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Finding The Right Organic Keyword Research ToolOrganic Keyword Research Tool

One of the main keys to success in search engine ranking is the ability to find quality, relevant keywords. The goal of the organic keyword research tool is to analyze the organic results of search terms entered into search engines. It’s more common to hear the term “keyword research tool”. By adding the term “Organic” it’s specified that the tool is only analyzing the results of search terms entered by live queries.

This means that the keyword tool doesn’t take into account the paid advertising you might see at the top and bottom of search engine pages. Search engine pages typically consist of 10 organic listings, but can reach 12-14 when you add the paid listings. The majority of keyword tools available do measure only organic results, but it’s important to know for sure when choosing the tool that you’ll be using.

The Necessity Of Having An Effective Organic Keyword Research Tool For Your Business!

If you spend more than a few casual seconds thinking about it, the implications of finding popular search terms are staggering. If you’re running a blog website about…say surfing…and you want to know what people within the surfing Organic Keyword Research Toolindustry are looking for when they go online, you better have a good organic keyword research tool.

Of course, analyzing the number of people who are entering different search terms is only one of the many different features offered by the current variety of research tools. Imagine though if your keyword tool had even this information wrong! You might luck out, but the truth is you wouldn’t see the amount of people coming to your site that you thought you’d be getting. That’s a lot of hard work for less than ideal results!

I’ll be touching on the many features of different keyword tools. You’ll see that some stats are essential for determining which keywords to target. Other analysis (which can be costly) is either unnecessary or impractical. As you continue keep in mind the impression of both the paramount importance of an effective keyword research tool, and the potential ramifications of a tool that gives inaccurate or outdated results.

Examples Of Common Features Offered By Current Organic Keyword Research Tools

The Internet has an abundance of sites that offer both free and paid keyword research tools. Like any online service, some offer value and some take your money and don’t deliver. Being able to determine the difference will save you both time and money. Take a look at the features and different analysis offered within the keyword research market. This is the first step in finding the right organic keyword research tool.

Common Features And AnalysisOrganic Keyword Research Tool

Number Of Monthly Searches 

The first result on any common research tool. Gives you the amount of monthly searches for any desired word or word combination.

Estimated Traffic

Gives you the number of monthly visitors you could expect under that search term. Assuming your organic ad is on the top half of the first ad page.


These results will tell you how many other websites are in competition, trying to place organic ads under the same search term.

Article Power

Article power is typically a ranking system used by research tools. It tells the user how effective a term might be for marketing purposes. It takes into account traffic, monthly searches, and competition among other factors.

PPC Power

Pay per click power is a ranking system that tells you the strength of a keyword when it comes to paid ads like adwords. For websites that get paid by displaying and driving traffic through advertising, this can be a very helpful feature.

Keyword Suggestion Feature 

A tool that searches for multiple search terms around any term you might enter. You put in “dirt”, and it’ll give you many examples of what people are asking search engines about dirt. Better tools will also give you the above analysis results along with each suggested term.

Save FunctionOrganic Keyword Research Tool

A good organic keyword tool will also come with a save function. It should allow you to create different files to organize keywords categorically. Come back any time you need to draw from the well for content ideas.

As you can see, keyword tools with all the search information they provide are highly valued commodities. Effective search engine optimization demands we have one. It also demands (as I’ve noted) that we have a current and effective organic keyword research tool. Being current is extremely important since we can’t use old data. But what makes a keyword tool effective? Let’s take a look at some other features that you might see offered in a keyword tool.

Additional Features

Charts And GraphsOrganic Keyword Research Tool

Some keyword tools will provide chart and graph views of different analysis. Some allow you to customize these tools to suit your needs.

Misspell Suggestions

Throws out search suggestions based on misspelled search data. People spell things wrong all the time on search engines. Some marketing attempts to key in on these words. The problem is that it devalues your site, and smart search engines will see it as poor quality content.

Long Tail Suggestions

Long tail keywords are search terms that have multiple search terms within. Much like the idea of a run on sentence, long tail keywords can be an effective method of SEO.

Search Engine Rank Page Check

Often abbreviated to SERP, this feature will tell you exactly where your URL (or article address) has ranked in search engine results.

Green Light System 

Features like this will take into account all the information it gathers about your desired keyword. After complete analysis it’ll either give you the green “all clear” light, or it’ll be red suggesting you might want to look at other keywords.

This is a comprehensive list of the many features you might find in an organic keyword research tool. There are definitely other features not listed here that you might also find. There are many keyword research tools on the online market, and they have different combinations of all these features. Our goal is to find the most effective tool for our needs. It should also be a question of price and value.

What To Leave In? – What To Leave Out?Organic Keyword Research Tool

You most certainly will pay for any extra features that come along with most organic keyword research tools. There is also the question of free keyword research tools. A separate article could easily be written about them. Let me just say that the good ones usually come along with some kind of other paid service. The majority of free keyword tools outside of a paid service are risky at best. That’s not to say that free research can’t be done, but a paid tool is well worth the time and effort saved.

Taking a look back at the listed features you might find in a keyword tool, you’ll notice I separated them into 2 lists. The first list labeled as “Common Features And Analysis” contains the main features you should be looking for in a keyword research tool. 

The second list labeled “Additional Features” deserves a second look. There might be some excess we can cut here! 

Charts And Graphs

The first on the list, and the first to go. Most analysis will never require more than 1 simple graph that lists the search terms and the results from the “common features” list.

Misspell Suggestions

I would never use it. For the sake of the quality of your website and your readers, I hope you don’t either.

Long Tail Suggestions

This one could go either way. I feel it’s unnecessary. It’s easy enough for me to combine quality keywords on my own.

Organic Keyword Research ToolSERP Check

Again this is your call. It’s convenient to be able to see where your blogs land in search results. It’s definitely not necessary!

Green Light System

Also convenient but not mandatory. Once you get the feel for quality keywords it’ll be easy to tell.

Other Non Listed Options

I’ll give you a good rule to follow for anything not listed here. If you’re told you need it, you don’t. It will be more a matter of convenience and your call whether or not it’s worth it.

Preview Of The Best Value Organic Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy – With 30 Free Searches!

I’ve set forth a standard for you to look for when deciding upon your keyword tool of choice. I’ll put action to my words by offering a premium membership look at a top keyword tool…..for free. Free for 30 keyword queries to be exact. The free experience of the full version is more than enough to make your own judgement about my tool of choice, Jaaxy!

I’ve left room in the form of an empty comment box for your thoughts, reviews, and experiences about Jaaxy or any other organic keyword research tool. Please take one moment, and I’ll do the same with a prompt reply. You can also reach me by email.



4 Replies to “Organic Keyword Research Tool – Does It Have What Matters?”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    I really enjoyed the information you have shared here. Thank you for explaining it in easy to understand terms and for giving your preferred keyword research tool. I did not realise that it could do a SERP check, must check that out. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Good Day to you Louise! Thanks for commenting. Jaaxy really is the premier keyword research tool, and yes it does tell page rank too. Besides that, 30 free searches is enough for a startup to get fully up and running. Thanks, Geoff.

  2. Well this certainly seems to be a step up from the keyword tools I have been using over the last 12 months – maybe it could help turnaround the fortunes of my fishing blog? (traffic is a big, big problem there!).
    I like this idea of a competition parameter – how important is this function to you?

    1. Hello Chris. Thanks for joining the conversation. Competition results are huge in a keyword research tool. There’s no better way to determine your likelihood of gaining that first page ranking on google. It’s also important to put your keyword into google and see exactly who owns those first page placements. Application of both actions give the final determination whether or not to use the said keyword. Thanks again for your comment, Geoff.

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