Overcoming internet fear

The Fear Factor! – Overcoming IntOvercoming Internet Fear ernet Fear

The #1 reason people don’t earn money online is because they are afraid! For one reason or another people decide not to try, or they get frustrated and quit. This page is dedicated to the many reasons why we are afraid, and the resources available to those of us who are determined to start overcoming internet fear.

The #1 Way To Master Internet Fear….

When we take a closer look at our fear, we realize two things.

  1. Everyone has fear. Fear is a natural part of being human.
  2. Although it often does, fear doesn’t have to hold us back.

Some Common Internet Based Fears

  • Information privacy – We want to know that when we do share our information, it’ll be kept private. (Or at least who it is going to be shared with)
  • Information security – We want to know that the information we store or share is secure from online piracy.
  • Fear of technology – Technology is just too much. I’ll never get it.
  • Fear of scams – Maybe we’ve been had before, maybe we are afraid to be had once. Either way we aren’t going to let it happen again.
  • Fear of failure – Maybe we tried before and it just didn’t click. We gave up. Maybe we just don’t have confidence that we could do it.

These are just a few of the reasons we are afraid of jumping into anything online. They are the obstacles, and we will need some tools to begin overcoming internet fear.

Overcoming Internet Fear

When we are unsure about the path ahead, we must gather our resources and develop a plan. This will give us confidence! What are some of the ways we can do this?

  • Join WA – Wealthy Affiliates is likely the best online success tool available. Anywhere! WA offers a 7 day free trial (no credit card required).
  • Learn how to read scams – There’s lots of good information out there if you look. An informative blog –Wealthy Affiliate
  • Learn about internet security – Staying current with your firewall, and having credit and spending alerts are a good idea. Learn more Wealthy Affiliate
  • Verify that others are succeeding – Here’s a little story at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Learn how others are succeeding – Nothing builds confidence like seeing how other people did it. It’s easy once we see the way.
  • Make a commitment – Too often people just give up. We all need motivation. We need others to inspire us!

Overcoming Internet Fear

That’s my motivational statement to you. Here’s to recognizing our fear, to gathering our resources, and to believing in what we do! We are well on the way to overcoming internet fear.

Please leave a comment! What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions? Share a success story! Share a fear. Thanks and signing out.




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  1. Some of us turn away from the opportunity right ahead of us because of the obstacles that we are facing. It is our fear holding us back from success. Anyway, great post. Its short and motivating.


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