Need Help Paying Bills

10 Resources If You Need Help Paying Bills

Need help paying bills
Can’t Make Ends Meet?

You know you’re not alone! Your one of the growing number of good, decent, hard working people having trouble making ends meet. You need a solution! Something to fill that gap. Here are 10 actions you can take if you too need help paying bills.

1. Start A Small Online Business – I can hear the laughter and sense your desire to click away, except that I did it. I’m not any smarter than you are! The obvious benefits of earning from home make it my top choice. Do it anywhere, anytime.

2. Apply To A Debt Relief Organization – Be careful because there are scams out there! is a good place to start.

3. Start A Fundraiser– For those cases of extreme misfortune, many have done well by imploring the goodwill of others.

4. Ask Your Employer For A Raise – For many of us it’s been too long anyway. It’s free to do and it doesn’t hurt to ask if you go about it properly.

5. Apply To A Forgiveness Program To Help With Student Loans – Every bill we can get rid of or reduce will help. This one might be for you!

6. Make Extra Money Writing For Websites – Another secret online treasure. If you can write, you can earn! Read my story to see the steps I took to get started.

7. Apply For Student Grants

Need help paying bills
You Can’t Win If You’re Not In

– This is an obvious one. Still it can be overlooked, especially by those who’ve taken a sudden hit in income. You might now qualify!

8. Get Aid For Vet Bills – We love our pets, but they can be costly! The Humane Society is a good place to start looking for financial assistance in this area.

9. Revise Your Budget – Usually seen as an unpleasant task. Make it fun by challenging yourself to save in different spending categories.

10. Apply For A Short Term Loan – I can’t lie about this one. I’d leave it as a last resort. Go back to the top of my list, or get other ideas before revisiting this one. High interest makes matters worse in the long run more often than not.

The Enormous Importance Of Your Input To Those Who Need Help Paying BillsNeed help paying bills

Information is what it’s all about. What works for one family probably doesn’t apply to another family’s needs. My top 10 list is designed to offer ideas to those who need help paying bills, but it only scratches the surface.

Top Reasons Your Comments Can Help Others Who Need Help Paying Bills

1. Reach Thousands – By commenting here you lend your voice and your personal experience to thousands of people who just might be looking for your exact advice.

2. Help Reach More People – That’s the way it works online! The more people who comment and hit share on those social buttons, the more people will have the opportunity to hear your experience.

Comment, Like, Follow, and Share – The Magic Of Online Assistance

Need help paying bills
Remember What Sharing Does?

My goal is to help others succeed. I live for it. Mine is a small experience compared to all you readers combined.

Taking one or two quick minutes to share what worked for you can be an extreme help to others.

On the flip side. If you’re struggling don’t be shy! Speak up right here. Hit all those buttons. I’ll also be in touch to help you find an answer!

In Conclusion – The Precious Minute

The truth of the matter is that most of us have struggled with finances at some point in our lives. My top 10 offering is a small start. What I’ve proposed may be lacking for your situation.

Asking for a precious minute or two to comment can be a big request in a busy life like yours and mine. If you can manage to comment, like, follow, and share, I promise to respond. Better yet, you open the possibility of helping others who need help paying bills. Even better than that, you open the possibility of getting help if YOU need help paying bills.

Need help paying bills
Share! It’ll Help Someone! It’ll Help You!

If you still haven’t done so….Jeeesh…’s the time. Tap those keys! Click those buttons! Sincerely,






2 Replies to “Need Help Paying Bills? – Join The Club”

  1. Your top recommendation of starting a small online business for paying off bills is definitely a great idea, especially with over three billion current internet users (making for opportunities in almost every niche imaginable), but I think it’s important for beginners to realize that this isn’t a short-term approach. Money won’t be made overnight (at least not at the beginning) – it takes time, hard work, and dedication to build up a solid online business income over time. The potential reward is outstanding though. i know a lot of successful individuals that have achieved the ideal online business lifestyle.

    1. Hi Matt. Thanks for your comment and it’s a very good point you make. Although I was making money writing for others’ websites after 2 and a half months, that might not be the case for everyone. Starting an online business does come with initial costs which can be even more frustrating during troubled financial times. That’s all kind of part of the deal though. If you want to eventually be successful, you have to stick with it even when times are hard. Thanks again for speaking up Matt. Geoff.

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