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You want your blog to succeed. That’s why you’re here. The very title ‘Most Successful Blog Topics” suggests a revelation or some gem of information which can help YOUR blog perform better. Now I might be miles ahead of you in marketing skills or light years behind, it doesn’t matter. I guarantee this article has something which if applied, will help your blog gain attention.

Checking Current Trends Can Lead To The Most Successful Blog Topics

Most Successful Blog TopicsHave you fallen victim to the exhausted niche syndrome? It’s an easy hole to step into and it happens to both new and experienced bloggers. We know the direction our blog should go in, but the topic ideas just short fuse. It’s during these times that having a means outside of ourselves to generate blog post topics becomes invaluable. Bloggers often accomplish this by looking into current popular trends. Here’s a few examples of search terms we can use to find such information.

Popular Speech Topics

Some of the most successful blog topics come from popular speech topics. An Inaugural Speech by the President of the United States certainly qualifies as popular. Writing speeches for successful business CEO’s makes a lucrative career choice and joins the ranks of popular blog topics. There’s danger though in every topic, so keep reading as I explain how to make a popular blog topic successful.

Popular News TopicsMost Successful Blog Topics

We all know about this one but it has to match the general topic of our website or it doesn’t work. Thousands of trending news topics surface every week, and finding an appropriate subject isn’t tough when you have the right tool to do it. You could always search through major news publications, but it could take hours to find a relevant trending subject.

Popular Social Media Topics

Social media offers an incredible source for finding the most popular blog topics. Most social sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a trending topics section. Facebook has a search bar which tells how many people are talking about any given topic. Again, social media can provide a valuable source for finding topics but it still doesn’t mean they will be the most SUCCESSFUL blog topics. Keep reading, we’re getting closer to the main course!

Google Keyword Search Statistics

Most Successful Blog TopicsFinding the most successful blog topics helps with our article idea process, but it’s not the end all. It won’t take our posts and articles to the next level without more action. Now the keyword research must begin, and knowing Google keyword search statistics provides another form of deciphering blog topic popularity. Keyword popularity alone won’t do us much good though. We also need to know the amount of competition our blog topic will be up against!

How To Find Content For A Blog

We’ve come a long way down the path of finding content for our blog, but we need to refine our process here. Idea generation only starts the process. We can find the most successful blog topics, but we still have to work to make them successful. So we take our popular topic and we start examining keywords that describe it.

How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts

What do I mean we need to find ideas for blog posts? Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about from the start? It is, but we need to take our popular topic and make it blog friendly. To do this we need to find low competition keywords that will still get attention and bring visitors to our website. We want to find keywords that can rank high in search engines, but are also relevant to our popular topic.

Out of these keywords come ideas for both the titles of our blog posts and the general content we write on them. There’s no better way to do keyword research than with a powerful keyword tool, and there’s no tool more powerful than Jaaxy. I cannot speak highly enough about Jaaxy and I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Most Popular Blog Topics

The #1 Keyword Idea Generator – Jaaxy! Not Just Any Old Keyword Tool

Most Successful Blog TopicsI’ll leave a quick couple words about Jaaxy and show you some graphic examples of why I think it’s the best keyword idea generator available. First of all, Jaaxy is a powerful keyword research tool. It’ll provide not only accurate Google keyword search statistics, but numbers on all three major search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Jaaxy also tells you exactly how much competition stands in front of any given keyword and page 1 of search engines.

Using A Powerful Keyword Phrase Generator

So Jaaxy provides incredible keyword research but we want a keyword idea generator tool, not just analysis. Jaaxy is exactly that and it gives the analysis. Every time you enter a keyword or keyword phrase into Jaaxy it provides a page full of relevant results. It gives you the search statistics and competition for every keyword as well.

Jaaxy keyword suggestions run down the left side of the page and they often include entire keyword phrases. On the far right side of the Jaaxy keyword search page you’ll find a list of related brainstorm ideas. These ideas are all phrases of 3 words or more which qualifies them as long tail keywords. Click on any one of these brainstorm suggestions and get a full new page of relevant keyword phrases and ideas.

Don’t forget, Jaaxy gives you the needed stats on every single suggestion. Jaaxy truly is a powerful keyword phrase generator.

Jaaxy Has A Brainstorm Queue That Provides Current Trending Information

That’s right. Jaaxy provides information on top trending topics from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Bestsellers, and Twitter Trends. As if Jaaxy wasn’t already powerful enough. Get all your original ideas plus all the keywords you need to write about any of the most successful blog topics at Jaaxy.

How To Write Content For A Blog

Most Successful Blog TopicsWe’ve arrived at our final step and stand ready to finish the deal by writing about one of the most successful blog topics. With our topic decided and our keyword phrase turned into a captivating title, nothing stands between us but the content. I choose to view content as one more way to shine.

My secret? I turn to the strongest SEO plugin for help. Yoast SEO plugin makes writing easy by keeping track of writing structure, and readability. Every website needs an SEO plugin that communicates with search engines. Yoast takes this a step further in essence teaching you how to write for search engines.

The Most Popular Blogging Topics Must Be Presented In Quality Crafted Articles

Most Successful Blog TopicsLearning how to write quality content results in nothing less than a valuable and often well reimbursed skill. It’s a skill one needs to apply in order to have a website with some of the most successful blog topics. It’s a skill that can be used to earn an income whether writing for a corporation or becoming a freelance writer.

Learning the skill of writing quality content takes some patience, attention to detail, studious effort, and a good amount of help. I found that education at Wealthy Affiliate. In reality I found everything needed to build successful blogs at Wealthy Affiliate.

Since you read this far I have to ask you? Was I correct in my opening paragraph when I said this article would teach you something? I’d like to hear what you have say. Leave a comment below. The truth is always appreciated. Sincerely,


8 Replies to “Most Successful Blog Topics – Yes Please, Where Do I Get Them?”

  1. Good day and thanks for sharing this is really awesome information, The key is in getting you hands on those key words and then writing blogs that people are interested in. Some of these places that you listed where we can get the idea to write blogs are great. It is just a matter of knowing where to look and then putting your best foot forward and writing awesome blogs.

    1. Hey Norman. You’ve got it right on. When starting, there’s no better way to go than putting your best foot forward.

      It might not be a big step at first, but your stride will pick up as you continue to learn. Thanks so much. Geoff.

  2. Hi, Geoff. Great post! Keyword research is probably the area I need the most improvement. I agree that Jaaxy is a great tool. I just need to do a better job of incorporating the results I get from Jaaxy into my posts. Thanks again.

    1. Hey there Andy. Thanks for commenting because you’re giving me content ideas. Perhaps I’ll write something along the lines of writing higher quality content next.

      Keep at it, and let me know if I can help. Geoff

  3. This is a really great article with lots of original ideas for content I have bookmarked your site and will come back and read again to get more ideas for articles and blog posts. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Hello Barry and thanks for praising the article. If it helped dig up some ideas then my article did its job. We all use keyword tools to check and see if a topic is worth writing about. I recommend Jaaxy. You can test it out for free and I do believe you’ll agree with me after you’ve had a chance to use it. Thanks again for joining the conversation. Geoff.

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