Make money working from home

How To Make Money Working From Home By Blogging And Affiliating!

You’ve heard about selling on ebay, drop shipping, and form filling. When you’re ready to make money working from home (real money), you’ll turn to affiliate marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing?make money working from home

Affiliate marketing is the truly pure method of making money working from home. It doesn’t require that you ever handle or invest in any product. You simply market the product on your own website.

Aren’t Websites Expensive?

The short answer is that they can be. The whole answer is that they don’t have to be. The good news is that websites need not be expensive to make money working from home.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Make money working from homeAffiliate marketing is the process by which outside individuals make a profit by advertising and selling products for other businesses. The affiliate marketer provides product reviews, rants, raves, informational articles, or anything else that might be found useful to potential buyers.

By providing unique and personalized product links that lead to offsite sales, the affiliate is able to get customers from the marketer. The affiliate compensates the marketer with a percentage of the sale. The amount can vary greatly depending on the affiliate. Amazon proves to be perhaps the best example. They are the affiliate and provide outside marketers with links to their products.

The Social Media Aspect

Affiliate marketers are turning more and more to social media. These social websites seem to be gaining more traction with every passing day, so marketers follow the trend. It’s a valuable platformMake money working from home for branding, developing a relevant customer pool, and driving extra visitors to your website.

The Use of SEO Blogging – Content Creation

For those first timers trying to make heads and tails of this all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO determines in part where the information on your website is placed in the different search engines. Search engines are like yellow pages. It’s a listing of businesses, organizations, and individual websites. Having listings on the front page is always the goal, as it brings more visitors.

Make money working from homeSEO blogging refers to the way search engines like to see information presented. It also has to do with the writing style. Information that’s not relevant or useful doesn’t tend to place
well. Neither does writing that doesn’t make sense, or is jumbled and put together using poor grammar.

The Time Factor and Other Hurdles

Affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight. The best marketers out there still have a waiting period after creating a new website. Search engines have a definite trust factor involved when it comes to ranking websites. Hard work and determination pay off when it comes to affiliate marketing. Luckily, there are other ways to make money working from home as your website is maturing.

It’s no secret or surprise that there’s much to learn about developing websites, SEO blogging, product research, social media posting, and all the other bits that go into a successful affiliate business. There is a learning curve, and mistakes will surely be made along the way. Most of them are nothing more than small set backs, if you join up with the right online resources.

It’s Starting to Sound Better – Getting Started

A word of warning here! Some of the most important decisions an affiliate marketer makes take place while getting started. If you’ve decided to get going or you’re thinking about taking a closer look, beMake money working from homeware.
Unfortunately the internet is still an easy place for scammers to hide. Don’t spend money until you’ve researched and tried any affiliate program.

This is how it was for me. I spent several days researching the subject, and doing away with opportunities that only looked good on the surface. One site kept popping up. Wealthy Affiliate won my favor in the end. What did it was the lack of any real negative customer reviews. I’ve seen the owner give full refunds to people who payed for an annual membership, then had a change of heart.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer anything unreasonable, which makes it impossible to be let down. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money. In fact it claims it’ll take hard work. It does provide the platform, skill training, and support needed to enable people’s success. It doesn’t cost any money or credit card info to try.


It’s been a mission of mine to dispel the belief that making money online is unrealistic. The growing annual numbers of money spent online is simply staggering. Affiliate marketers account for an incredible chunk of online sales. People are making money doing it. I started making money by SEO blogging for other websites after 2 and 1/2 months of working on my own site.

Make money working from home

I encourage any person interested to research every opportunity available online. You’ll return to a platform where the owner engages and helps his marketers in any way he knows how. A platform of members that believe in the pay it forward mentality, and help each other succeed. I believe Wealthy Affiliate will be your final destination when you’re ready to make money working from home.








6 Replies to “Make Money Working From Home – Blog & Affiliate”

  1. Great article. I am drawn to affiliate marketing myself as the point is that you can earn money simply by referring readers to a product that they are looking for. Like you say here though this won’t happen overnight. Time and patience are a big factor and most of all provide helpful and relevant content for your readers. Thanks for a great insight into the affiliate marketing world!

    1. Hi there Mike, and many thanks for commenting. Patience, hard work, and determination pay off in all facets of life. Great point about providing quality content that is USEFUL to your readers. This is both the key to success, and the most enjoyable part of it all. Geoff.

  2. Great article that explains the benefits of affiliate marketing very well. Done the right way, affiliate marketing has the potential to feed your pockets and more (love your domain name, by the way:-)).

    Being able to make a substantial income from anywhere you want, without ever having to create your own product or deal with shipping and handling, is simply an incredibly way to make a living. The internet is a vast market place, and there is a plethora of products in all kinds of niches to choose from. Just be sure to do your research and don’t fall for those over-hyped promises from the scammers out there (there are unfortunately a lot of them out there).

    I agree with you, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is by far the best place for new aspiring affiliates to get started. The WA creators have generated a safe, efficient and motivating step-by-step system to really get started on the right foot as an affiliate marketer. And it’s totally free to get started.

    Just wondering: What is your favourite aspect when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate? Also, are you marketing products and services in many different niches or just within the ‘make money from home’ niche?

    1. Hello Kim. Thanks for your comment and your questions. The best part of being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate is their 40% affiliate payout. Not many companies offer this kind of recurring commission. Plus the owners are incredible teachers, and the best in the business themselves. They’re also very available and accessible.

      To answer your last question, I do have a second website. I’m an avid fisherman when I’m not busy writing on the web, and I do enjoy putting my affiliate marketing skills to work within the fishing industry. Thanks again for your interest. Geoff.

  3. During my searches online over the years I’ve come across many bloggers and affiliate marketers making a lot of money online which is fantastic. 🙂

    With everything you have said here on affiliate marketing and especially content creation, I’ve never learned about a more perfect online business model.

    It seems that when both combined with hard work, anybody can succeed online with their own business.

    Thanks for your insights.

    1. Hello Neil. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you found my article helpful. I think you’re right in your assessment that anyone can succeed. It also takes perseverance, and you might have to check out a few different paths to find what works best for you. I think finding out that you can write is the best part! Geoff.

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