PRWeb Reviews

Another in my series of product reviews. Thepocketfeeder.com offers only quality feedback. PRWeb reviews will give you the complete picture.

Product: Press release distribution.

Overall Ranking: 45 out of 100.

Price: Free account. $99 basic package.

Owners: Cision. A top global media intelligence company.

Website: http://www.prweb.com/

PRWeb Reviews

Intro to PRWeb Reviews

PRWeb’s main service is press release. Their promise is to release your articles or blogs. Moreover, PRWeb promises to place your content in front of subscribers, bloggers, and journalists. Here’s what PRWeb offers…

  • Exposure: PRWeb places your article in front of over 250,000 subscribers, and over 30,000 bloggers and journalists.
  • Traffic: PRWeb helps get your aticle ranked well in search engines, leading to more traffic to your site.
  • Publicity: Gets your company name in front of mass amounts of potential customers.
  • One price per release: Each blog or article is paid for separately. No added fees or upgrades afterwards.
  • Permanent placement: Every paid release is permanently indexed.
  • Different release packages: Choose from basic, advanced, or mid level packages to fit your company needs.
  • Article requirements: Each release must meet indexability requirements (assistance is available here).


Pros of PRWeb:
  • Reach: Over 250,000 subscribers, and 30,000 bloggers and journalists is a very good reach.
  • Indexability: PRWeb has a Google ranking of 7. Such presence as company should result in high rankings for you (since you publish under their authority).
  • Branding: With the reach involved, PRWeb could be used to help brand your company.
  • Marketing: Leverage sales events, or ad campaigns by running a concurrent press release.
  • Quality requirements: PRWeb wants quality press releases. They will help accomplish this.
Cons of PRWeb:
  • Confinement: All press releases must be posted through PRWeb.
  • Traffic levels: Some questions arise here as to how much site traffic is really created. I’ve read varying opinions.
  • Target Audience: Despite the sheer amount of exposure, the user must research the subscribers to ensure a target audience exists.
  • Unreturned links: Some subscribers who are provided links have been reported to fail to return them to your site.
  • Quality of backlinks: Questions abound about having backlinks from poor quality sites. There will be some of these. Will it hurt your site rankings?
  • Analytics: The analytic tools provided fail to give the whole picture. No real info on who is viewing or clicking on your article.
Who can benefit from the services of PRWeb?

By all appearances and from reading other reviews, those business owners interested in branding would benefit the most from PRWebs’s services. Marketers wanting to boost ad or sales campaigns might try this product, but results can’t be gauranteed.

What training or tools are available with the PRWeb product?
  • Tools: PRWeb holds high accounts of user satisfsction. The tools are clear and easy to use.
  • Article review: All articles are reviewed before publishing. Any SEO errors are reported and must be fixed.
How is the support at PRWeb?

The company scores very good marks here. Almost every comment I read described solutions and satisfaction. Cision does have a leadership team that could be messaged, though I saw no reports of this.


PRWeb Reviews

PRWeb Offers Several Pricing Packages.

  • Basic: $99 per press release. Permanent placement. Can be ranked by search engines.
  • Standard: $159 per press release. Thousands added to reach. Social media sharing technologies added.
  • Advanced: $249 per press release. Sends reach to high ranking news sites.
  • Premium: $369 per press release. Reach extends to the top ranked news agencies through the Associated Press.
  • Subscription plans: Subcription plans for high press releasing companies were mentioned. A phone call was encouraged. No prices for subscriptions are listed.
Final opinion
Scam PRWeb Reviews alert:

PRWeb is not a scam.

My overall score for PRWeb is 45 out of 100. It could rank higher for branding only purposes. I suggest looking into other options first.

Let our readers know about your personal experience with PRWeb. Please take just one moment and comment below! Thanks for your time.







2 Replies to “PRWeb Reviews – Truth Before Buying”

  1. Thank you for the review. It’s always nice to know what we are getting into when we join some of these programs or use a certain type of service. This review was thorough and I would love to come back to this site if I have any further questions about what is going on in the online world. Thank you!

    1. You’re most welcome. One of my goals is to create useful reviews for inquiring entrepreneurs. I’m glad to know I hit the target for you. Stay tuned, as many more will be coming. Geoff.

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