What is a freelance writer

What is a Freelance Writer? – A Start Up’s Story!

What is a freelance writerMy recent self reinvention as a freelance writer came as quite an accident. As my story unfolds I’ll be revealing all the steps, pitfalls, difficulties, and triumphs I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time. What is a freelance writer, you ask? Enjoy the story as you follow the sudden turn I took down a road called writing.

Looking For Business Opportunity

What is a freelance writerThis is exactly what I was doing. I work a full time job in a field that is sometimes anything but full time. I needed more money, but just as important is the fact that I needed activity. Sitting around feeling useless with no work is for the birds. I highly suggest you escape such life sapping situations as quickly as possible. This is what I did.

Searching The Online Multitude Of Ads

As you might be doing right now, I was searching google for countless ways to get a side business going. I was getting a ton of information while looking for the right fit. It was never in my mind at this point to pursue freelance writing.

I took a look at Uber and other driving/delivery services, but I wasn’t crazy about the hours or the wear on the new car I’d have to buy. Drop shipping came up, but I wasn’t excited about the loss of profit incurred from shipping and handling costs. Neither was I interested in doing my own shipping. Then I stumbled upon affiliate marketing. “What a great industry”, I thought.

Affiliate Marketing – A Hidden Gem!

Affiliate marketing gives companies the power to allow entrepreneurs to sell their product and keep a percentage of the earnings. As an entrepreneur you could keep anywhere from 1 or 2 What is a freelance writerpercent, up to as high as 50 percent or more. I liked the idea of never having to own, touch, see, or feel the product. I could simply promote and sell the product, keeping a percentage of the proceeds.

My first realization was that I would need 3 things just to get started.

  1. A Website – I needed a place where I could show off the product I wanted to sell. I also needed a place I could show to companies in order to sign up for their affiliate programs.
  2. Affiliation – It was easy enough to find companies with affiliate programs that had product I was interested in selling. After I put some time into my website I was able to start selling for Amazon among others.
  3. An Audience – Last but certainly most important would be a way of getting an audience of interested people to my website. This seemed to me to be the tricky part.

At this point I knew the very basics of what I needed to get started, but I wasn’t sure where to get them. A website first for sure, but where? What would be best for affiliate marketing? Then there it was….

The Wealthy Affiliate University

There were no guarantees here, just a gigantic amount of positive reviews all over the internet. I read several of them and liked what I heard. They offered a 7 day free trial which I didn’t mind taking advantage of, especially since I was not required to give them any credit card information. Wealthy Affiliate provided the platform I needed, a huge community of members all willing to help, and the vital training that made me good at what I do.

I can’t speak highly enough about the opportunity that is Wealthy Affiliate. Please follow the link in the title above this paragraph to learn more and I’ll continue towards freelance writing.

I Built My
Website – Now What?

I went about following the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a “work as you learn” kind of training so I was building my website as I progressed. I finished the course and had a website that was by no means finished, but was filled in by quite a few blog posts I’d written.

I made plenty of What is a freelance writermistakes being new. Building a blog and an affiliate website is extremely rewarding but it takes hours on the computer learning, working, and writing. I knew a slow phase with my main job was surely coming and I hadn’t started making money yet. I needed an online income now!

Rumors Of Work As A Freelance Writer

Wealthy Affiliate has a member blog forum where people can interact, ask questions, and assist each other. It is used by hundreds of members daily, and I remembered hearing some tell about how they were making money writing blog posts. Upwork.com was suggested as a site where both freelancers and clients could meet. I had already joined by this point, and returned to fill out my profile.What is a freelance writer

Once my profile was completed 100% I jumped into the job search board. I entered the search term “fishing writers” and up came my first client. I own a fishing niche website and I used examples of the work I’d done there to land my first job with Fishermensangle.com. Shortly thereafter my second client came along and that work can be seen at best-spinningreels.com.

What is a Freelance Writer Going to Earn?

A lot of sites that support freelance writers want you to start out very small, forcing you to work your way up to a decent wage rate. Upwork has tons of clients that don’t want to pay much more than a smidgeon, but they also have clients that pay well. It’s a matter of searching through them. You shouldn’t have to start small if you’ve already built a website and learned how to write quality posts. You have a portfolio already!What is a freelance writer

During my first month I was able to pick up extra work posting on social media for Fishermensangle.com. I pulled in about $900 dollars that month while also writing over 12,000 words on several different articles. This went way past making up for the money I’d spent building my website.

Is it Worth Becoming a Freelance Writer?

I honestly can’t speak for other freelancers, but I can tell you that some of them are doing quite well financially. The research I put in suggested that a high income from freelance writing is hard to come by. For me, it’s a great way to earn extra income. The writing too can get slow, so I turn back to working on my website. I believe strongly in working for myself instead of making someone else the big bucks. Reality insists that I still write for others, for now. What is a freelance writer to do?

What is a freelance writer



14 Replies to “What is a Freelance Writer? – I am One”

  1. Wow this is brilliant. Right now I’m blogging and making pretty decent money, and incorporating writing for others is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Do you think I should try to get hired writing for something in my niche (music production), or branch out?

    Really glad I came across this. I’ve bookmarked up work for the future


    1. Hello Stu. Good to meet you. I appreciate your interest and wish you all the best. It’s good to hear other’s online success stories. As far as keeping your writing within your niche goes, the answer is two fold.

      You’ll tend to make better money when writing about music production. You have experienced knowledge in that field which is worth more.

      The but comes around when work slows down. Be prepared to branch out if you’re needing the work, and your niche clients thin out. Geoff.

  2. I was interested once at being a freelance writer, but not sure if I have what it takes. And recently I was still wondering if it would be a good way for me to earn extra money.

    What steps do you suggest to follow for a guy like me would be interested in starting in that business? What skills does it take?

    1. Hello Guy. Thanks for joining in the conversation. I’m a firm believer that writing is a skill that takes a lot writing. Sounds strange but what I mean is that the more you write, the better you get. Then there’s training.

      There are a few things that must be learned to write online. Clients won’t be satisfied until you do. My enormous suggestion is that you join a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate (my personal favorite). This way you learn and build a website (another source of income) at the same time.

      After you’ve gone through the training you’ll have both a website with a blog to use as a job portfolio, and the skills necessary to impress potential clients. Hope this helps. Geoff.

  3. You gave some great long term ideas for going online. People nowadays are searching for a way to make an extra income (and on the background hoping to find a way to replace their job with an online one). Your suggestions are wonderful but I think affiliate marketing is the best way to do so. It works for me very well and I suggest to anyone to give it a try.

    1. Hello Alexey. I appreciate your input and your joining in the conversation. I believe some people have jobs that allow them to do what they love and want to be doing. The majority of working class people however, would love to be able to quit their job and work from home.

      The good news I’m here to share is that you can keep your job, work on developing a long term income, and make extra money on the side all at the same time.

      Now if you’re already working 50-60 hours a week at a regular job this might be more difficult to do. I guess that would depend on the motivation of the individual.

      It works well with my main occupation because I go through several slow periods of work each year. Thanks again. If anyone has questions about how I manage it all, I’d be glad to answer. Geoff.

  4. Building a website is very important. We live in a time when opportunities are found almost everywhere. The best way to earn extra money is freelance writing where you only need to build a strong portfolio, build an online presence and get clients who have the facility of Esignature. It is like electronic fingerprint. Through esignature you can sign agreements with the client.

    1. Thanks for pointing out a valuable resource. I think esignatures are great once you’re already established and you trust your client.

      At the beginnig sites like Upwork can help you to get established. I’m not a fan of the percentage they take, especially after Upwork in particular raised it from 10 to 20 percent.
      That being said they do connect you with clients, and they ensure payment so you don’t get ripped off. Thanks again John. Sincerely,Geoff.

  5. I’ve always wondered if I should try to make some money from writing. Like you, I’m also working on my website but at the same time, I could really use some monthly income as life support.

    So you would suggest looking for freelance writing gigs on Upwork? Is that the best way? If you don’t mind me asking, how much do they usually pay for 1,000 word article?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Andrew. Thanks for visiting and commenting. The pay scale at Upwork is very wide. They break work down into three tiers according to each writer’s skill set. Begginer – Intermediate – and Expert

      Someone who has a blog and a niche already should be able to start at the intermediate level. Besides that, the client determines the pay rate but you can also negotiate the rate.

      I’d say at the intermediate level you could expect to make $15 – $25 for a 1000 word article. Hope that helps. Geoff.

  6. Hi Geoff, I loved reading this informative article and you have made some very relevant points on becoming a freelance writer. Back in the day, I was a copywriter for a NY advertising agency. I have always enjoyed writing but didn’t really know how to go about finding part-time work in this area. This is great information, thank you!

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