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Online Jobs at Home – A Review of Next Job at Home

Coincidentally, this is Thepocketfeeder’s first review that will result in a consumer warning and scam alert.Online Jobs at Home It is also the one online scam that I personally have fallen for. I want you to succeed in any online jobs at home that you undertake. We will steer away from, and I will explain why.

  • Product: Next jobs at home
  • Overall Ranking: N/A
  • Price: Free.
  • Owners: NGM Media LLC.
  • Website:

Introduction to Next Job at Home

The best way I’ve seen Next Job at Home described is “an online job directory website.” This wraps up the essence of their service. You might be wondering how a free online job directory service can be a scam. It sounds pretty good in words. Let’s see why it’s not.

Pros vs Cons

  •  Free: It is free to use the directory.
  • Shady Affiliates: This is the #1 Con. All the other problems this site has stem from this issue.
  • Ads Lead to Malware: If you click on one of the ads on Next Job at Home, chances are high that it will lead you to an untrusted site. One click could lead to unending spam to your email, pop up ads, etc. Your firewall will take a beating.
  • Lack of Integrity: It is my personal opinion that next jobs at home traded integrity for money. They have affiliated with shady businesses, and make money when people go through their site, then pay to sign up for these scams. The irresponsibly makes me nauseous.
  • Impossible to Separate Good from Bad: There may be some very legitimate online business opportunities at Next Job at Home. The problem is, you would have to research every one you saw to avoid the toxic sites. I prefer to research from honest sites. I don’t mind ads if it is from a legitimate site, and is linked to another trusted site.
  • Too Risky: It’s just too risky jumping off their site to research these companies. One click to the wrong site could cause lots of computer trouble.
Who is Next Jobs at Home For?

I would hope you were able to read this review before using their services. People looking to make easy money, or those in desperate financial situations might use this site. They would all likely be worse off for it.

Training and Tools

Next Job at Home is a simply laid out website. It features a search console for it’s listed jobs. There is also an advanced search option for defined filtering. It just won’t filter out the ugly companies.

Final Opinion and Considerations

I’ve spelled it out plainly. is to be used at your own risk. It is my belief that this site participates with scam companies.

If you the reader are doing research on online jobs at home, I encourage you to browse There are several reviews here of legitimate online companies.

Online Jobs at Home
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2 Replies to “Online Jobs at Home – Next Job at Home Scam”

  1. Wow,
    Thank you for this review. I am always online seeking new and possibly beneficial opportunities and often find myself at job boards. I always assume they are safe! Job Boards would indicate they are relatively spam free and beneficial but thanks to you I can safely avoid this one. Shows me I need to be more careful in the future.
    Thank you

    1. My pleasure Jason. I’m glad you got here before you went there. Feel free to browse around a bit. There’s much better suggestions on legit websites right here. Thanks, Geoff.

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