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Themes You Purchase Only Once That Allow Unlimited Domain Use – MyThemeShop Review

It’s an enormous feature when you think about it twice. With themes these days being soMyThemeShop Review versatile in design, you could easily apply one theme to the building of multiple websites. Each website could have a completely different purpose and appearance than the others built upon the same theme. All that and you never have to renew a license. None of this matters much if the themes at MyThemeShop aren’t worth a darn. That’s what we’re here to find out in this MyThemeShop Review.

Product: Premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100.

Price: Single Theme – All premium themes run $59.00 when bought individually. Free themes are also available. Single Plugin – Plugins sold separately cost $29.00. Free plugins are also available. Extended Membership – Access to all 102 themes and 22 plugins runs $87.00 then $9.00/month thereafter.

Owner: Eric Shafer (co owner).


MyThemeShop Review

MyThemeShop Review – Introduction To MyThemeShop

It wasn’t easy coming up with company information about MyThemeShop LLC. I ended up finally learning that Eric Shafer is a co owner by coming across his LinkedIn profile. It does appear that MyThemeShop is partnered with another company by the name of Shabd Media. I did also learn that MyThemeShop launched on April 29, 2012 which gives them nearly 4 and half years in business as I write this post.

MyThemeShop offers WordPress themes and plugins at a reasonable price. They design their themes to be responsive and fast. Two important factors to look for in a WordPress theme. You’ll get a full view of their prices, features, theme/plugin quality, and level of support in this MyThemeShop review.

MyThemeShop Review Pros And Cons


You’ve already read about a few of them so far. The fact that each theme offers lifetime use and unlimited domains is certainly a pro. Having theme designs that are built for near instant loading times and to be mobile responsive doesn’t hurt either.

  • Site Speed – MyThemeShop ReviewIt’s widely agreed upon that websites taking longer than 4 seconds to load lose most of their visitors. MyThemeShop builds themes that load in 1 second by eliminating bulky coding.
  • User Experience – It all starts from the inside where you develop your site. Easy to use customization tools translate to a front design that entices visitors to explore.
  • Support – Make full use of video, tutorials, and quick responses to support requests. More on support later.
  • Fully Responsive Designs – Rest assured that all MyThemeShop designs are mobile and tablet responsive. Never worry that you’re losing visitors because your website won’t adapt to smaller screen sizes.
  • Theme Tools – MyThemeShop includes several valuable tools built into their theme designs.MyThemeShop Review Shortcodes, contact forms, background options, social buttons, ad management, and cross browser compatibility are a few examples.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup – 
    Themes from MyThemeShop use the newest coding technology.
  • Company Experience – Although they haven’t been around too long they boast over 370,000 satisfied customers.
  • Price – Themes at MyThemeShop are on the lower side when compared to their competition.


MyThemeShop ReviewWhat’s the word out there about MyThemeShop? What do customers have to say about their experience? What is it about their services that could be better and how does their pricing compare with competitors? These all need answering before an informed buying decision can be made. Here’s what I found.

  • Time – MyThemeShop hasn’t been in business long enough to pass the test of time, though it does appear they’re doing well and have reached more than a few customers.
  • Variety – There is a lack of it. 102 Themes can’t compare to sites like TemplateMonster that offers themes in the thousands. They did add over 30 themes this past year (2015-2016).
  • Extended Membership – The plan is marked down from $349.00 to $87.00 for the first month, a savings of 75%. There’s no mention that this is a flash sale which is ridiculous. Why would you price gouge your own company to such a degree? Is $349.00 ever an actual membership price? I bet not.

I want to note that there are claims in other reviews that have changed since the publishing of said reviews. Most poignant is a $19.00 annual renewal fee for a single theme license. I see no mention of this on the MyThemeShop website anymore.

Who Is MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins Made For?

MyThemeShop caters to both single website owners and multiple website designers. The price of a single theme is quite reasonable. The Extended Membership is built for web designers and gives total access to all themes and plugins, though Elegant Themes has them beat for this kind of service.

MyThemeShop Review – A Look At Training And Tools


MyThemeShop ReviewMyThemeShop offers training in the form of video tutorials. These videos contain step by step instructions and insights into how the themes work. There are currently 35 tutorials covering premium themes and plugins, and 14 tutorials for their free products.


I mentioned quite a few built in tools that MyThemeShop designs provide. You’ll want to customize these along with all the different elements of your theme to give your users the best possible experience. This is all done within the MyThemeShop Options Panel.MyThemeShop Review

I read on another site review that customization was difficult especially when trying to get the theme to look like it does in the demo. Yet when I look on, I find they provide dummy data so you can easily make the theme look like the demo.

MyThemeShop Review – A Look At Plans And Features


There are three different plans available at MyThemeShop and each come with simple, clear pricing. All plans require you create an account which can be done via Google, Facebook, or by providing your name and email. It’s free to signup and membership gives access to all their free websites, plugins, tutorials, and even support. Paid membership is available in two forms which come with different features.MyThemeShop Review

  • Single Theme Purchase – Every theme has a flat rate of $59.00, gives a lifetime of use, and can be used on an unlimited amount of domains. Note: The domains must be yours. You cannot use them to build sites for other people. Be sure to read the Terms Of Service which MyThemeShop makes available on site.
  • Extended Membership – This was definitely created with developers in mind. It has an initial cost of $87.00 (subject to change) then a monthly charge of $9.00 to maintain. Extended Membership gives everything the single theme purchase does, but takes away the restriction of using their themes only on your own sites. It also enables access to PSD files, and offers support for your clients and their website themes. Oh yea, use any theme or plugin you want.


By this point in the review I’ve covered most of the features at MyThemeShop. There are a few more I didn’t mention.

  • Over 600 Fonts To Choose FromMyThemeShop Review
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Translation Ready 

Lastly, they have a blog and a theme showcase. Besides the featured themes shown on their landing page there is an easy theme search box to help narrow down your results.


See All MyThemeShop Themes And Plugins

MyThemeShop Review

MyThemeShop Review – Customer Support

It’s a savvy business move to offer free themes (even if they don’t compare). MyThemeShop takes it a step further by also offering free support. There is no better way than I know of to build relationships with potential customers than to offer them free product and support. But how how is that support? Not quite as good as other sites and here’s why.

MyThemeShop ReviewNO LIVE CHAT OPTION. MyThemeShop is at the point in their business where they need a live chat option to step up their support game. They do offer the video tutorials which are more for learning than support. The only way to get through to them is to create an email ticket. They are fast to respond and qualified, but they should provide other options in communication.


MyThemeShop ReviewI have to laugh a bit as I again contradict a review I read during my research. I’m not convinced the Extended Membership is the best deal around, though if you see a few themes you really like that could change things. As I said before, I’d check out my Elegant Themes and StudioPress Genesis reviews before making a decision.

I do like the single theme price, especially with its allowed uses. This is a perfect option for personal website owners. Themes like Point Pro can be customized so differently that none of your sites would look the same.

Final Opinion

Overall Ranking – 87 out of 100.

I scored MyThemeShop relatively high because of the single theme assets they offer along with the price. In doing my research I found discrepancies among other reviews and I think it’s because things have changed at MyThemeShop. The prices definitely have over time, and I bet it continues until the business is more defined. I’d also like to see a more user friendly support page that has more than just email ticket creation.

I do hope this review helped to inform you and get you that much closer to finding the right theme for your website. MyThemeShop recommends SiteGround for hosting. I use Wealthy Affiliate, and prefer all the services it offers besides premium shared hosting. It’s your site, so take the time to get it right. Let me know if you liked the review by using that share button. Every bit helps and I sure do appreciate it. Thank you much.


2 Replies to “MyThemeShop Review – Lifetime Use With Unlimited Domains”

  1. Thanks for sharing this good review. There are so many themes around the internet. It feels a little bit overwhelming. But I’m leaning towards Thrive Themes. Still, mythemeshop is a great choice too. It’s value for money. Have you done a review on ThriveThemes? I tried searching but didn’t find it.

    1. Hello Andrew. There sure are a huge amount of themes, both free and premium. I have not yet reviewed Thrive themes, but I have seen them. Perhaps in the future. Mythemeshop does not carry my favorite themes either, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. It’s well worth free registration to get their sale emails. They drop themes down to $19.00 on a pretty regular basis. Thanks for speaking up. Geoff.

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