Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Turning Your Passion Into A Profitable Blog

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate University Review! Turn your passion and your expertise into a profitable website. I’m sure you’ve heard your share of online schemes so prepare yourself to be introduced to legitimate online business. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise anything but it does provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to make money as an affiliate. No other Affiliate platform does it better than Wealthy Affiliate which means you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy the review and ask questions if you have them.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100 points

Price: $0 basic membership (comes with 2 free websites)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: WealthyAfilliate.com

Intro To The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy affiliate is a combination of so many services it’s impossible to describe in just one word.The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

  • Website Building – The free membership offers 2 websites.
  • Domain Registry – A brand new service provided in site.
  • Internet Hosting – No outside sourcing with extra fees for website hosting.
  • Multiple Course Levels – From how to build an
    effective website to the best ranking techniques in the industry.
  • 24 Hour Community Support –  Live community forum to get answers or meet like minded individuals.
  • 100’s Of Trainings – Use an easy search tool to find the training you need with new trainings created daily.
  • Weekly Webinars – Stay up to date with industry trends.


ProsWhat Are The Benefits Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Invest In Yourself – Owning your business can reap great rewards which can lead to both financial and personal gain.
  • Be The Boss – Most of us would be ok with losing the boss.
  • Work From Home – Enjoy all the organization and comforts of home.
  • Work When “YOU” Decide – You’re the boss which means you make the schedule.
  • Save Time And Money – Work without spending a minute in the car or a penny on gas.
  • Work With Others – Join a community of beginners and experts. Lend a hand or get professional advice when needed.
  • Sense Of Fulfillment – Enjoy the personal satisfaction of working on your own business.

ConsWhat Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme – You’ll be disappointed looking for quick riches here.
  • Success Requires Hard Work – A good amount of learning, trying, patience, and practice goes into having a successful online business.

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Who Can Succeed At Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate attracts people from all walks of life. People from around the world join in daily discussion at Wealthy Affiliate while sharing their successes and techniques. Anyone who would like to make some extra money or make a full time living can succeed at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

What Kind Of Training And Tools Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

No Other Online Business Building Association Offers Anything Close To The Support Given At Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Wealthy Affiliate University Review 5 Course Certification – 10 classes in each course from beginning to end. All you need to know to get your business up and running.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – A School for those members that want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Live Chat – A 24 hour live community discussion board.
  • 100’s of Member Trainings – Tons of member created trainings to aid in any number of subjects.
  • Support Query – A handy tool
    lets you find the training you need or present a new question to the community.
  • Weekly Webinars – Stay current with trending topics and new happenings in the industry.
  • An Online Community – The community feature at Wealthy Affiliate is priceless. Thousands of members to help, join, incorporate with, or just befriend await at WA.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

You Can Pay For Website Tools Separately Or You Can Get Them All At One Incredible Value! Here’s An Overview Of Premium Membership WA Tools

  • 25 Fully Hosted WordPress Websites – The number of websites Wealthy Affiliate will host for you at a fixed membership rate is 25. I’ve used 3 of them so far.
  • Domain Subscription & Registry Service – The new domain registry is a prime example of the constant improvements going on at WA.
  • Sneak Preview – Free SSL Certificates will soon be coming to every website hosted at WA.
  • Second To None Website Hosting – Experienced website owners know the importance of having premium hosting. Wealthy Affiliate shared hosting would go for around $20-$30/month for a comparable plan which alone equals half the cost of premium membership at WA.
  • 2 Multiple Level Courses – The Wealthy Affiliate University Review must make mention of the University which offers 2 separate courses. The first course offers step by step multilevel instruction on building a niche website while the second multi level course gives instruction on building a business website.
  • Paid Trainings – Get paid to create trainings within WA after 3 months of membership!
  • An In House Blog That Ranks – Write blogs on the WA platform that rank in search engines and bring traffic back to you!
  • Free Organic Keyword Research Tool – WA has a free organic keyword research tool on the platform which is perhaps the best free tool available today.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Website Hosting Features

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in the optimization of WordPress themes with a full support staff available and ready to help members at all times. They are very quick to respond and even more knowledgeable about WordPress hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate uses a siterubix platform which is run by the most powerful servers in the world. The siterubix platform is run through Amazon hosting and it offers the following:

  • A simple yet extremely effective hosting platform.
  • Move your website from one domain name to another.
  • 25 total websites.
  • Full redundancy backed up to the minute which means your site will never be lost even if it were to go down.
  • WA websites are hosted by the most powerful servers available on the market.
  • Automated Recovery.
  • Internal Comment Spam Filter.
  • Stays current with all wordpress theme and plugin updates.

The Best Keyword Tool On The Market!

Then there is JAAXY! Jaaxy is the top keyword tool on the market today. I encourage you to take advantage of the 30 free searches available, especially if you’ve never used a powerful keyword research tool before.

The features provided at Wealthy Affiliate mean you save huge money by not having to purchase them separately.

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How Responsive Are The Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate?

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are two of the most engaged businessmen you’ll find anywhere around. Kyle and Carson, who keep their last names hidden due to the popularity of Wealthy Affiliate, still actively help any and all members that reach out to them.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review What Is The Real Price Of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Starter Membership – a $0 no credit card required start up membership with full access to site features. A 7 day “call to action” to join the premium plan…
  • Premium Membership – $49 a month, $359 annually.


Wealthy Affiliate suggests that most people sign up for the free trial first. They believe it’s better for their members to be sure before going premium. If you are already sure WA is for you go for the premium membership.

Start Your Free Trial Here!

Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

On a scale of 100 people, 96 of them that tried Wealthy Affiliate were impressed. I’ve witnessed many success stories on their open forum which you’ll be able to see once you start the free trial. The number of tools offered versus the asking price is incredible and with a free 7 day preview there’s little reason not to try.

I’ve also added a BONUS to every free trial membership. This BONUS will be received immediately after you’ve registered and completed your profile. Incredible value and opportunity await!

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

This Wealthy Affiliate University Review is an honest attempt to share a business platform that is truly unique. I’d love to hear your feedback about this article. Perhaps some personal experiences within WA to help educate new comers? Our sincere thanks for keeping the conversation going. Geoff Stadnyk. Owner, operator, writer, freelancer, and personal mentor. Please leave a comment below or email me at.



26 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Turning Passion Into Profit”

  1. Hi Geoff, I am learning at WA also. I knew something about web design before but not about making money from it. I left you some comments on the WA site. And actually, the keyword tool there alone is a gem. The ability to ask a technical question there, like “how do I make my Walmart button open in a new tab” and get a fast answer is amazing. Best of luck to you and all of us!

    1. Hello Sandy. Always nice to have a fellow WA member share their unique experience. You are correct about the key word tool. The recent improvements have made it even better. The funny thing is that’s the free one. Jaaxy is even better.

      As far as being able to ask questions, Wealthy Affiliate is state of the art. It’s like having your own personal assistant. Thanks for joining in, and I’ll see you around the WA platform. Geoff

  2. Hi Geoff!

    With all that you’ve described- Wealthy Affiliate certainly seems like an opportunity not to be missed!

    I’m curious about some things however.. I’ve a passion in dance so will I be able to base my website on that? Or do I have to follow a set path.

    Also, I’m busy with work these days so how much commitment do you forsee it will take?

    1. Hello Cerulean and thanks for commenting. You ask some very important questions and one’s I’ll no doubt have to answer in my review as well.

      For your first question pertaining to your passion for dance. That’s the beauty of building a niche website. Any product that goes along with dancing could be promoted. Some ideas off the top of my head are shoes, clothing, lessons (yes you can do lessons yourself or find a dance company to affiliate with), you name it.

      Your second question deals with time commitment and it’s one I can relate to. I raise two boys along with my wife and we both work full time jobs. My job is on and off so I do get some reprieve to be able to work on my website. I’d say if you could commit to writing 3-4 articles per week to start would be perfect. After you’ve developed your site with tons of info you will be able to slow down. You may not want to at this point.

      I personally have reached a point where leaving my main job is about 6 months to a year away. I’ve already become established as a freelancer. I just need to add a lot more quality content to my websites.

      Thanks again for commenting and asking such relevant questions. Geoff.

  3. Hey there,

    Wealthy Affiliate is also my online marketing course of choice. It’s definitively not a get-rich-quick scheme, well online marketing itself isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it gives you all the best helps to take that next step.

    Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve learned that making money online is possible. I still have a way to go before generating a constant source of income, though. 😛

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hello Anh. It’s always nice to hear from a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s true what our mentors say about the work you do online. It’s never wasted. It will keep on working for you down the line in ways you aren’t yet aware of. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well at Wealthy Affiliate, and there will always be more work ahead. 🙂 Thanks again for joining the conversation. Geoff.

  4. You are right to give Wealthy Affiliate 96/100 points. I have been using it for about six months now and have learned so much information.

    Their hosting also seems to be really good as well. I don’t have much to compare it to but I was using Bluehost before and after moving my sites to WA they all got about 30% faster!

    1. Hello Jeremy. Thanks for the comparison between Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate hosting. I have an onsite review of Bluehost and to hear that WA hosting performs better doesn’t surprise me. WA hosting is managed wordpress hosting at its finest. To find a comparable hosting plan would likely cost you $25-100 dollars per month depending on the provider.

      Some WA members do use other hosting for their websites but that’s because they have more than the alloted 25 websites or their websites have grown so much they need a more powerful VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.

      Another reason could be they want to resell hosting (they want to provide onsite hosting like WA does) which WA doesn’t offer.

      Bluehost is the largest provider of hosting and I think their shared servers get maxed out which leads to slow site speed. That’s never a good thing. Thanks again. Geoff.

  5. Geoff, you offer a great overview of the Wealth Affiliate University. I noticed that you left off one of the cons of Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate does not offer cookie-cutter, pre-built niche websites for members. Members have to learn, create, design, and build their own sites! Some prospective members want and are looking for short-cuts to success.

    1. Hi Glen. Thanks for taking the time and thanks for your valuable input. It’s funny how something was so clear to me that I failed to mention it in my review. It is a good point you bring up and no, Wealthy Affiliate does not pre build websites. I can see that would be a Con for some prospective members. I do feel that it also belongs in the Pro category. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he feeds his family for life. I think it applies. Better to learn the craft than buy a cash website that may or may not fail on you at any time.

      Yea you have to learn to build a website but it’s completely YOUR website (for premium members). No one else partly owns it. It has your design, and you take it the direction you want it to go in. You can build up to 25 sites at the same low price. The best part is it’s really not that hard to learn. I had my first site up in well under a week. That’s when the fun work really starts. Thanks again for your comment Glen. Geoff.

  6. Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing platform that can help anyone who’s looking to build an online business or make some money thru the internet. It has helped me personally and I enjoy being a member in WA. The support and help within WA is top-class. The worst thing that can happen to people is quitting when they get stuck. WA helps people get un-stuck.

    1. Hi Andrew. Thanks for joining the discussion. Your comment brings up the help aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers so many valuable services but the different forms of help available are perhaps their most powerful features.

      The 2 seperate training programs could be construed as help. Every course has text, video, and a comment section. Pretty helpful.

      There is the internal support if you are having trouble with website functionality. That’s very helpful and can be a lifesaver if your site becomes broken somehow.

      There is the live chat feature where you can get instant help from other members (yes the owners stop in periodically too). That’s helpful.

      Don’t forget the query box where you can access every blog, question, or member created training ever posted at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve found many answers there.

      The blog feature where members can post comments (kinda like Facebook) shines. This is where members start to build relationships with each other. The best part about Wealthy Affiliate community is that you aren’t building a business alone. Ever. Everyone has your back and your best interest at heart. It’s truly amazing.

      Thanks for focusing the lens Andrew. Best of wishes to you. Geoff.

  7. Hello,

    What an excellent review you have created on Wealthy Affiliate. It is rich with honest, readable content that allows the reader to flow through the page with ease.

    You are very clear on what Wealthy Affiliate is, what it CAN do, and how someone can achieve that. I too am a believer in Wealthy Affiliate and feel confident agreeing with everything that you have stated.

    Nicely done!

    All the best,


    1. Hey there J. I sure do appreciate the words of affirmation. With all the scams on the internet, the more people who speak up about the Power of Wealthy Affiliate the better. Thanks for time and for stopping by. Geoff.

  8. Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate University. Joining it has been the best thing I’ve ever done as there is just so much to learn there on how to grow a viable online business. The community is the most helpful I have ver seen online and like you said, you’ll even get responses from the founders themselves which has happened a few times I’ve needed to contact them. The training is superb and the only way you won’t succeed here is if you don’t put in the time or the work.

    1. Hello again Brian. Another comment? You’re blowing up my comment box which I appreciate. Lol.

      You bring a good point though. Negative reviews surrounding Wealthy Affiliate try to make it into something it’s not. Wealthy Affiliate won’t do the work for you. They show you the way and provide the tools necessary for the achievement of success.

      In that manner Wealthy Affiliate isn’t responsible for the failure of their members, or their success really. WA could be charging 100’s of $$$$ for what they provide, but they’re not into ripping people off. Owners Kyle and Carson truly want members to succeed and why wouldn’t they. It only helps their business.

      Those who fail due to lack of effort or basic writing skills (even challenged writers find a way often times) do blame WA but they are off base. I’ve put hard work in and though results in affiliate marketing take time to develop, they are happening now.

      Thanks for the thoughts. Geoff.

  9. Hi!
    As a happy member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can just say that every dollar paying for the premium membership is worth the money.
    And if you’re willing to work hard, and put in the time and effort then I can promise you that you won’t regret joining Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll see a lot of success.
    They train you from level A, they support you, encourage you until you’re able to succeed.
    When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I knew very little about the online world or Affiliate Marketing, now I can say that I know almost everything I have to know about Affiliate Marketing.
    And I got the support I need the whole time.
    They do the whole job for you; It’s just you that has to follow what’s suggested and keep up doing your work!
    Thanks for your great article!

    1. Hi Chanan. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I started in the same situation you were in. Thanks for your words. Geoff.

  10. You know, I really don’t like calling Wealthy Affiliate a university, not because the methods and studies aren’t effective, but rather because it isn’t a place for theoretical work, unlike an actual university, but rather place for you to learn and apply different principles.

    They give you both the knowledge and the tools, something which amounts to very much in my opinion.

    I liked your review, you really gone through everything that makes WA a great place to learn affiliate marketing.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Hey Vlad. I see your point of view and through that lens Wealthy Affiliate does fall short of a University. Now if you focus that lens on many Universities you’ll find students involved in learning theories that they also aplly to real world situations and problems. Very much like Wealthy Affiliate does.

      Now if we were to compare pricing, you’re absolutely right. Wealthy Affiliate wouldn’t qualify because it doesn’t cost a smidgen of what a University does.

      Thanks for your insight Vlad. Geoff.

  11. What is Wealthy Affiliate? A great program for beginners and not-experts!

    Two more cons I would like to add to the program is how it’s, in essence, a social media network, and *many* people get sidetracked within that aspect of the program.

    Another point to be made here is that the layout is pretty overwhelming for new people and takes a while to get used to.

    Even so, aside from these two cons, you did a great job with the whole thing!
    You really went through all the perks of the program quite well, and the fact that it’s free is all the more reason to try it out at the very least.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Hey Vlad. You make a good point about the social media aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, although this happens to people on any social media site. One of the first things owner Kyle warns about is getting caught up in social media, and not putting enough time into your site.

      As far as the layout being overwhelming, I strongly disagree with you. Wealthy Affiliate has made their layout more user friendly than most I’ve seen, and they continue to improve.

      Now if you meant that learning affiliate marketing can get overwhelming, I do agree with you. There’s a lot of information to take in, and it takes time to comprehend it all.

      We definitely agree on the free trial. It’s a no brainer. Thanks for speaking up Vlad. I appreciate your opinion even if we agree to disagree. Geoff.

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