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Top Jobs of the Future – An In Depth Look at Motiply

I came across this site in my search to provide you with another business review. It piqued my interest, especially after reading about how mobile platforms will be the future of the internet. Let’s take a look at why Motiply may very well be one of the top jobs of the future!

Top Jobs of the Future Product: App & mobile website business opportunity.

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100.

$199/Month $149/Month for 50 apps.

 Owner: Joe Federl


An Introduction to Motiply

As entrepreneurs we must always be looking for the top jobs of the future. So when I came across Motiply I started digging right away.

Motiply is a mobile application building platform. Their claim to fame is a mobile app builder that makes the construction process fool proof. It’s very much like using WordPress to build a website. The coding is already done for you! On top of this, Motiply offers its customers an entire sales plan to market these apps to potentially interested businesses.

This means you build easy applications and sell them to businesses. Or perhaps build the app for the business in the form they desire. Motiply offers a demo of their application building process!

View Demo

An immediate inspection reveals a $149 per month charge, and my first feeling was wow! That might be nothing for some, but is pretty high for a lot of people. Then, with a closer inspection I see you get 50 apps for this price. Each app could go so high as the $149 monthly investment, and could also be recurring.

This all sounds pretty good and interesting so far, so I dug a bit deeper.

Pros/Cons of Motiply


  • No Company Label: Customers use their own domain. Your website doesn’t have Motiply labels.
  • 100 Free Leads: 100 leads right out of the gate! All businesses with no mobile applications!

    Top Jobs of the Future
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  • Sales and Marketing Website: Motiply provides the website theme. Just add your price, logo, and you’re ready to go.
  • Flat Monthly Fee: $149 a month works out to be $2.98 a month/per app.
  • Marketing Materials: Pre designed marketing includes flyers, tablet tents, brochures, business cards, and more.
  • No Experience Required: You don’t have to be IT trained to do this. Motiply will also show you how to sell. 1 on 1 training is offered and encouraged!
  • A Franchise Business: Motiply is a form of franchise business. This means that the framework of building a business was done for you.
  • Keep 100% of sales: Since there is only a flat fee, you keep 100% of sales minus the $149/month.
  • No bad reviews listed with the BBB: There were 3 positive reviews listed. Read them at the BBB website.
  • No contract: Quit Motiply at any time.


  • Be ready: At $149 a month, subscribers must be ready to roll. Time constraints and other life matters that get in the way can disrupt your business, and devalue your investment.
  • Not BBB accredited: Although no company is required to be accredited, it would be nice to see that this is one of Motiply’s goals.

Motiply Training/Tools

  • 1 on 1 Training: Motiply employs a full team of tech and sales training coaches.
  • Video tutorials and training guides: Whether you’re a visual learner or you like to read, these cover all aspects of the Motiply platform.
  • Admin Control: Manage your customers, control your website, and manage your billing via the Motiply admin panel.
  • Preview: There is a PDF partner and pricing guide available before sign-up.

Motiply SupportTop Jobs of the Future

Motiply offers phone and email support. I have received quick email replies, with listed phone numbers. Motiply is a professional company. They have a friendly customer service staff who have been well trained to answer any question you might have.


It’s $149 a month. That’s it. Nothing extra. If you create quality apps for businesses, and can get 3 going at $50 dollars per month you have covered your expenses. Of course you still would have 47 apps left to offer.

Final Opinion

Top Jobs of the Future
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Scam Alert: Legit

I give Motiply a score of 80 out of 100. Of course, this could end up being a benefit. Another opportunity that exists with Motiply is to join their affiliate program. Motiply offers 40% of each referral. Top industry companies such as Wealthy Affiliate (click for my review) could help you get there in a safer, more affordable manner.

I will be looking further into Motiply, and making updates here as necessary. thanks you for reading it’s review of Motiply. Let’s start top jobs of the future together. Please comment on your experiences, or questions below. Thanks,


12 Replies to “Top Jobs of the Future – Motiply Review”

  1. Motiply is a great buisness app. It is very user friendly and does a great job in getting the job done. There are a ridiculous amount of pros in getting Motiply and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting their own buisness.

    The only bad thing is the price, but I guarentee that it will be worth it.

    1. Thanks Vincent. This is the kind of feedback readers need. To be sure, there is so much demand for mobile friendly websites it’s ridiculous. Give Motiply a good shot. Geoff.

  2. Thank you for a very interesting biz opportunity! This is great for those of us who have clients or those who are thinking of offering any type of marketing services to other business owners. I, too, shall look into it. Thank you, once again!

    1. The thanks is all yours Toni. I definately agree! Motiply is an incredible company. It’s better to have your marketing plan fully operational before you jump into a $200 dollar a month business. The good thing though, you don’t have to be a member of Motiply to affiliate their marketing with yours. 40% is an excellent recurring payout as well. The comment is greatly appreciated. Geoff.

  3. if I would have the money, I would have invested in this. At 50 apps, at least a few of them should be successful, paying off what I spent. The part that interests me is that like WordPress, I do not have to worry about coding. Is it really as simple as WordPress is?

    1. Hello Ben. Thanks for speaking up. The answer to your question is best answered by taking a look at the demo. That’s where you are really shown just how simple it is. Motiply allows you to actually test drive the tool they use on that demo. Pretty powerful stuff here. I think it’d smart to line up a couple clients, then purchase the product and get to work. Thanks again for your comment. Geoff.

  4. Hi,
    Is the Motiply-developed site applicable to desktop in addition to the mobile devices? Also, on a recent review of web building platforms, Motiply did not figure. That space is dominated by WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy,, Drupal, Webflow and many more; Motiply did not figure in the top 50. Geoff, Toni, Vincent, are you guys connected in any way with Motiply?

    1. Hello Donal. All good questions. My understanding is that Motiply’s platform is only for building mobile apps. I will send support an email and get you a “for sure” answer.

      Your second question I understand and can answer. It doesn’t surprise me that Motiply is not on there. Motiply has actually been around for a while, but had struggled under previous ownership.

      I don’t get a lot of traffic to this review which tells you it hasn’t taken off yet. Does that mean it’s a bad service? I don’t think so. Those sites you named dominate the web and you started in the right order by naming WordPress 1st.

      I recommend sharing your email and checking out the demo if you haven’t already. It looks pretty impressive. You can also call Motiply and get a free consultation. 800-491-3080.

      I just sent the email to your first question, and will get back to you as soon as I hear from them. Geoff.

  5. Hi Geoff
    Wondering if you have received any replied from their support in last few weeks.

    Bcoz I keep sending email to Charles(Sales rep) and support emails address in the last three weeks.

    But all got ignored. Seems not a good sign.

    I afraid if I onboard, they will ignore my support queries too.

    1. Ok. I called and left Charles a message. I may have missed him as it’s 3 o’clock in California and he’s in Wisconsin I believe.

      I hope to hear back by tonight or tomorrow. Just to let you know, I got the same thing when I emailed. Just an auto response with links everytime.

      We’ll see how long it takes Charles to get back (hopefully soon) and get to the bottom of this. Once again I hugely appreciate your time and energy.

      Once this is all figured out, I’ll be adding all this info to my review. 🙂

  6. Hi has anyone been able to get ahold of anyone from Motiply cause I have tried with no success and thinking of just moving my interest elsewhere.

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