Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

One common practice web hosting companies employ to secure customers involves offering long term contracts at a discounted rate. Fork out a bunch of cash in the beginning and save money in the long run. Most long term contracts fall within either a 1 or 2 year plan though other terms do exist. Saving money with long term contracts seems desirable and it can be when you can afford it. Problems can occur with hosting companies and when they happen after the guaranteed period things get even worse. This article aims at revealing the best providers of web hosting with monthly payments.

Best Providers Of Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

Web Hosting With Monthly PaymentsBefore we explore some of the better companies that provide web hosting with monthly payments we’d be remiss not to set some guidelines. Monthly payments still means spending our hard earned money and we deserve quality hosting. Are we forced into the position of paying more money without a long term contract? That hardly seems fair. Long term contracts come with some drawbacks that customers should know about and make web hosting with monthly payments at least an equal option.

Drawbacks Of Long Term Hosting Contracts – What People Should Know

Long term contracts seem like a better deal than month to month hosting because of money saved and they can be if you find a solid company. Even so, long term contracts come with drawbacks:

  1. Long term web hosting contracts cost much more money up front. Not everyone has the resources for this.
  2. After your contract ends web hosting providers raise their prices, often considerably. This forces a move to another web hosting service provider or a deeper dig into your pockets.
  3. Long term contracts typically offer 30, 60, or even 90 day money back guarantees which gives customers a trial period. Start experiencing hosting issues after the grace period ends and you’ll be lucky to get your money back at all.

Who Offers Premium Web Hosting With Monthly Payments For A Decent Price?

What is a decent price for premium web hosting with monthly payments? Long term web hosting contracts sell their services as low as $1.00/month. They don’t provide quality hosting and I wouldn’t submit a startup website to any of them. These same web hosting service providers charge around $7-9 dollars for the very same service at the same poor quality. I’ve selected a list of web hosting providers that allow monthly payments and also provide a quality product.

My Top 5 Picks For Quality Web Hosting With Monthly Payments


Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

Plans start at $10.95/month for web hosting with monthly payments at DreamHost. The price listed on the ad is for a longer term contract. DreamHost offers powerful web hosting using top of the line Solid State Drives. They offer unlimited domains, unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage.

Dreamhost provides a free domain for the first year. A unique IP addresses runs an extra $5.95/month but choosing it falls to your discretion. A huge bonus Dreamhost offers for free are SSL certificates which you’ll pay big fees for at other providers. GreenGeeks charges $49.95/year for SSL certificates. Websites without SSL certificates will soon be penalized in search engine rankings.

DreamHost Review


Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

Jump on over to iPage where month to month hosting begins at $6.95 for the 1st month then $12.49 thereafter. Unfortunately SSL certificates run $31.99/year though it does cost less than many other providers. iPage offers many website building tools besides their web hosting services. The unlimited web hosting, free shopping cart, and free website builder give iPage added value.

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 A2 Web Hosting

Web Hosting With Monthly Payments
Month to month web hosting at A2 runs $9.99/month and often has first month sale promos. A2 offers what they call free shared SSL certificates. I don’t like it. It requires that you share (change) your domain name with the SSL secured server address. A real SSL certificate runs $49.95 annually. A2 takes pride in providing premium hosting and includes an incredible amount of resources for website builders. A2 also offers an anytime money back guarantee.

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eHost Web Hosting

Web Hosting With Monthly PaymentseHost offers web hosting with monthly payments starting at $6.99 for the 1st month and $13.98/month thereafter. A provider boasting service to over 1 million websites, eHost knows web hosting. eHost follows the practice of charging for SSL certificates which run $49.95 for the first year then $99.00 to renew. I’m not too crazy about the sales gimmicks but the hosting performs.

eHost offers Load Balancing with their servers which evenly distributes requests during traffic spikes and redistributes visitor requests among remaining servers should one go down. You’ll find many other resources designed to aid site builders at eHost and though they aren’t the cheapest service, they do provide value.

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WP Engine

Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

I list WP Engine last due to their higher prices. Month to month web hosting at WP Engine runs $29.00/month but the service features premium managed WordPress hosting. Experienced web developers still create startup websites and a well built website unlaunched could use more powerful hosting out of the gate.

Thankfully WP Engine supplies SSL certificates to all customers free of charge which makes an excellent service even more attractive. WP Engine focuses all energy in the pursuit of putting out the best managed WordPress hosting and also makes scaling to a higher plan simple.

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SSL Certificates And Other Options For Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

Web Hosting With Monthly PaymentsYou might have noticed I placed a large emphasis on SSL certificates. In the event you missed the update, SSL certificates have become a big deal with Google’s announcement concerning upcoming seo ranking factors. That’s right, SSL certificates will soon play a role in website search engine rankings. The time has come for website owners to take action or suffer consequences resulting in poorer rankings. Startup websites would be wise to avoid the http:// web address and look for the https:// address which signifies the existence of an SSL certificate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Web Hosting With Monthly Payments

Wealthy Affiliate provides managed WordPress hosting to thousands of satisfied members. Anyone interested in building a blog shouldn’t think twice about joining Wealthy Affiliate. They do offer monthly web hosting but you can save by paying annually and members find that deal to be well worth it. Wealthy Affiliate runs a little more than typical monthly web hosting providers but offers a service unparalleled in the industry. The tools and the trainings that come with the flat rate cost a fortune anywhere else. Plus you’ll have access to some of the top entrepreneurs working online today.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Final Thoughts

Long term web hosting contracts can help reduce overall expenses but not everyone wants such a commitment. Coming up with a large lump sum certainly falls out of budget for many would be startups as well. With the hype of SSL certificates web hosting has never been a more important decision for website owners than it is today. I encourage those looking for web hosting with monthly payments to follow the links provided and take a closer look at each option. They all provide a monthly payment option and SSL certificates though the terms and features vary.

As always, I thank you for your time and welcome any comments. Geoff@thepocketfeeder.com


4 Replies to “Web Hosting With Monthly Payments – Avoiding Long Term Contracts”

  1. My money goes with Wealthy Affiliate Geoff. I actually tried one not mentioned and had great difficulty in setting up and then it cost more to do that. I appreciate you explaining all the best ones. Your site is awesome! Is this a premium site that you talked about? Once again thank you for the great info and I will be sure to check it out.

    1. Hello Merry. Thanks for the feedback about Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that it’s a class act operation, but people like to hear that others are having a positive experience as well. Thanks for that.

      As for my site. It’s hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, arguably the best hosting platform available. I use TheFox premium WordPress theme which I got from Themeforest. I do need to learn how to use the theme and do better design but hey, I’m a blogger.

      If all that makes my site premium, then I guess it is. I could spend a whole lot more money for the same or worse results. Lol. I think I’ll stick with what I have for now.

      You are awesome Miss Merry, and thanks for coming over and commenting.


  2. Hi, Geoff. Thanks for posting this. Most people don’t realize how much you can or should spend on web hosting. This is a big help. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, web hosting was included for me, so I never thought much about the cost. Just one of the many benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Andy. Thanks for commenting. I think we really need to stress that web hosting is just ONE of the MANY benefits of being a premium Wealthy Affiliate Member. You’ll pay way more than Wealthy Affiliate charges once you gather all the tools you need to succeed. Tools that WA offers for one very low price. You do bring up a good point Andy. I bet a lot of WA members have no idea about the power of their own hosting. Its’ a real eye opener. Geoff.

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