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The Complete 2016 WebHostingBuzz Review

In a continuing effort to provide the most complete web hosting reviews I present to you my WebHostingBuzz Review. With so many web hosting providers to choose from the search for the right fit can be daunting. ThePocketFeeder.com aims to localize your search with insightful reviews allowing you to find the best web hosting for your specific needs.

Product: Website hosting service.

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100.

Price: Prices start as low as $4.95/month for shared hosting and go up to $459.00/month for the highest end Dedicated Servers. I’ll discuss pricing in more detail when I cover each type of web hosting offered at WebHostingBuzz.

Owner: Private Company Founder: Matt Russell CEO: Wayne Reavill

Website: WebHostingBuzz.com

Introduction To WebHostingBuzz

The buzz began back in 2002 when WebHostingBuzz took its first digital breath. It started from the ground level as a small hosting reseller for a larger company. Big companies were overcharging at that time and WebHostingBuzz truly was the buzz during their first year of business.

Going into their second year of business
WebHostingBuzz had secured three of their own dedicated servers. They were serving over 1,000 clients and the number grew daily. In the midst of price gouging by larger companies, WebHostingBuzz became known for their fast servers and affordable prices which allowed them a foothold in the hosting business. They were no longer a start up.

WebHostingBuzz ReviewToday WebHostingBuzz has grown into an established business, though they still hold true to their original philosophy of providing great hosting for every level at an affordable price. They now host over 250,000 websites and employ over 45 staff members to get the job done. WebHostingBuzz owns over 250 servers with 4 data centers in the U.S. and data centers in the UK and Europe under the company name Jolt.

WebHostingBuzz Review Pros And Cons

I provide a pros and cons section in every review I write. I believe it’s a good segment for potential customers to quickly view both the benefits and disadvantages of the company in question. Valuable info comes out of the pros and cons section like company features which may or may not be right for you. You’ll also find out what others are saying about the company. Let’s see how WebHostingBuzz fares in my list of pros and cons.


One of the first things I noticed about WebHostingBuzz was their use of 4 data centers spread strategically across the United States. They do the same thing with their data centers in the UK and Europe giving them the status of a global reach hosting provider. InMotion web hosting makes a huge deal about having TWO data centers in the U.S., even going so far as to name them “Max Speed Zones”. WebHostingBuzz places no such name on their dataWebHostingBuzz Review centers but they do have double the amount. Here’s what else I liked about the company.

  • Full Money Back Guarantee – Take full advantage of the first 45 days of service to ensure your satisfaction with the hosting.
  • 13 Years Experience – WebHostingBuzz knows hosting. They’ve ironed out any past hiccups and know how to please their clientele.
  • Free Transfers – Most hosting providers offer free transfers but hey, Bluehost web hosting charges for it.
  • Full Scalability – WebHostingBuzz provides every type of hosting available which makes in house scaling easy. Move up to the next level of hosting along with the growth of your website.
  • Specialized Hosting Services – You’ll find theme specific hosting to go with your WordPress, Magento, eCommerce, Joomla, or Drupal website. I’ll cite the price plans in their respective sections below.
  • Uptime – WebHostingBuzz stands among the best providers with over a 99.9% U.S.A. uptime. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Clear Cut Pricing – I’ve seen other providers advertise prices then tell you it’s only for a 2 year commitment once you get to checkout. WebHostingBuzz prices are clearly explained before you go to the cart. They do charge extra for the Spectaculous 1 click installer and the cPanel if you want them.


I try to say this differently but the message is always the same when it comes to cons. Every company has them! There is simply no way to please everyone. I take a look at outside sources for customer complaints, but also keep a keen eye for missing services or better options when presenting cons. Observe below what you might not like aboutWebHostingBuzz Review WebHostingBuzz.

  • Cheaper Hosting – Though the price is competitive I put this here because you can find cheaper hosting. You’ll be with either a huge company or a tiny one to get it and you risk poorer quality hosting, but I understand the need to save extra dollars.
  • Month To Month – WebHostingBuzz does offer month to month plans. Unfortunately they are more expensive and only offered in the higher tiered plans.
  • Negative Customer Reviews – I read complaints about uptime, poor customer service, and unethical business practices. An upset customer will say just about anything in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, WebHostingBuzz does use TrustPilot to gather honest user reviews and claim a 93% excellence or higher ranking.

Who Does WebHostingBuzz Cater To?

It’s been loud and clear from the beginning when they first wrote the mission statement. WebHostingBuzz aims to provide quality hosting at an affordable price for all levels of hosting needs. That means that their prices and services are competitive for every level of hosting. Startups, large corporate sites, and everything in between can find the plan they need at WebHostingBuzz.

WebHostingBuzz Review – Training And Tools

WebHostingBuzz ReviewTraining

WebHostingBuzz has a Wiki Page where you can find a heap of trainings and videos to help with any hosting related questions you come across. The page is well built and even offers a category tool to help narrow your search.


As I was doing research for this WebHostingBuzz review I realized that they don’t offer a website builder or other fancy tools like other companies I’ve reviewed. Keeping the focus on hosting doesn’t seem a bad thing in my opinion. There are a couple tools to mention WebHostingBuzz Reviewregardless.

  • The Wiki Page – I list this as a tool due to the way it’s layed out. It makes It makes your search for a specific topic of information easy.
  • cPanel & 1 Click Installer – All web hosting plans include a cPanel which features Softaculous which is the 1 click installer application. Softaculous is known and used by other companies as well.

WebHostingBuzz Review Of Plans And Features

Hosting Plans And Prices

Shared Hosting

Well known as the most basic form of hosting where websites share a server. Shared hosting works well enough for smaller websites, as long as the company doesn’t add too many sites and stress the server. WebHostingBuzz offers shared hosting with three plans to choose from. Price points depend on the length of commitment. Take a look at the plans.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • Buzz Light – The cheapest plan runs $4.95/month if you’re willing to sign up for two years, which comes to $118.80 up front. You can opt to pay $71.40 for a 1 year deal. This plan’s only good for 1 website and does limit disk space to 400GB. It offers no month to month arrangement.
  • Buzz Power – The mid range shared hosting plan goes for $6.95/month with a 2 year deal and requires $166.80 up front. Opt to pay $95.40 for a one year plan but still no month to month hosting. There are no domain or disk space restrictions on this plan.
  • Buzz Premier – The top shared hosting plan costs $9.95/month for a 2 year agreement which will run you $238.80 in advance. You may pay a year at $131.40 or $10.95/month broken down. The premier plan does offer month to month hosting which runs $12.95/month.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting at WebHostingBuzz is done differently in a couple of ways. Interestingly enough, VPS hosting can only be purchased on a month to month basis though their prices are extremely competitive. All 7 VPS plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee and you also have the choice between 7 different operating systems. Have a quick scroll of the 7 VPS plans.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • VPS1 – The first plan starts them off at $14.95/month. It runs on 1 core with 1GB RAM and 20GB disk space. The bandwidth tops out at 250GB and the plan includes 1 IP Address.
  • VPS2 – It goes for $29.95/month. This plan also runs on 1 core but has 2GB RAM and 40GB in disk drives. It again gives 1 IP Address but the bandwidth doubles to 500GB.
  • VPS3 – Offered at $44.95/month. The third option jumps to 2 cores with 3GB RAM and 60GB disk drives. The bandwidth rises to 750GB and it goes from 1 to 2 IP Addresses.
  • VPS4 – Sold at $59.95/month. It provides 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk drives, 2 IP Addresses, and a 1000 GB bandwidth.
  • VPS5 – Bought for $74.95/month. The 5th plan runs on 2 cores, goes up to 5GB RAM and 100GB disk drives. The bandwidth increases to 1250 but the IP Addresses are still 2.
  • VPS6 – Owned for $89.95/month. Now it moves up to 4 cores with 6GB RAM giving the extra power needed. The disk drives jumps to 120GB as does the bandwidth to 1500GB. 2 more IP Addresses are added giving you 4 to distribute.
  • VPS7 – The largest plan has a tag of $104.95/month. You get an increase in RAM to 7GB, disk drives to 140GB, and bandwidth to 1750GB. There’s no increase in cores or IP Addresses.

Cloud Hosting

You can use virtual servers at WebHostingBuzz without a monthly rate. Their cloud hosting is billed by the hour with 6 plan options. The beauty of cloud hosting is that you pay for it only when your website needs it, instead of paying for VPS hosting all the time. Here’s a rundown of the plans.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • Micro – The smallest plan is billed at $0.007/hour and caps at $5.00/month. It provides 1 CPU cores, 512MB memory, 10GB disk, and 1 TB transfer.
  • Small – The next plan runs $0.015/hour with a cap of $10.00 before the month ends. It gives 1 CPU cores, 1GB memory, 20GB disk, and 2TB transfer.
  • Standard – Billed at $0.03/hour with a monthly cap of $20.00. The standard plan offers 1 CPU cores, 2GB memory, 20GB disk, and 3TB transfer.
  • Medium – Runs for $0.045/hour and has a cap of $30.00. It’ll give 2 CPU cores, 2GB memory, 30GB disk, and 4TB transfer.
  • Large – Charged at $0.06/hour with a limit of $40.00/month. Secure it for 2 CPU cores, 4GB memory, 30GB disk, and 5TB transfer.
  • Extra Large – Top billing of $0.119/hour with a limit of $80.00 in a monthly period. The biggest plan provides 4 CPU cores, 8GB memory, 40GB disk, and 6TB transfer.

Dedicated Servers

WebHostingBuzz Review

Known as the most powerful of servers for websites with the highest demand of hourly visitors. WebHostingBuzz puts their control in your hands, after all they are your servers. Special features include same day installation, 100% guaranteed uptime, and choice of Linux or Windows OS to name a few.

WebHostingBuzz offers a range of options for their dedicated server customers. There are 16 choices with the bottom 8 running off of single processor servers. They are Intel Xeon E3 Series Servers with Quad Core CPU’s. The first 8 plans start at $119.00 and run up to $169.00 depending on your required specs.

The top 8 plans run off Intel Xeon E5 Series Dual Processor Servers with Quad & Hex Core CPU’s. These plans which provide the utmost in dedicated server ability start at $249.00 and go up to $459.00 top of the range. Precise details of these plans can be seen at WebHostingBuzz.com.

Specialized Hosting Services – WebHostingBuzz Review

WordPress Hosting

WebHostingBuzz offers hosting designed for compatibility with WordPress websites. They have 4 tiers of WordPress hosting plans which are perfect for small business. Here’s what they offer.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • WP Light – The starter plan can be purchased in either 2 year or 1 year increments which run $4.95/month (2 year) and $5.95/month (1 year) respectively. It works well for starter sites with up to 5,000 monthly visitors.
  • WP Power – The second plan runs for either $6.95/month (2 year) or $7.95/month (1 year). This plan applies to sites with a little more traffic and supports up to 25,000 monthly visitors.
  • WP Multi Site – This plan moves up in power and can host your clients sites as well. It has a price of $9.95/month (2 year), $10.95/month (1 year), and you can pay monthly for $12.95.
  • WP VPS – The largest of WebHostingBuzz WordPress hosting plans gives clients a Virtual Private Server. This plan runs for $52.95 at a flat monthly fee.

Business Web Hosting

WebHostingBuzz offers business class hosting which has improved performance compared to their shared hosting plans. These plans are optimized for websites with eCommerce software.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • Business Light – The basic plan is built for start ups and you can always move up from it. Starting cost runs $14.95/month flat rate.
  • Business Power – The middle plan works great with Magento and other similar carts. A flat rate of $19.95/month is the asking price.
  • Business Premier – Built for sites doing large amounts of online transactions. The top plan runs $24.95/month flat rate.

Magento Web Hosting

WebHostingBuzz ReviewThis part is a bit confusing because they say they offer magento hosting for all sizes of websites, but I only see one plan. It runs $4.45/month (2 year) or $5.35/month (1 year). I wondered if this was in addition to whatever plan you use, but it appears to be a seperate plan. I’ll look for clarification and report it here once it comes.

Joomla Web Hosting

Those who use the Joomla CMS are free to use any WebHostingBuzz service but they do offer specialized Joomla hosting. Here are the plans and their prices.

WebHostingBuzz Review

  • Joomla Light – Made for startup sites with up to 500 daily traffic. It runs $4.95/month for the 2 year plan or $5.95/month if you opt for 1 year.
  • Joomla Premier – The middle and most popular plan runs for $9.95/month (2 year), $10.95/month (1 year), or go month to month for $12.95. The premier plan supports up to 2,000 daily visitors.
  • Joomla VPS – Get your own specialized virtual server made expressly for Joomla for $52.95/month flat rate. Better for busier sites with traffic up to 10,000 a day.

Drupal Hosting

WebHostingBuzz ReviewWebHostingBuzz supports Drupal websites but they don’t offer any exclusive Drupal plans. Use the best plan for your site then easily apply Drupal using the 1 click installer. WebHostingBuzz does make recommendations for the best hosting service according to the size of the Drupal website.

WebHostingBuzz Review Of Features

Carbon Neutral Hosting

WebHostingBuzz ReviewI wanted to make mention in this WebHostingBuzz review that they are a company doing their part in staying green. They have learned to use energy efficient components which reduces the server energy usage by up to 27%.

WebHostingBuzz made the responsible decision and now sponsors The Woodland Trust. Their yearly contribution allows this trusted organization to plant more than twice the amount of trees needed to absorb WebHostingBuzz carbon emissions.

Managed Hosting And Add On Features

I want to make quick mention of these extra costs in this WebHostingBuzz review. I contacted support and learned that there is a charge for management services with VPS and Dedicated Servers only if you need it. You can also opt to pay for it when you setup your account. Both VPS and Dedicated Server management run $50.00 upon startup and I assume there would be additional costs if you needed more assistance along the way.

VPS and Dedicated hosting also charge extra for the Spectaculous 1 click installer as well as the cPanel (which is only available with the CentOS). Spectaculous is an add on to the cPanel so you’ll have to get both if you want it.

Managed hosting for the shared services come with the plan. All other types of hosting besides VPS and DDS can be considered shared for this purpose.


View Full Details On All Plans And Features

Customer Support

My first impression of support falls on the positive side. I used the live chat feature to get some answers for this review and found the representative to be fast, knowledgeable, and professional. There are quite a few customer reviews stating similar findings along these lines.WebHostingBuzz Review

Support is available at WebHostingBuzz through the usual means. They have a live chat option that responds in 10 seconds or less. You may create an email ticket if you wish and responses are guaranteed within a half hour. Furthermore, phone calls are accepted though no guarantee is made for wait times.

Support is what WebHostingBuzz was built on and part of the reason I scored them well. They are available 24/7 365 days a year to help with any issues you may encounter.


WebHostingBuzz ReviewMy WebHostingBuzz review reports a high opinion of their prices, though it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit for you. If you are just starting I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Hosting is only one of the tools they provide that you’ll need as a beginner.

I’m a fan of what you get for the price at WebHostingBuzz. I like the transparency of their pricing as well as the level of support they provide. Their prices are more than competitive when you take into account everything that comes with them.

Final Opinion

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100.

WebHostingBuzz provides a better hosting experience than other companies I’ve reviewed. The only drawbacks I see are the price (if you are on a tight budget for hosting) and the lack of other features like a site builder. I don’t think site builders offer much though. It’s much better to get a premium theme from a provider like TemplateMonster, which will have all the site building tools you need.

That ends my WebHostingBuzz review. I do hope you found it informative and helpful. Please feel free to browse my other hosting reviews before you make any final decision. If you liked this review and felt I did a good job, please let your mouse wander over to the social buttons and click on the like or share with your contacts. Thanks so much. Geoff@ThePocketFeeder.com.



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