual private server plan. InMotion offers a 50% first month savings putting it at $14.99 and then $29.99 for 11 months with a $44.99/month renewal after that. That’s for a 1 year sign up. The 6 month option runs $17.49/first month, $34.99/next 11 months, and $49.99/month renewal. There is a month to month option for $19.99/first month, $39.99/next 11 months, and a $54.99/month renewalThis plan offers 4GB RAM, 60GB storage, a 2TB Bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses.

VPS-2000HA-S – Mid tier VPS hosting at InMotion starts at $24.49/first month, $49.99/next 11 months, and $84.99 renewal for the 12 month deal. Going with 6 months runs $29.99/first month, $59.99/next 11 months, then $89.99/month renewal. Month to month will run $34.99/first month, $69.99/next 11 months, and a $94.99/month renewal thereafter. This plan offers 6GB RAM, 130GB storage, 3 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses. 

VPS-3000HA-S – The highest level VPS hosting plan runs $37.49/first month, $74.99/next 11 months, and $154.99 for renewal on the 12 month agreement. Signing up for 6 months runs $39.99/first month, $79.99/next 11 months, and $164.99/month for renewal. Finally,the month to month deal starts at $44.99/first month, $89.99/next 11 months, and a $174.99/month renewal.

The benefit of signing up for the longer term plan is clear. It saves you money plain and simple.

Dedicated Server PlansInMotion Web Hosting

Essential –
The dedicated server starter package runs $119.99/month on the 12 month signup. Renewal runs $189.99/month. The 6 month agreement runs $129.99/month and renews at $199.99. Month to month goes for $149.99 the first month and then jumps to $219.99/month. The Essential plan includes 4GB 8GB RAM promo, 1TB 7.2K SATA, RAID software, and 5 IP addresses.

Advanced – The mid tier dedicated server plan starts at $159.99/month and is good at that price on the 1 year signup for the full term. It jumps to $219.99/month after the year expires. A 6 month agreement runs $179.99/month then lifts to $229.99/month. Opting for the month to month deal costs $199.99/first month and raises to $249.99 thereafter. The advanced plan includes 8GB 16GB RAM promo, RAID software, and 10 IP addresses. This plan also gives users the choice between 250 GB SSD or 2TB 7.2K SATA drives. 

Elite – InMotion web hosting’s top dedicated server plan starts at $229.99/month for 12 months if you choose the 1 year deal. It renews at $299.99 after the year is up. The 6 month plan runs $249.99/month and then jumps to $309.99. Finally, the month to month selection runs $269.99 that first month and hops to $329.99 after that. The elite plan includes 16GB 32GB RAM promo, RAID hardware, and 15 IP addresses. Choose between 2 250GB SSD or 2 2TB 7.2K SATA drives. 

InMotion hosting also offers 3 tiers of Commercial Class hosting for those websites with enormous amounts of data requests.

Commercial Class Dedicated Server HostingInMotion Web Hosting

Commercial Class 500 –
The 500 is the beginning commercial class plan. The 12 month agreement runs $369.99/month for the year then renews at $419.99/month. The 6 month option is $399.99/month and then hits $449.99/month for the renewal. Month to month runs $429.99/first month and then $479.99/month thereafter. This plan includes 16GB RAM, RAID-1 hardware, and 2 250GB SSD’s.

Commercial Class 1000 – The middle of the three packages starts at $439.99/month for a year term then lifts to $489.99/month on the renewal. 6 months runs for $489.99/month and then renews at $539.99/month. If you want a month to month plan it runs $519.99/first month and then jumps to $569.99/month on the renewal. This plan includes 32GB ECC DDR4 RAM, RAID-1 hardware, and 2 500GB SSD’s. 

Commercial Class 2000 – The highest level package that InMotion offers runs $539.99/month on the 1 year agreement and $589.99/month for renewal. The 6 month arrangement runs $579.99/month and $629.99/month on renewal. Finally, month to month gives you 1 month at $619.99 and then increases to $669.99/month. The 2000 plan includes 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM, RAID-6 hardware, and 4 500GB SSD’s.

WordPress HostingInMotion Web Hosting

The WordPress optimized hosting provided by InMotion is the shared hosting plan with WordPress pre installed. This option allows you to make use of the BoldGrid site builder. All prices, technology, and other details of the plan are exactly the same as the shared hosting plan.

Managed Hosting Membership

InMotion web hosting does managed hosting differently than other providers. Instead of offering managed hosting packages, Inmotions has it as a separate service. Clients that desire management can choose between 3 different levels of membership, each with additional perks. Here’s what they have.InMotion Web Hosting

  • Level 1 Member – This plan gives 1 hour of management a month for $40.00. Additional hours can be purchased for $45.00/hour. It does require a 3 month commitment.
  • Level 2 Member – The second plan allows 2 hours of management/month for $70.00. Additional hours can be bought for $40.00/hour. It also requires a 3 month commitment.
  • Level 3 Member – This plan gives 3 hours of managed hosting/month for $100.00. More hours are available for $37.50/hour.
  • A La Carte – Managed hosting is available on demand for a flat rate of $75.00/hour for those that don’t opt for the membership.


InMotion web hosting offers a free domain on any 12 month or 2 year plan. Additional domains run for $14.99/year. Domains can be transferred for free with the purchase of a domain at InMotion. Because domains typically have to be repurchased upon transfer, this basically offers you a free domain for transferring.

InMotion Web Hosting Features

*Max Speed Zones

InMotion Web HostingInMotion web hosting was founded on the idea that proximity matters in relationship to website speed. It makes sense sense that the less distance your digital information has to travel, the faster it will be to retrieve. That’s precisely the reason InMotion opened data centers on both the west and east coast. InMotions gives clients the choice of using the Los Angeles or Virginia Beach data center.

*BoldGrid Website Builder

InMotion Web HostingInMotion offers BoldGrid to clients that prefer WordPress as a website engine. Customers are welcome to install any WordPress theme they prefer, but BoldGrid is another option. BoldGrid offers a drag and drop website builder powered by WordPress. It comes with the WordPress hosting plan and could save you the cost of purchasing a theme elsewhere.

See Full Details On All Plans And Features


Customer Support

InMotion web hosting puts forth a support model to be commended and its team is well trained. Choose your prefered channel of communication when you need to reach out. InMotion uses email, phone, and live chat. Their customer agents are available any time, day or night.

Answers are often easily found in the InMotion help archives which is accessed through the query box. Find previous InMotion Web Hostingarticles related to the information you need. InMotion also offers a customer community area where you can ask questions and get an answer within an hour. I’ll mention again that InMotion provides an education channel with courses on many of today’s best known applications.


InMotion web hosting is not the cheapest hosting around. Their prices are very similar to other premium hosting providers like Dreamhost. Unlike similar providers, InMotion really hikes up their prices on anything shorter than the 1 year agreement. If you go long term with InMotion there’s also a hefty spike once you hit the renewal period.

Final Opinion

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100. The main hit being the price and pricing structure. I’d have given InMotion 93 out of 100 without the price spikes.

I’m a really big fan of site speed which leads to my thumbs up on the Max Speed Zone feature. Site speed is the first point in creating a positive user experience. You’ll lose many site visitors with a slow site.

The BoldGrid site builder works well for beginning site builders, but is no match for the right premium WordPress theme. Theme providers like Elegant Themes or StudioPress have better theme tools to work with.

InMotion Web Hosting

I appreciate the effort InMotion web hosting puts forth to offer premium support, although if things are running right you should rarely need it. My opinion is that Inmotion is worth the extra cost if you want the features it provides. Feel free to browse my other hosting reviews if you feel InMotion is not for you.

I feel it’s imperative to mention the platform I was trained on to any beginning site builder. Wealthy Affiliate solves dozens of website needs and gets you up and running (including hosting) with step by step training. It starts with a 7 day free trial and offers an extremely low monthly rate.

Thanks for joining me in this indepth look at InMotion web hosting. I do hope you found it informative. I welcome any comments or feedback and ask that you use the social sharing icons if you found this review helpful. Geoff@ThePocketFeeder.com.


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