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With all the recent changes on the Google search engine, one might think keyword research a dinosaur of the past. In fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true. While content stands atop the mountain more than it ever has before, search engines still use keywords. Content might be king, but websites not researching keywords and developing long tail variations aliken to those early Wright Brother’s planes that never made it off the ground. My Jaaxy keyword tool review reveals a program so strong it lifts rankings up and keeps them in the air.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Product: Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy Pro, & Jaaxy Enterprise.

Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100.

Price: Jaaxy Free Is…Well You Know (No Credit Card). Jaaxy Pro – $19/month. Jaaxy Enterprise – $49/month (sale price), $69/month (regular price).

Owner: Kyle and Carson, co founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Website: Jaaxy.com.

Introducing The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Other paid keyword tool like Moz and SEMrush ain’t got nothing on Jaaxy. Free versions such as keywordtool.io and Ubersuggest leave something to be desired. It was Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle and Carson who invented Jaaxy out of frustrated experience with less than par keyword tools. My Jaaxy keyword tool review will provide uncontested proof and video documentation that no other keyword tool comes close to Jaaxy.

So what makes Jaaxy shine so bright? I’ll be going over the features next. Here’s a peek at all the power:

  • Keyword Search With Instant Results
  • Keyword Competition (QSR)
  • Alphabet Soup SearchJaaxy Keyword Tool
  • Domain Name Search
  • Run Searches In Multiple Tabs
  • Site Rank Check
  • Website Analysis
  • Saved Search History & Keyword Manager
  • Affiliate Program Search
  • Brainstorm Relevant Keywords
  • Make Money Off Jaaxy – Affiliate Program

Go Straight To Jaaxy!

Key Features

What better way to get into the meat and potatoes of my Jaaxy keyword tool review than to examine the features. All the core functions and power of Jaaxy come out and show themselves when we examine these features. Getting right to it.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool – Up To Date & Accurate Analysis

At its core, Jaaxy offers users an organic keyword research tool more powerful than any you’ll find online. Not many marketers have the resources and experience required to build a tool like Jaaxy, but the owners of Wealthy Affiliate were up to the task. They approached the creation of Jaaxy by gathering and comparing data across all major search engines. The resulting algorithm developed by experts in the field spits out the most accurate keyword analysis available.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Keyword Competition Analysis – What Is QSR?

Quoted Search Results (or QSR for short) tells Jaaxy users the exact amount of listings any chosen keyword(s) would compete against. Any keyword that has QSR results of over 400 gets flagged by Jaaxy. They’re saturated with competition and way too difficult to rank for. Instead, quickly search through similar keyword variations while checking the QSR results. They come up in an instant.

Jaaxy Keyword ToolAlphabet Soup Search – No Singing Required

No keyword search technique produces results like the alphabet soup search used in concert with Jaaxy. The technique begins by entering your root keyword into Google instant search. Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate chooses the word “Keyword” to use as an example. He plugs it into Google and gets these results.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Next he picks the most popular result from the drop down suggestions, “Keyword Tool”. He enters that term into Jaaxy and you can see the results displayed.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

But the power of the alphabet soup search hasn’t been applied yet, as we see in the next step. Jaaxy gave some good results for “Keyword Tool”, but we need more to choose from. Here’s where the alphabet soup search technique comes into play. Kyle goes back to Google search and again enters the root term “Keyword”, but this time puts a space then adds the letter “A”.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Again Google drops down a menu with a few suggestions filling in the letter a with popular search terms. Kyle picks “Keyword Analysis” this time and puts it into Jaaxy. The resulting keyword terms can now be inspected for quality and easily saved as a list in your keyword manager. You can see the ones Kyle has saved marked by the green icon to the right of each keyword.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Keep in mind that Kyle only searched the first suggestion provided by Google after he added the letter “A”. He also has 25 more letters of the alphabet to sift through, but would likely find more than enough quality keywords to work with before he ever got that far. Everything needed to use the alphabet soup search technique comes along with Jaaxy!

Domain Name Search – Niche Selection + Domain Flipping & More

Another powerful feature enjoyed by Jaaxy subscribers makes domain name search and niche selection a breeze. Market saturation worries the heck out of marketers looking to start new projects but it could be a domain flippers best friend. Jaaxy does the heavy lifting either way. This video shows how you can find a profitable niche in two minutes time.

We can see the power Jaaxy provides in niche selection and how that translates to valuable domain name acquisition by following Kyle’s 10 minute experiment. Using Jaaxy, Kyle comes up with 30 great niche possibilities, 27 new powerful keywords, and 12 sought after domain names with a timer set to 10 minutes. He gets quite a few results in a short amount of time, but he also explains how he does it.

Kyle starts his search basic. He comes up with the term (any term will do) Jobs which he got from a tv show that was on. Jaaxy gives him several results, a couple of which have high interest but low competition. He adds them to his list and it’s off to the races with niche ideas.

Using Jaaxy For Domain Flipping – A Case StudyJaaxy Keyword Tool

Back to our good friend Kyle (we’re getting to know him quite well) and his prime case study on flipping a domain. He reveals in his study a secret love for online gaming and an upcoming release of Halo gets him thinking. Kyle jumps to his computer, fires up Jaaxy, and runs a keyword search for Halo 4 Wiki. These are the results Jaaxy gives.

Jaaxy Keyword ToolThings look pretty good with 2900 monthly searches and QSR of only 68 (well under the 400 Jaaxy limit). Kyle then jumps over to the domain name availability search function within Jaaxy and enters Halo 4 Wiki. To his delight the popular .com extension is available so he goes ahead and buys it.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Kyle finishes the job by quickly installing the domain onto a free theme with a hosting plan he already pays for. He writes out a short blog and also sets up a wiki Facebook fan page, YouTube account, Twitter, and Gmail account. Kyle sets up the site from an idea to finished product in barely over an hours time and ends up selling for $50.00. The domain name cost him $8.00 and the rest was free which turned him a $42.00 profit. Not too shabby for some quick and simple work. All made possible by Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Searches In Multiple Tabs – Pro & Enterprise Features

Multi tabbed search comes with the paid Pro and Enterprise versions of the Jaaxy keyword tool. This feature doesn’t diminish the capability of the free version but rather expedites the process of finding high quality keywords. The Jaaxy Pro version allows users the use of 2 tabs while the Enterprise plan gives a 5 tabbed search.

Site Rank Check & Competition Analysis

Jaaxy Keyword ToolEvery website owner wants to know where they rank in search engines and Jaaxy provides those answers. Many websites offer this service for free, so what’s the big deal? Once you know the ranking that information doesn’t help much. It doesn’t tell you what needs to be done to improve your ranking.

Website Analysis

Jaaxy takes it a step further than any other rank check service. It analyzes the competition in front of your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. Jaaxy then provides invaluable data about your competition. It provides insight into the 10 main metrics used by top search engines to rank website pages. When Jaaxy subscribers use the site rank and competition analysis tool they know exactly what needs to be done to boost their rankings.

Automatically Saved Search History & Keyword ManagerJaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy keyword tool saves all search history for subscribers using the Pro or Enterprise versions. The keyword manager does come with the free version and makes organization and storage of your searches easy. Simply select the most promising keywords revealed by your search and save them into a keyword list. Name the list and create as many lists as you want to keep your projects organized.

Affiliate Program Search – Saves The Hassle Of Searching The Internet

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

That’s right. Jaaxy has a separate function which helps marketers find appropriate affiliate programs. Once you’ve found your niche simply enter it into the affiliate search query box. Jaaxy will show you all relevant affiliate programs and provide links so users can easily click over and apply.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Brainstorming AbilityJaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy keyword tool features this incredibly useful ability (my personal favorite) for finding keywords when your ideas dry up. I find it especially useful in a niche like make money online where competition stands tough. When my keyword ideas short fuse, I’m able to find words I’d never thought of with new possibilities of lower competition.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Affiliate Program

Anyone who signs up for Jaaxy becomes automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. It doesn’t matter which Jaaxy plan you subscribe to. The free plan signs you up as an affiliate as well. Subscribers can use the affiliate program or not. The choice belongs to each individual but the affiliate rewards prove well worth the time.

The Jaaxy free subscription offers 30 searches at which time members must either upgrade or consider using the affiliate program. Promoters of Jaaxy get credits when they successfully sign up new members to the free subscription. Each signup gives you 10 credits or 10 more free searches. Continue promoting the Jaaxy free service and you may never have to pay for Jaaxy. This short video explains exactly how to promote Jaaxy!

Sign up new members to the Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise plan and start earning money. The Jaaxy keyword tool affiliate program offers a lucrative payout plan at roughly 40% commissions. Here’s how the payouts work per plan. Notice Jaaxy affiliates also earn recurring monthly commissions with a very high retention rate.

Pros And Cons Of The Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Besides all the powerful features described above, what else can I say? No other keyword tool provides the number of features that Jaaxy does at anywhere near the price! They definitely don’t provide an option to use an advanced keyword tool for free.

Jaaxy Keyword ToolYou don’t have to be in the make money online niche to promote Jaaxy. Place Jaaxy banners on your website side widget, promote it on your social media sites, or make a YouTube video explaining how you use Jaaxy to rule search engine rankings. Whether you’re subscribed to the free, Pro, or Enterprise plan, the Jaaxy affiliate program makes it well worth the effort.

Tired of finding incredible looking keywords with your current tool only to discover the data was way off? Jaaxy searches not only Google, but also Bing and Yahoo. Furthermore, Jaaxy doesn’t display old information. It’s advanced algorithm searches current web results every time you use it!


One drawback surrounds the free membership. 30 free searches offers more than enough keywords to get a campaign up and running but they can be wasted without reading some basic training on Jaaxy first.

Once the free searches are gone users are faced with two choices. Either upgrade the membership or start promoting Jaaxy. Now the value of Jaaxy Pro and especially the Enterprise plan make paying for Jaaxy feel like spending Monopoly money, but for struggling entrepreneurs that could be an issue.

Despite this drawback Jaaxy at least paves a path for free members to keep on searching. Start promoting Jaaxy from the get go and never run out of searches would be my recommendation.


Jaaxy Keyword ToolJaaxy offers incredible customer service but the only way to contact support comes via email. They promise to answer within 24 hours though they usually respond much quicker. It would be nice to see a live chat option or customer service phone # for pressing issues.

I can’t think of a time Jaaxy wasn’t working properly other than undergoing regular maintenance. I assume support calls fall more on questions regarding how to read the data. I’ve been able to find that info easily on the platform itself.

Who Could Benefit From Using The Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy stands out as a keyword tool and applies to anyone working online. This includes individual bloggers, webmasters who turn and burn websites, small marketing companies, and top marketing platforms. They all use Jaaxy and rave about the results.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Training

So you’re new to keyword research tools or you’re new to Jaaxy. So what? Jaaxy provides helpful hints all over the platform or jump over to Kyle’s blog and get insights from one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Want even more Jaaxy and affiliate marketing training? A free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate embeds the power of Jaaxy into a platform with all the tools necessary to learn and build an online business. Other similar platforms run $200, 300, 500, and even $1000 dollars PER MONTH, and they don’t even offer an advanced keyword tool.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Members that choose Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy together (recommended) can’t be stopped as long as they apply themselves, and they keep costs well under $100 per month.

Free, Pro, & Enterprise – Jaaxy Keyword Tool Plans

Jaaxy comes in three different plans and two price points, the first plan being obviously free. Interested parties should be aware that not all features come included with the Free and Pro Plans. The Enterprise plan offers the most power, though the Pro plan doesn’t fall far behind. The free plan works well for beginners and Jaaxy owners feel confident they’ll eventually want to upgrade.

Rather than run through all the differences between plans you can skip right over to Jaaxy, plus I’ll provide images showing you what each plan entails.

Sign Up For Jaaxy Now!

Customer Support – Jaaxy Keyword Tool Help

Jaaxy support agents offer top notch help but I wish Jaaxy would provide another source of contact besides the email system employed. Knowing Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate and owner of Jaaxy, he decided to put that money into the way Jaaxy works instead of its ticket system.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Free – No credit card information requested. Get 30 free searches and add more through the promotion of Jaaxy.
  • Pro – Start strong with Jaaxy Pro or upgrade for $19.00/month. Unlimited searches equals unlimited keywords for any marketing campaign.
  • Enterprise – Start at the top and take full advantage of every powerful Jaaxy feature. Upgrade from Pro or Free plans all for the same price of $69.00/month (current starting sale $49.00).

Jury’s In On The Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Overall Ranking – 97 Out Of 100 People Prefer Jaaxy!

The prosecution proved without any reasonable doubt and holds Jaaxy guilty of being the top Keyword Research Tool on today’s market. Set Jaaxy free by subscribing today. Let there be no hesitation on choosing the Pro or Enterprise plans, for they’ll return the investment exponentially.

Just getting started and can’t afford $19 or $69 a month? No problem. Jaaxy is here for you. Jaaxy keyword tool developers feel so confident in their product they allow you to use it for free. They know you’ll eventually want to experience the full awesome potential of Jaaxy.

If you made it this far, you’re a preferred reader. Lol. Leave me a comment and I’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for reading. Geoff@ThePocketFeeder.com.


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  1. This is very informative and well written, first time i read a full article about Jaaxy. Some termnologies are confusing and i will not say i yet know how it works even after this read and still dont understand most of it but one thing i know for sure i will keep coming back here to re-read till i get it.

  2. Nice work on your Jaaxy review.I like the way you reference Kyle in the review because he was instrumental
    in creating Jaaxy. What platform did you use to create the videos?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Tomas. Thanks for your comment. The videos were already in existence. I simply get a code from YouTube and embed it on my post. Super Easy. I believe the videos were done by a renowned member of Wealthy Affiliate known as Jay. Maybe better known by Magistudios. Hope that clears things up. Geoff.

    1. Hello Benito and thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. If I have any advice for you, it’s to just keep at it. Everyone learns at a different pace, but I believe we learn faster when we’re actually doing vs. only studying. Good luck Benito. Let me know if I can help at all in the future. Geoff.

  3. why do you think the “avg” is so far off from the avg of keyword planner, spyfu, and a few other tools?

    22k searches is the avg in 3 other search tools but in jaaxy it’s only 4500?? the search word is “softball bats”

    1. Hello there. That’s a very good question and I’m glad you brought it up. Those other tools (at least the first two you mentioned) are giving paid ad results. Your ad will rank across several variations of the keyword “softball bats”. Jaaxy gives organic results for only the given keyword. I wrote an informative article on the subject of organic keyword research, which might help clear matters up even more. Thanks for bringing up a good point. Geoff.

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